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Online identity

  1. 1. Kimberley R. Barker Emerging Technology Librarian  Emma Hamilton as Circe (aka Kimberley’s visual online identity)
  2. 2. What questions do you hope that this class will answer?
  3. 3. References Links and references Slides
  4. 4. Who has a Facebook account? Who has a Twitter account? Who has a LinkedIn account Who has a Google account? Who has found it hard to separate your personal & professional lives? Who thinks that it’s necessary to separate your personal & professional lives? Informal poll
  5. 5. Why is this relevant? Source:
  6. 6. The Danger of Facebook
  7. 7. The Danger of Facebook Kimberley is in a head-on collision that wasn’t her fault, and in which no mobile devices were involved. Kimberley’s unfunny friend writes, “I always told you that texting & driving was bad, haha!” All of Kimberley’s professional colleagues now think that Kimberley is an irresponsible moron.
  8. 8. The Danger of Facebook An old friend posts a picture from 12 years ago and tags your name. All of your friends see this. This photo is NOT Kimberley
  9. 9. The Danger of Facebook
  10. 10. Social media, policy, and curriculum
  11. 11. October 2010
  12. 12. Safeguarding your Facebook Privacy 1. Organize Friends in Lists 2. Customize Profile Privacy 3. Set Facebook Privacy Level of Photo Albums 4. Restrict Search Visibility 5. Control Automatic Wall Posts and News Feed Updates 6. Set Facebook Wall Privacy 7. Avoid Appearing in Advertisements 8. Protect Yourself from Friends’ Applications 9. Privacy from Your Applications 10. Quitting Facebook? Delete, Don’t Just De-Activate Your Account Addition: 11. Blocking your mother-in-law Source: 10 Solid Tips to Safeguard Your Facebook Privacy
  13. 13. Hoos using Facebook at UVa •The University •EOP •Alderman Library •Scholars’ Lab •Research Computing Lab •CME Health Sciences Library
  14. 14. Facebook for Departments Groups Fans Personal Sites
  15. 15. Hoos using Facebook at UVa
  16. 16. Hoos using Facebook at UVa
  17. 17. Hoos using Facebook at UVa
  18. 18. Getting to know your users
  19. 19. Future Trends?
  20. 20. Facebook, Policy, and UVa UNIVERSITY OF VIRGINIA OFFICE OF GENERAL COUNSEL Web Stewardship, Web Responsibilities “Another example of pre-existing contractual constraints is in the area of music performance rights. The University has performance rights to music through campus BMI and ASCAP licenses. Under those licenses, recordings of performances can be posted to University owned and operated websites. However, the ASCAP and BMI campus licenses do not authorize posting performances to commercial or other third-party sites such as YouTube, ITunesU, Facebook, etc. Again, when in doubt, check license terms!” “Faculty who require students themselves to engage in new media by uploading their course projects to websites such as YouTube, Facebook, Wikipedia, etc., must pay careful attention to the license language of the relevant sites. Such “click through” licenses will typically require a statement of copyright compliance and also impose indemnification requirements on the individual posting the work.”
  21. 21. Concerns What about HIPAA? Should a doctor be ‘friends’ with a patient? Should you be friends with your boss? Should a clinical department have a Fan page? Should a tenured researcher be friends with a colleague? With a graduate assistant? With a student?
  22. 22. Tweets!
  23. 23. Direct Tweets
  24. 24. Reply Tweets More Twitter commands -
  25. 25. #Hashtags
  26. 26. Searching Twitter TweetScan – Search for Keywords and/or get an email when your phrase is mentioned. Search.twitter – Real-time searching with advanced options. Twopular – Track Twitter trends.
  27. 27. Organizing Twitter
  28. 28. Connecting Twitter
  29. 29. Mining Twitter
  30. 30. Departmental Twitter
  31. 31. Be a little cautious and explore Lock your profile (or not) Never use your password on suspicious third party sites Don’t be to specific Have a strong password Be aware of the Connections Tab Never violate HIPAA Use it Friend people, organizations, companies, whoever is in your circle.
  32. 32. Networking
  33. 33. Profile Information
  34. 34. Profile Information Managing your profile
  35. 35. Profile Information
  36. 36. Spying
  37. 37. Preventing spying
  38. 38. Display Name
  39. 39. Groups
  40. 40. Groups
  41. 41. Google Docs Google Groups Gmail Blogger YouTube Picasa Reader Etc Etc Etc Knol? Lots of Google all over the place
  42. 42. Google and PLoS
  43. 43. Google and PLoS
  44. 44. Google and PLoS
  45. 45. Google and your profile
  46. 46. Take home points Always look at the privacy settings Be aware of those agreements you accept Never violate HIPAA For organizations - feed what you start - look for appropriate uses - find ways to connect with users - advertise and self promote