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  • Davis, Rita. (2011). Top 10 Communications Degree Jobs. Catalog, Retrieved June 27, 2012 from
  • Getting started with your communications career may seem overwhelming at first, never fear it’s not as hard as it looks. First you want to achieve an undergraduate degree. Higher education degrees are also welcomed but not required. First log onto the web page and on the left navigation bar click on “Academics” and then “Checklists for Majors & Minors”
  • You should come up with something similar to this. The top half of the check list has been cut off since it only discusses gen. eds. The bottom half is more important because it shows the four paths you can choose from and what classes are required for each path.
  • Your Communications Undergraduate degree can be completed in four years which means only 4 years of tuition needs to be paid. Communications is a growing field so there are always businesses hiring. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics the 2010 Median Pay of a Public Relations Manager is $57,550.00 /year that’s $27.67/ hour. So even with a bachelor’s degree your son or daughter would be very well off in the communications field.
  • The American Communications Association was created for communications majors so that they can continue on their educational path by providing scholarships. It’s also good to put them on your resume if you’re a member, and since membership is free there’s no reason not to be. They also list communcations jobs on their website in case you aren’t sure where to start looking.
  • Cmat101cmatcareersslideshare

    1. 1. Careers in Communications CMAT 101: Final Project• Megan Dennis• Angelica Doran• Katelyn Guns• Kelley McDonough• Xavier Yeoman
    2. 2. The Wonderful World of Communications• What is Communications• What do you like?• Review major/minor requirements and course descriptions at the schools you’re looking at Second Edition: Human Communication in Society. Jess Alberts, Thomas Nakayama, Judith Martin College of Charleston, Communications Department – Declaring Your Major/Minor Image: Decision Making.
    3. 3. Life After College• Versatile degree• A vital role in the functioning of any government, business, or industrial organization• 1 in 2 of Journalism graduates find employment in the field within six to eight months after completing their undergraduate degree Penn State University York. Communication Arts and Sciences
    4. 4. Famous Communication Majors Howard Stern – CommunicationsJerry Seinfeld – Theater and Communications Connie Chung - Journalism Brad Pitt  - Journalism George Clooney - Broadcasting David Letterman -  Broadcasting Forbes. In Pictures: College Majors Of The Stars. media_cx_lr_0626majors_slide_2.html
    5. 5. Top 10 careers with a communications degree 1) Journalism 2) Media 3) Marketing 4) Theater 5) Public Relations D v,R a( 01. T p 0 o mn a n D g eo sC to, R t vdue 721 f m ais it 21) o 1 C m uict s er J . a l e iee J 2, 02r . io e b ag r n o
    6. 6. Top 10 careers with a communications degree (cont.)• Customer Service Representative• College Admissions• Professional Lobbying• Speech Writing• Corporate Davis, Rita. (2011). Top 10 Communications Degree Jobs. Catalog, Retrieved June 27, 2012 from
    7. 7. C m uictn D pr et21) C m uictn R le W b it , Sl uy n e it R t vdue 721 f m t :/ w .sisuy d/ m a sinst l o mn a s ea mn ( 02. o mn a s e t io t io a d e Se a brU ivr y e iee J 2, 02r h p/ wa br u o mr/ k m s is s. r n o t w l .e c tl .h
    8. 8. Careers
    9. 9. Speech Writer• These people write speeches for people in their work place.• Which shows Ethos, Pathos, Logos• Businesses pay people who can help their representatives speak in front of others.
    10. 10. Career in Public Relation• They normally manage the public image of an organization.• Careers in public relations include: publicity manager, advertising manager, marketing specialist, press agent, lobbyist, corporate public affairs specialist, account executive.
    11. 11. Career in Journalism• They are needed to write and edit head stories.• Many magazines need reporters, editors, news writers.• 50 percent of journalism graduates find employment within 6 weeks of graduating.
    12. 12. ADVERTISING• Advertising is a field that demands good oral and written communication skills.• Careers in advertising include: advertising or marketing specialist, copy writer, account executive, sales manager
    13. 13. Sources• The new careers: Individual action and economic change; Arthur, M. B.; Inkson, K.; Pringle, J. K.; 1999, Thousand Oaks, CA : Sage. Document Type: book; (AN NCIAEC.ARTHUR.SAGE.AIII).• The seven habits of highly effective people; Covey, S. R.; 1989, New York : Simon & Schuster. Document Type: book; (AN SHHEP.COVEY.SIMONSCHUSTER.AIHI)
    14. 14. Getting Started• Bachelors or higher• Salisbury University Checklist• Choose a path: • Human Communication Studies • Journalism/Public Relations • Media Production • Media Studies • source:
    15. 15. h p/w .sisuy d/ ek tudr a.h lCt :/ wa br u hcls ne r t # t w l .e c is/ gd m
    16. 16. What this means for Mom and Dad• 4 years• Growing field=jobs 2010 Median $57,550/year Pay Entry Level Bachelor’s Education Degree
    17. 17. American Communications Associations• Scholarships• Membership h p/w .a e acm .og t :/ w mr no m r t w ic /• Jobs
    18. 18. sources• Salisbury university. (2012). Retrieved from• Undergraduate checklists for majors and minors. (n.d.). Retrieved from• Bureau of labor statistics. (2012, March 29). Retrieved from• Dr. Phil Auter. (2010). Aca. Retrieved from
    19. 19. Careers in communicating arts
    20. 20. Alumni Resources• Gibson, Katie • Graduated in 2006, now working as an enhanced media specialist• Lam, Mark • Graduated in 2007, earned a job at American Lawyer Media Advertising• Maddox, Shea • Graduated in 2006, now holds the position as an assistant manager of operations
    21. 21. Number of communications positions by agency• Department of Defense: 9,077• Department of Agriculture:1,696• Department of Health and Human Services:1,602• Department of Veterans Affairs:1,443• Broadcasting Board of Governors:1,184
    22. 22. Job offerings in federal government as of today• Visual information specialist • Salary: $52,600-$82,00• Public affairs specialist • Salary: $34,000-54,000
    23. 23. Bibliography Citations• "Communications Jobs in the Federal Government." Communications Jobs in the Federal Government. N.p., n.d. Web. 25 June 2012. <>.• "Dream It." Choosing Communication Arts as a Major. N.p., n.d. Web. 25 June 2012. < ml>.