Job Searching for Educators


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Job Searching for Educators

  1. 1. Resumes, Job Searching & Interviewing for Education Majors Presented by: Christina Mosteller Hall Career Services, (260) 481-0689
  2. 2. Quiz Question #1 1. Which of the following must you have on your resume? Contact Information Teaching Experience Objective or Summary of Work/Professional/Volunteer Qualifications Experience Education Honors/Awards/Activities Certification/Licensure Professional Affiliations
  3. 3. SECTIONS OF A RESUME  Contact Information  Objective or Summary of Qualifications  Education  Certification/Licensure  Teaching Experience  Work/Professional/Volunteer Experience  Honors/Awards/Activities  Professional Affiliations
  4. 4. Contact Information  Name JANET M. SMITH  Address (Present and 123 Any Street Permanent when Fort Wayne, IN 46835 appropriate) (260) 555-1212  Phone Number Email:  Email Address
  5. 5. OBJECTIVE OR SUMMARY  Avoid vague statements- be specific  Employer-focused  Summary describes your qualifications
  6. 6. OBJECTIVE OR SUMMARY Example Objective: (position, location/industry, skills or qualities) To obtain an elementary education teaching position in a public school that fosters independent thinking, skills, learning and growth.
  7. 7. EDUCATION  List colleges and universities beginning with the most recent first  Name the institution(s) including city and state (i.e., Indiana University - Fort Wayne, IN)  List degree and date anticipated  List GPA if 3.0 or above
  8. 8. EDUCATION Example: Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education, May 2010 Indiana University, Fort Wayne, IN Concentration: Early Childhood Education, grades preK-3 Minor: Sociology GPA 3.7/4.0
  9. 9. LICENSURE  List certification for state of Indiana Example: Successful completion of Praxis I and Praxis II, Fall 2009 License Information • Grades preK through 3, all areas • License number: 934932. Type: Rules 2002. Expires: August 3, 2011
  10. 10. WORK/PROFESSIONAL/ VOLUNTEER EXPERIENCE  List significant experience that pertains to the job you are seeking  Begin with most recent experience  Categorize your experiences in a way that pertains to the job you are seeking (i.e., Student Teaching Experience, Field Experience, Coaching Experience, Related Experience, etc.)
  11. 11. WORK/PROFESSIONAL/ VOLUNTEER EXPERIENCE cont.’d  Include teaching methods, style, techniques  Quantify and Qualify – i.e., how many students and demographics (1st grade or 6th grade?)  Bullet points should answer for/with whom, what you did/do, how you did/do it, why, and any numbers you might have
  12. 12. WAYS TO VOLUNTEER  Junior Achievement  SCAN (Stop Child Abuse and Neglect)  YMCA  Allen County Juvenile Center  Tutoring  Sunday School
  13. 13. WORK/PROFESSIONAL/ VOLUNTEER EXPERIENCE cont. Example: Forest Park Elementary, Fort Wayne Comm. Schools, Fort Wayne,IN Student Teacher Fall 2007 Actively assist in educating culturally diverse elementary school students in the areas of English, math, science, and social studies. Effectively use comic books and other unconventional resources to build grammar and punctuation skills. Demonstrate organization and planning in preparing daily lessons. Adapt teaching methods to meet the needs of all students’ learning styles.
  14. 14. ACTIVITIES OR PROFESSIONAL AFFILIATIONS  List the name of the organization along with your status (treasurer, member, etc.)  List activities you have done or are doing that would be of interest to the employer Example: Activities and Honors • National Collegiate Education Award Winner, 2007 • National Council for Exceptional Children, member 2005- present • Educators for Excellence, IPFW, member, 2006- present
  15. 15. Additional Resume Resources  Indiana Department of Education   Job Search Handbook for Educators  ch%20Handbook%20for%20Educators%20Booklet.pdf  Job Fairs- Individual School Districts   Occupational Outlook Handbook   ACCS Web Site 
  16. 16. JOBZONE  Upload a resume  Update profile each semester  Search for local and national jobs (we do have job postings on there for local and non-local teaching positions)
  17. 17. Job Search Websites  Page 41 in book *Indiana Department of Education – “looking for a teaching job?” * School Systems Website * NETWORKING!!!
  18. 18. Quiz Question #2 1. If you are graduating in May, when should you begin your job search? a.) Week before graduation b.) After graduation c.) Now d.) One month before graduation
  19. 19. INTERVIEWING  Tips for before, during, and after the interview  What to say (and not say)  What to wear  Please refer to the Job Search Handbook for Educators.
  20. 20. Quiz Question #3 1. What should you include in your response to the interview question, “Tell me about yourself?”? a.) Marital status b.) # of brothers & sisters you have c.) Your date of birth d.) Your student teaching experience
  21. 21. TIPS  Be familiar with Indiana State teaching standards  Understand and support the school’s philosophy and mission  Be comfortable with sharing your own philosophy of teaching  If your philosophy does not match the school’s philosophy, don’t apply  Be able to share your experiences of working with students and relate them to the position  Be familiar with IEPs/Special Education laws  Form an opinion on “No Child Left Behind”  Research School Board, district, and school web sites
  22. 22. UPCOMING CAREER SERVICES EVENTS  Externship Program, March 8th—March 12th (online application required)  Deadline to apply 2/19  Boys & Girls Club  Job Fair Prep Sessions, March 30th and March 31st [10am-4pm, Drop-In Hours] - KT 109  Summer Job & Internship Fair, April 1, 2010 [10am-2pm] - Walb Ballroom  National Student Employment Week, April 12th – 16th  Job Fair Prep Session, April 14, 2010 [10am-4pm, Drop-In Hours] - KT 109  NICE Expo (Job Fair), April 15, 2010 [1-5pm]- Ivy Tech Community College, Student Life Center
  23. 23. Questions? Make an appointment to see a Career Counselor! Kettler 109 (260) 481-0689