hiv epidemiology and natural history cme biomedical prevention lgbt pre/postexposure prophylaxis antiretroviral management fibrosis and cirrhosis hepatitis hbv fibrosis and cirrhosis treatment hbv treatment hiv transmission hiv prevention women hiv screening and diagnosis ob/gyns women's healt hcv –treatment hcv – drugs in development hcv treatment colorectal cancer - prediction and prognosis colorectal cancer - diagnosis and staging colorectal cancer - epidemiology colorectal cancer - biomarkers colorectal cancer colorectal cancer - prevention screening resistance- epidemiology special populations – women opportunistic diseases and coinfection - hepatitis epidemiology and natural history - epidemiology special populations – minority/ethnic antiretroviral management- pre/postexposure prophy antiretroviral management- new agents adverse effects and comorbidities- cardiovascular
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