Content Marketing Master Class - San Francisco: Prologue


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We’re living in a new media marketing era. It’s noisy and it’s crowded. People’s email inboxes are overflowing. Web ads and pop-ups and prestitials are in your face. Not to mention the social media overload.

Buyers are tuning out. Their eyes have glazed over. Bombarding your prospects with an unending stream of sales messages is no longer the answer.

So how do you stand out from the crowd? How do you have your buyers and prospects look forward to hearing from you? How do you build awareness … loyalty … and your customer base?

The answer is content marketing.

More and more marketers and content creators from around the world are discovering that an effective content strategy is essential to staying ahead of the curve.

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Content Marketing Master Class - San Francisco: Prologue

  1. 1. Welcome To
 San Francisco
  2. 2. The true challenge is the pressure of executing fast and chaotic change while simultaneously delivering increasingly profitable, data-driven results.
  3. 3. marketing leaders
 feel the pressure “on the clock”
  4. 4. CMO’s feel
 they don’t have the right people
  5. 5. CMO’s feel
 unready for technology ... and yet...
  6. 6. “Content Marketing will have huge effect. We have to figure out how to stay relevant and engaging.” CMO Fortune 500 CPG Company
  7. 7. They’re not unaware. ! ! They’re just wrong.
  8. 8. “You may hate gravity. But gravity does not care.” - Clayon Christensen