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Poster presented at the 2011 Annual Meeting of the Marine Alliance for Science and Technology Scotland.

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  1. 1. Cold-water coral outreach – developing the website J Murray Roberts, Laura C Wicks, Lea-Anne Henry, Sebastian Hennige, Juan Moreno-Navas The power of the internet The first port of call people make for information is the internet. With googling a word in its own right, any science outreach activity planned today almost always includes a significant web-based component. With that in mind, we relaunched the website, a cold-water coral resource designed to raise awareness of cold-water corals and the threats they face. In order to draw people to the website, we created a short film with Sir David Attenborough, highlighting the importance of coral conservation in Scotland and around the world. By premiering the film at a launch event with strategic publicity, was featured throughout the national press, increasing website traffic tenfold. From age 5 to 105 The site is designed to be accessible and interesting for all ages. Information is arranged using a series of ‘Go Deeper’ links that take the visitor through gradually more detailed information culminating in a list of primary scientific literature and technical reports. With this intrinsic design the site can cater to anyone from school children working on projects through to scientific colleagues looking for particular information in one of the website’s Case Studies, or Conservation Status summaries. Social media In the 21st century, websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Google Earth are important tools for scientists, allowing quick communication of information, images and videos. By using social media and news stories, we can keep up to date and people can easily follow updates we make about new discoveries from cold-water coral researchers around the (131) 451 8267Centre for Marine Biodiversity &Biotechnology, School of LifeSciences, Heriot-Watt University, For more informationEdinburgh, Scotland, Acknowledgements Small-Media-LargeEH14 4AS, UK Sir David Attenborough Xtra-Large Recording