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Washdown Solutions for Machine Automation


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A review of some of the NEMA and IP rated solutions available for harsh environments.

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Washdown Solutions for Machine Automation

  1. 1. Wa s h d ow n Solutions for Machine AutomationShop online at
  2. 2. IP69K Washdown Sensors Capacitive, Photoelectric & Proximity IP69K Smartlevel Capacitive Sensors • Ideal for liquid level applications in the food and beverage industry • Highly durable PSU plastic composite resists coolants, oils & chemicals. • Temperatures up to 260° F, in pressurized vessels up to 145 psi. IP69K Photoelectric Sensors • Ideal for object detection in food and beverage applications • Gun-drilled, solid stainless steel enclosures • Proven workhorses in the most demanding of manufacturing conditions Inductive Proximity Sensors • No function display on the sensor itself • Stainless steel housing (material 1.4571) • Gold plated contacts, lasered or etched part numbersShop online at
  3. 3. IP67 Pressure Sensors Display, measuring transducer & pressure switch in a single device IP67 Pressure Sensors • Ideal for use in gaseous and liquid media • Over 130 versions available, • 11 pressure range versions from -1…2 bar up to 0…600 bar • Standard plastic housing or stainless steel versions available • Two switching points or one switching output + analog output • IP67 housing rotates 320° • Bright display with easy programming (no tool required) • Extended temperature ranges of -40° to 125°C.Shop online at
  4. 4. IP69 Micropulse ProCompact Linear Position Transducer Continuous absolute position sensor in a rugged, sealed stainless steel housing IP69 Transducers • Welded housing that is IP69K rated • Stainless steel housing • Pressure-rated to 8700 psi/600 bar • Standard mounting threads - 3/4" 16 UNF (optional M18x1.5) • Radial or axial PTFE cable • Very high resolution, repeatability, and linearity • Absolute output signal • Insensitive to shock, vibration, contamination and noise • Capability of connecting cable guard systems • Enclosure rating per IEC 60529:Cable version IP 68 (type tested at 5 bar / 48 h) IP69K with connected cable guard systemShop online at
  5. 5. Food and Beverage Sensor Cabling Cabling specifically designed for the food industry M12 Cables • FDA approved cable material • Designed to meet the requirements of pharmaceutical & food industries • Smooth surfaces eliminate breeding ground for bacteria • Stainless steel type 1.4404: corrosion protection for all exposed metal • Detect contamination quickly – thanks to the bright color Play it safe: use only reliable materials. The metals and plastics used by Phoenix Contact have been tested with the following common cleaning agents and disinfectants: Hydrogen peroxide/peracetic acid (P3-topactive DES) Alkaline foaming cleanser (P3-topax 19) Acid foaming cleanser (P3-topax 56) Alkaline foaming cleanser with active chlorine (P3-topax 66) Neutral disinfectant based on quarternary ammonium compoundsShop online at
  6. 6. IP65 Stainless Shaft Washdown Motors AKM, Goldline B, Goldline S, Goldline W Permanent Magnet DC Motors • Industry-leading performance • Certifications ranging from basic IP65 up to IP69 and FDA IP67 • Thousands of model options, STANDARD! • Severe washdown optionsIP69 • All stainless options (up to 300 and 174PH grade)All Stainless, Round DC Motors • "Sealed-Tight-Food" grade motors are IP65 washdown certified • For use with 90 and 180 v DC SCR power supplies. IP67 IP65 USDA, WashdownShop online at
  7. 7. SMC Fittings, Actuators, Valves Designed with Food Packaging in Mind Fittings • Stainless Steel 316 push in fittings, resistant to heat and chemicals Actuators • Food Grease (NSF-H1 certified) available • NBR or FKM (Viton ) seal material ISO/VDMA mounting (Series HYQ, HYC) • Stainless Steel 304 Series for wash down applications High Pressure • High Pressure Regulator VCHR30, VCHR40 • High Pressure Check Valve VCHC40 • High Pressure Valve: VCH41, VCH42, VCH410 Hygienic Namur Mount Solenoid Valves, 3/5 Ports • VDMA, M12 connectorShop online at
  8. 8. Hygienic Pneumatic Components Next Generation Technology meets Washdown Pneumatic Valves • Series CL03 Clean Line Directional Control Valve, Washdown IP69K • Series HF04, 2 x 3/2, 5/2, 5/3 • Ceram 4-Way Directional Control Valve • E/Ps Pressure Control Valves Actuators • ICS All Stainless Steel Cylinder ISO/VDMA standards • ICL Clean Profile ISO/VDMA Cylinder for lighter washdown applications Filters, Pressure Regulators, Lubricators • AS2 and AS3 FRLs with smooth polymer designShop online at
