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Electrical, Pneumatic, Hydraulic, Automation & Programming, Aluminum Framing


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The Systems Group at CMA/Flodyne/Hydradyne provides design and fabrication services to produce complete engineered systems, including hydraulic power units, electrical control panels, pneumatic panels, linear motion systems and aluminum framing.

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Electrical, Pneumatic, Hydraulic, Automation & Programming, Aluminum Framing

  1. 1. Your Premier Resource for Automation electrical, hydraulic, pneumatic and motion control electrical, pneumatic, hydraulic, automation & programming, aluminum framing Systems Group Capabilities After Hours Service, Call 888-356-3963 Illinois CALL: 630-563-3600 • Wisconsin CALL: 262-781-1815
  2. 2. Hydraulic Systems n ustom power unit design installation C n anifold assemblies M n D modeling via SolidWorks AutoCAD 3 n otor starter control integration M n urnkey fluid power systems T n LC integration P ElectricaL Control Systems n LC/Motion integration programming P n L 508 Electrical Control Panels U n able Assemblies C n ision Systems V n omplete Electrical Documentation C Linear motion systems n urnkey motion control systems subsystems T n esign, source, wire, program and integrate D n artesian and gantry stages C n omplete linear motion systems C n allscrew, belt, rack pinion, air/hydraulic linear motor actuators B Pneumatic Systems n ustom pick place assemblies C n utomation systems subsystems A n D modeling via SolidWorks AutoCAD 3 n neumatic panels P n anifold assemblies M How safe is your equipment? A Machine Risk Assessment will tell you before it is too late. Machine assessments help you comply with current and emerging standards by providing consulting services for safety critical controls. Our solutions can help reduce lost-time accidents, improve workplace safety and improve employee morale, which will ultimately result in increased productivity. Contact for more information.
  3. 3. Aluminum Framing machine guarding n achine base and guarding design installation M n ork stations lift tables for lean manufacturing W n lean rooms C n lectro-mechanical machine safety integration E n D modeling via SolidWorks AutoCAD 3 n rame assembly kitting, mounting wiring F Integrated SYSTEMS n MAFH combines multiple technologies for one seamless solution C n esign, program and build D n ydraulic, electrical, pneumatic motion control systems H n ne source with wide variety of best-in-class supplier resources O n urnkey installation, set-up and training T Solutions for aging machines REMAN n leaning the components C n eplacing the wearing parts R n se of original spare parts U n unction operation test F n e-lacquering of motors R n 4 Month Warranty 2 REMAN PLUS n verything in Reman plus E 7 years parts availability for future repairs n 4 Month Warranty 2
  4. 4. CASE STUDY... CMAFH designed system leads to smoother, cleaner VisionPak machine The challenge The Solution n reate precise, ultra-sanitary meat packaging C machine n Synchronize six axes of motion Perform repeated form, fill and seal functions n with high throughput and accuracy n Perform reliably after repeated washdowns and cleaning of the machine n ndraDrive Mi integrated motor and drive I n MLC controller with motion, logic, robotics, Flex Profile n VEP Windows CE-based HMI n IndraWorks programming suite n ED05 proportional valves, HF03-LG valve manifolds, AS Series FRL n ood-grade linear Ball Rail system F Benefits n 30% overall cost savings n Simplification of operation (mechanical dancer replaced with Rexroth pneumatics n 10%+ improvement in changeover speed leads to higher throughput n Control panel space reduced by 50% To meet its design goals for a precise, ultra-sanitary and easy to-commission machine, CP worked with CMA/Flodyne/Hydradyne to specify an integrated electric drive and control, pneumatics, and linear motion platform. Not only did we provide guidance on selecting and sizing the components, we handled the crucial machine programming as well, using Rexroth’s IndraWorks uniform software suite. IndraWorks allows the motion, logic, visualization and HMI screens to be handled all in one package rather than toggling through multiple programs. “The support from CMA/Flodyne/Hydradyne has been critical to our success,” said Buchko. “And we have a long history using Rexroth. They’re far ahead of their competition in bringing the various technologies to the market, and we only have to deal with one automation supplier,” he added.“Those advantages sealed the deal.” Main Distribution CenteRS BRANCH OFFICES 1000 Muirfield Drive Hanover Park, IL 60133 phone: (630) 563-3600 Fax: (630) 563-3850 Rockford, IL Tel. (815) 229-7602 Fax (815) 229-7905 Peoria, IL Tel. (309) 697-7005 Fax (309) 697-8576 3265 Gateway Road, Suite 300 Brookfield, WI 53045 Phone: (262) 781-1815 Fax (262) 781-2521 Green Bay, WI Tel. (920) 336-7620 Fax (920) 336-7610 Rev. 01/14