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VR ja AR ihmisten apuneuvoina teollisuudessa, Pertti Huuskonen Tampereen Yliopisto (Liideri)


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Puheenvuoro CMADFI 2018.

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VR ja AR ihmisten apuneuvoina teollisuudessa, Pertti Huuskonen Tampereen Yliopisto (Liideri)

  1. 1. VR & ARihmisten apuneuvoina teollisuudessa Pertti Huuskonen Tampereen yliopisto Talk for CMADFI 2018, Lappeenranta, Finland, 22.1.2018
  2. 2. VARPU: Tekes project on VR/AR applications for industry • 2017-2018 – 18 partners – 10 M€ • Makes VR/AR content creation and use more practical for industry • Laser scanning, 360º video AR, gaze tracking, haptics, etc. 3DTALO – AALTO UNIV. – FGI – FINCLOUD – FINWE – FORTUM – GRANLUND – KII – NOKIA – REJLERS – RUUKKI – SKYHIGHVR – STEREOSCAPE – TEATIME – UNIV. LAPLAND – UNIV. TAMPERE – VTT – WHITEPOINTSee for more
  3. 3. Adapted from: Virtual Reality: Immersive multimedia experience, fully present only in the computer world Augmented Reality: 
 Computer overlay on top of (but not synced with) the real world Mixed Reality: Computer overlay on top of (and synched with) the real world Holography: Microsoft marketing term for Mixed Reality Term usage varies wildly. VR is the catch-all term. What is VR–AR–MR–XR etc?
  4. 4. VR/AR business
  5. 5. Source: ARS Technica UK Oct 2016
  6. 6. Source: Goldman Sachs VR / AR Market 2025 $35 bn total These non-entertainment application areas are in our focus. Important for Finnish industry. Can reuse experience from the entertainment business.
  7. 7. VARPU research
  8. 8. VARPU Objectives & topics 8 EASIER 3D MODEL CREATION BETTER INTERACTION Haptics Industrial design Speech Laser scanning 360º video Photogrammetry Hyperspectral imaging Multimodal UIs User experience Gaze tracking Multi-source point clouds Wide area AR BIM SLAM Gestures COMBINING 360º VIDEO & AR
  9. 9. Tauchi @ UTA MeMo @ Aalto FGI VTT ULA 3DTalo Finwe FinCloud Kii SkyHighVR StereoScape Whitepoint Teatime B.I.G. RES SME Consortium partners Nokia Ruukki Rejlers Granlund Fortum
  10. 10. Lead: FORTUM Image: FORTUM CORPORATION • VR/AR to help maintenance and navigation in complex environments (e.g. nuclear plants) • Hands-free information access • On-the-spot tutoring • Safety & regulations Case: Industrial Field Worker
  11. 11. VISION: FORTUM, CONCEPT: LASSE VIRTANEN, UNIV. LAPPLAND Maintenance staff carry 3D scanning equipment: laser scanners, photogrammetric cameras, 360º cameras in hard hats. When they walk around the factory floor for their normal tasks, the 3D model gets updated. They also receive maintenance info on the hats’ visor displays. BENEFITS: 3D designs are slow to update manually. Here, we get the current situation almost in real time. Differences from the original designs will be noticed quickly. APPLICATIONS: Up-to-date floor plans for emergency situations. Easier maintenance planning. Improved logistics. Etc. Vision
  12. 12. Social VR / AR ? … for the workplace too?
  13. 13. VR today is solitary • It’s a lonely thing (for now) • Most VR content is meant for single users at a time • Very little by way of shared viewing, shared commentary • No concept of “likes” yet • Comparable to Web of 90’s 13
  14. 14. Facebook Spaces Shared social VR environment, connected to your Facebook 14Image by
  15. 15. • Expert monitors remotely with cloud IoT • VR connection to field technicians • Sees where the technician is looking • Shared 360 video, voice, pointers etc. 15 Yes, that one. Now measure voltages here, and here. Do you mean this one here? That red connector?? • Technician maintains systems on site • AR adds info on top of the real world • AR glasses, tablets, phones • Shared view with remote expert KILLER APP: Remote Collaboration
  16. 16. Image from
  17. 17. Summary
  18. 18. SUMMARY VR boom happening Driven by entertainment Industrial VR/AR applications coming VARPU project Social VR lacking, but there’s promise
  19. 19. More info: 19 @ProjectVarpu VarpuProject