  9. 9. Stainless Steel Cylinders From ITT, Clippard, IAI, SMC & Pneumatic C&C Inch Stainless Cylinders -- ITT Compact • From 3/4" to 8" Bore, custom strokes also available Corrosion Resistant Washdown Cylinders -- Clippard • Bore sizes: 5/8 up to 1 1/2" Bore RCP2W Waterproof Type Slide Actuator – IAI • The actuators come in a standard type and an optional cover type, fully conforms to IEC IP67 CG5-S, CJ5-S & NCM Stainless Steel Cylinders – SMC • CG5-S cylinder uses grease for food processing machines and meets FDA standards • CJ5-S is designed for use in water spray environments • NCM series comes in 6 bore sizes with auto switch capability, 303/304 stainless steel Stainless Steel Round Body Cylinders -- Pneumatic C&C • Stainless steel, repairable pneumatic cylinder • 1-1/8” through 4” bores, maximum 18” stroke, 170 PSIShop online at
  10. 10. All-in-one Linear Actuator System ternary® is the all-in-one linear actuator system that merges mechanics with intelligence ternary Linear Actuator System • High Protection Class: IP65 rated (LP050 is IP64) • Reduces integration time and cost for protection (Shrouding, Bellows, etc.) • Washdown capablility • Flexible, no need for piping, valving, air/oil supply, filters • Provides easily programmable motion – position, velocity, acceleration/deceleration • PC-based set-up software provides for quick and easy setup • Standard length connectorized cables make installation fast and easy • ternary® has internal monitoring and alarm capabilities • Maintenance Free System • Variety of Control Interface possibilitiesShop online at
  11. 11. Washdown, Coated and Stainless Steel Gearboxes & Gearheads Available in USDA approved STEEL IT coated, nickel- plated or in stainless steel Gearheads • Stainless steel housings, shafts, and fasteners • Electroless nickel-plated housings, shafts, fasteners • USDA approved STEEL IT epoxy coated housings • NSF H1 approved food-grade lubricants • Gasketing compounds at housing interfaces • Custom engineered, corrosion resistant, rotary shaft seals • The washdown option is available as standard for most productsShop online at
  12. 12. Hygienic Design & Stainless Steel Enclosures A Comprehensive Line of Enclosures to Provide the Specific Level of Contamination Protection Required Hygienic Design • Ideal for use in clean rooms and for open processes in the food industry • Smooth surface grain, internal hinges, washable gaskets , no crevices Featuring a high protection • Created from ANSI 304 stainless steel with a 400 grain brushed surface category, it has nowhere for micro-organisms to hide! Stainless Steel • Ideal for food/beverage and pharmaceutical applications with washdown • Variety of styles and optionsShop online at
  13. 13. Safety Light Curtains Protective Enclosures for Harsh and Washdown Applications IP67 Enclosures • Available in the full range of sizes • Reduces down time and increases life of the curtain • Resistant to many chemicals and compounds • Improved mounting system • Reinforced stainless steel brackets Weld Slag Protective Shields • Reduces down time and increases life of the curtain • Resistant to many chemicals and compounds • Lexan construction • Easy to install and replaceShop online at
  14. 14. Stainless Steel HMI Panels Designed for Food and Pharmaceutical iX Panel TxA • Modern style, wide screen HMI panel in a compact form • IP65 lightweight aluminum construction • Fully flat, dust-free surface • For tasks requiring state-of-the-art graphics • Dimmable TFT display with maintenance free LED backlighting iX Panel • IP66 lightweight aluminum construction • Available in keypad or touch panel from 3.5” to 15” • Open platform and enhanced HMI functionality TxB Panel Series • For demanding HMI applications or large projects within traditional industrial or process industry, where complex operating screens filled with objects are required, this operator panel delivers with high performance hardware that is finely tuned for iX HMI solutions. TxC Panel Series •TxC is ideal for medium to large scale HMI applications that require more power or add- on functionality such as video. TxC gives you a full, open and expandable HMI, with iX runtime software, in a robust industrial PC hardware with high connectivity.Shop online at