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Charlotte AMA: Market 2016 Technology & Agile Marketing


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A presentation by Russ Lange of CMG Partners and Roland Smart of Oracle on how Agile Marketing is ripe for today's digital, always-on marketing.

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Charlotte AMA: Market 2016 Technology & Agile Marketing

  1. 1. Market 2016: Technology & Agile Marketing CharlotteAMA May 26, 2016 Russ Lange, Founding Partner, CMG Roland Smart, VP Community Marketing, Oracle
  2. 2. Traditional Marketing
  3. 3. Agile Marketing
  4. 4. The difference hinges on this statement As a person, I am seeking to do /understand / achieve something, so that I can ..... @cmgpartners
  5. 5. Which is a key representation of Agile Marketing Agile Marketing is an organization’s commitment to prioritize the creation and delivery of value to people (e.g. customers) above all else. @cmgpartners
  6. 6. Agile Marketing: inspired by the software industry
  7. 7. DRAFTMarketing usually operates from the business’ perspective • “How do we grow the business?” • “We need to grow bank revenues by x% in y% months” • “In order to do this, we will increase new customers for our wealth management group by xy#” • “In order to sign up xy# new customers, we’ll send xy# direct mail pieces, and seek xy% conversion” • Agency work stream • Internal team work stream • Legal/compliance, etc. work stream Direct mail piece created and sent Goal = revenues Strategy: new customers Tactic: direct mail Execution Result
  8. 8. DRAFTBeing agile marketers changes our perspective to that of our customer. “As a customer, I want … so that I can …” “I’m 42 and would like to retire one day.” “I don’t know if I’m saving enough for retirement.” “My 401K is a black box, and I have no idea if I’m making the right moves.” Sprint 1: customer input for a savings forecaster tool Sprint 2: savings forecaster scenario tool: build Sprint 3: launch/test tool with beta group, adjust with inputs Sprint 4: test/launch/test comms with user inputs Sprint 5: customer input for tying tool to automated saving “I’m saving and investing more because knew I was taking the right steps.” Goal = retirement Unmet need = savings Gap = DIY information Execution* Result *Execution is iterative and flexible, and designed around the user’s immediate need (information) toward deeper need = savings, toward deeper goal = retirement
  9. 9. © 2015 CMG Consulting - CONFIDENTIAL Being Agile is: Creating value for customers that accrues value for your company 1. Adaptive & Iterative campaigns over big bets 2. Many small experiments 3. Adjusting based on what you learn Business value 1 Time  2 3 4 5 3 Agile Traditional Being Agile: CustomerValue BusinessValue @cmgpartners
  10. 10. Stella wants to buy an electric car… Stella’sLevelofExpectation Customer Desire/Want/Need Value Electric Car Company Delivers Awareness Consideration Evaluation Purchase Loyalty Value Gap to Close No Gap Expectatio n ExceededValue Gap Value Gap High Low Stella’s Buying Journey for an Electric Car Value Competitors Deliver
  11. 11. To help Stella and start being agile, we 1st change hats And recast our views and goals from Stella’s perspective, starting with: • What do our customers actually look like, what are their personas? • How do our customers make their buying decisions, what is their buying journey? • What are they attempting to do, what are their stories?
  12. 12. DRAFT How do we put their perspective in context? • Which customers should we focus on/prioritize to achieve our business goals? • What are their personas? • What value (benefits) do we create and deliver to these customers? • What needs do they have? • What problem am I trying to solve? • How do I buy or use a product or service to solve my problem? • What am I trying to do as I become aware of, evaluate, buy and continue to use potential solutions? • What is my experience like? Where am I satisfied or not? • What do I need at each stage in my journey as a person (user) seeking to solve my problem? • What information/help/support do I need along my journey? Why? • What’s the best way, that I know of, to get help as I move through my journey? Customer Personas Buying Journey Who Am I? What do I do over time and why? At any one time, what am I wanting, needing or trying to do?? Business Strategy Which customers should we target? Our knowledge, beliefs and estimates of our customers and their behaviors are informed sources of user stories.
  13. 13. 2nd, Prioritize User Stories based on Value and Effort To create a prioritized backlog of our work initiatives Priority User Story Size of Value Create Level of Effort Very High As a new buyer of an electric car, I want to easily find a leasing option that fits my needs. Large Medium High As a new buyer of an electric car, I want to be able to arrange its delivery time to my home. Medium Low Medium As a person wanting an electric car, I want to quickly know what options I have Medium Medium
  14. 14. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Title: Priority: Size:Owner: User Story: As a <<target customer/persona>>, I want or need to <<do something>> so that I can <<expected benefit/ value>>. Acceptance Criteria: Expected Business Benefit: User Story #: Sprint Period: Title: Priority: Size:Owner: User Story: As a <<target customer/persona>>, I want or need to <<do something>> so that I can <<expected benefit/ value>>. Acceptance Criteria: Expected Business Benefit: User Story #: Sprint Period: Title: Priority: Size:Owner: User Story: As a <<target customer/persona>>, I want or need to <<do something>> so that I can <<expected benefit/ value>>. Acceptance Criteria: Expected Business Benefit: User Story #: Sprint Period: 3rd: Execute short, iterative learning cycles with priorities synched to customers’ needs & value desires: @cmgpartners
  15. 15. Agile Marketers experience early and lasting benefits Client Commercial Performance Global Internet Media Company Operational Performance North America Telecom Team Performance SaaS Tech Company Challenge Missed commercial objectives. Lengthy go-to-market cycles Marketing team reactive, order takers, not strategic Time Frame 3 months 4 months 6 months Results “Within 90 days, we turned around business performance. Empowered teams felt more engaged and ‘had each other’s back.” “The A4M pilot accelerated time to market by 5 months, reducing time to first sale. We were in the strongest pipeline position going into Q4 with several new sales reps with opportunities.” “We’ve embraced a lot of additional responsibility. We drive differently than we would otherwise. Agile forces us to look at the business purpose of what we’re doing. It’s made us smarter. 127% Of goal achieved 23% Efficiency 31% Team Satisfaction @cmgpartners
  16. 16. DRAFTTime and fortitude fosters an agile organization Learning Operational Innovative Fully Engaged Learning and adapting; managing through mindset change. Strong operational effectiveness and efficiency. Making it your own and being innovative with the tools Coordinated teams manage risk and fiduciary responsibilities. • Clear team charters • Solidified teams • Strong customer-driven backlogs • Learning & Improving • Greater efficiency in how teams work; stronger learning and iteration • Skills Transfer • More well-rounded team members • Agile is full internalized • More efficient business operations. • Teams achieving goals LevelofAdoption Stage of Adoption Adoption Journey @cmgpartners
  17. 17. Being Agile Marketers – Our Mindsets We are customer focused We create value We experiment & learn We break things, and that’s ok We are collaborative We are empowered We are transparent @cmgpartners
  18. 18. Being Agile – The Methodology Focus on what’s important to our customer Small, Cross Functional Teams Disciplined Process, Short Cycles to Learn, Improve Value Creation Data Driven Communicate @cmgpartners
  19. 19. 20%
  20. 20. DRAFTRecap: Agile for Marketing What makes it work? 4. Rapid Learning Cycles 5. Active management 6. Create value 1. Focus on Customers 2. Empowered teams 3. Solve problems, not tasks @cmgpartners