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A BRIEF HISTORY OFFor years brandshave been tellingstories to attract &retain customers.Here are a fewgreat examples...Joh...
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CMI Content Marketing History


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Content marketing is not new. Brands have been telling stories to attract and retain customers for hundreds of years. The difference today is that the barriers to entry (content acceptance, talent and technology) no longer exist for brands to get into the publishing arena.

From John Deere to Coca-Cola, the power of story has never been stronger, or more important for brands and its customers.

This History of Content Marketing infographic is based on the Content Marketing World Timeline Video from the Content Marketing Institute.

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CMI Content Marketing History

  1. 1. A BRIEF HISTORY OFFor years brandshave been tellingstories to attract &retain customers.Here are a fewgreat examples...John Deere launchescustomer magazineThe Furrow launches in 1895 and nowhas a 1.5 million circulation in 40 countriesand 12 different languages.One of the first signs ofcustom publishing foundin cave paintingsLoosely translated to “6 ways a spearcan save you from wild boar.”P&G begins forayinto radio soapoperas with brandssuch as Duz &Oxydol - hencethe “soap opera.”3Sears launchesWorld’s LargestStore radio programThe station helped keepfarmers informed duringthe deflation crisis with contentsupplied by Sears’ RoebuckAgricultural Foundation.CustomPublishingCouncil is born18954200 B.C.1930s1922Michelin developsThe Michelin Guides400-page guide, now with its iconicred cover, helps drivers maintaintheir cars and find decent lodging.1UK Sees Boomin CustomerMagazineMarket4Jell-O RecipeBook Pays OffJell-O distributesfree copies of a recipe bookthat contributes to sales of over$1 million by 1906.21900198219851904 Burns & McDonnellEngineering LaunchBenchmarkKansas City engineeringand consulting firm,Burns & McDonnell, launchesBenchmark magazine(still produced today).19131998ᮣ Spend on CustomContent Nears$20 BILLIONᮣ Penton Custom Media,in Cleveland, Ohio,begins use of term“CONTENT MARKETING”2001CMI is BornSeptember 2011-Content MarketingWorld is born2007MicrosoftLaunchesFirst MajorCorporate Blog,Channel 9Sherwin Williamslaunches STIR magazinefor commercial interiordesigners and architectsNike+Launches2004LiveVault’sJohn CleeseVideo Goes ViralGlobal Brands Nike & Applepartner to create a product tomap runs and track progress.20052006Hasbro partners withMarvel to create G.I. JoeComic Book - Leads toRevolution in Toy MarketingThe comic book series launches in1982, spurring the G.I. Joe popculture phenomenon. It was thefirst comic book ever advertisedon TV and later led to a cartoon series.LEGO launchesBrick Kicksmagazine(Now LEGO Club magazine)Placeware,a spin-off of Xerox’sPARC Laboratory,starts offering webconferencing services19871996Get ContentGet Customers,the Handbook forContent Marketing,is releasedAmericanExpresslaunchesOPEN ForumCoca-ColaReleasesContent 2020Chief Content OfficermagazineCMI launchesChief ContentOfficer magazinein print and digital.ᮣ 25% OF MARKETINGBUDGETS spent oncontent marketing,88% of all brandsuse content marketing 6ᮣ Content marketingspend in the UKnears £1 BILLION7 of the top 10 UK NewsstandPublications Are Corporate5Red BulllaunchesRed BulletinmagazineContent MarketingBooks Flood In200820102011P&G launchesBeingGirl.comP&G’s content site for teengirls found to be four times moreeffective than traditionaladvertising by Forrester.CONTENT MARKETING WORLD 2013SEPTEMBER 9-10-11, 2013 • CLEVELAND CONVENTION CENTER • CLEVELAND, OHWWW.CONTENTMARKETINGWORLD.COMThe Coca-Cola Content 2020 marketing planfocuses on branded storytelling at the center ofall Coca-Cola marketing.Video targeting IT managershas over 250,000 downloads ina few months (this is before YouTube).Now key resource for small business,pages views grow 23x in just 2 years.Blendtec uploadsfirst video onYouTube throughseries Will It Blend?Over 6 million views and385 thousand subscribers.Leads to 700% growthin revenue.WHATSTORIESSHOULDYOU BETELLING?Sources:1 - Aprix Solutions - • 2 - - • 4 - - - Sources: • • • • • • http://willitblend.com • • •