Collaborative Classroom


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Collaborative Classroom

  1. 1. Connecting to the World Building a Collaborative Classroom Cheryl Lykowski Discovery Educator Network Guru Michigan’s DEN Leadership Council – Chair Discovery STAR Educator 2013
  2. 2. Are today’s students tech savvyor digitally literate?
  3. 3. Why focus on a digital and collaborative classroom?
  4. 4. Technology has shifted from apersonal experience to a community experience.
  5. 5. Build a collaborative community in the classroom.
  6. 6. A 21st century classroom:How does it look?
  7. 7. Investigative ContributiveCollaborativeCooperative ? Connected Community Creative
  8. 8. Learning is active.Learning is social.Learning is messy!
  9. 9. Learning needs rich contexts.Learning needs to be authentic.
  10. 10. Learners are diverse.
  11. 11. Today’s learners are: Creative Leaders Communicators Creators Risk takers Connected
  12. 12. EssentialQuestion s
  13. 13. *How might this work? *How might thisbenefit my students?*How might this add to my instruction?
  14. 14. Global Awareness, according toThe Partnership for 21st Century Skills, includes: Using 21st century skills to understand and address global issues. Learning from and working collaboratively with individuals representing diverse cultures, religions and lifestyles in a spirit of mutual respect and open dialogue in personal, work and community contexts. Understanding  other nations and cultures, including the use of non-English languages.
  15. 15. Global awareness isnecessary because:Students can no longer live isolatedfrom the world.Students need to be global citizens.Students must learn about diversity,languages, cultures, traditions andpoints of view from others.
  16. 16. ConnectionsMake connections with othereducators, near and far
  17. 17. Connections
  18. 18. Connections
  19. 19. Collaborative Digital Tools: Multi-user Synchronous/Asynchronous Collaborative Communicative
  20. 20. Prepare your studentsAmbassadors EngagementMovement ConfidenceSilliness Taking TurnsLoud & Clear UnexpectedSlang Questions
  21. 21. Collaborative Tools:
  22. 22. Role of thecollaborative learner: Greeter Question asker Photographer Videographer Scheduler *adapted from Silvia Tolisano
  23. 23. Role of thecollaborative learner:Backchannel Info StationwritersLive Bloggers TimerGoogle Earth Data writerMapper *adapted from Silvia Tolisano
  24. 24. Roles Live GoogleBlogging Earth & Google Maps Back Channel Interviewers
  25. 25. RolesInformation Station Scheduler Question Asker Greeter
  26. 26. RolesGreeter ~ Greets the partner school. Makes initial introduction.Question asker ~ Asks specific questions for data collection.Photographer ~ Responsible for documenting connection with stillimages.Videographer ~ Responsible for documenting connection with video.Scheduler ~Responsible for adding Date & Time of planned Skypeconnection to embedded Google Calendar. *adapted from Silvia Tolisano
  27. 27. RolesBackchannel writers ~ Documenting conversation, questions,answers and classroom happenings during the connection on abackchannel chat.Live Bloggers ~ Blogs Skype call live to classroom blog.Google Earth ~ Finds location of Skype partner and measuresdistance in miles & kilometers.Mapper ~ Responsible for adding placemark of Skype partner’slocation to embedded Google Map on classroom blog.Info Station ~Responsible to search for any data question on thespot. Verifies any questionable information as well.Timer ~ Responsible for noting time Skype call started and ended aswell as calculating elapsed time. *adapted from Silvia Tolisano
  28. 28. RolesData Entry ~ Responsible for adding data collected into embeddedGoogle form on classroom blog. Ex. distance miles/km, temperature inF/C.Word Problem Creator ~ Creates a math word problemfrom data, questions and answers collected during Skype call.Backchannel Cleanup ~ Responsible to save backchannelchat as a word document and cleaning up duplicate comments and markquestionable statements to be verified. *adapted from Silvia Tolisano
  29. 29. Collaborative Projects to Get You Started
  30. 30. Mystery Skype
  31. 31. Skype in the Classroom
  32. 32. On the Same Day in March
  33. 33. Around the World with 80 Schools
  34. 34. Teddy Bears Around the World
  35. 35. Projects By Jen
  36. 36. World Education Games
  37. 37. Flat Classroom Project
  38. 38. Collaborative Projects with Multimedia
  39. 39. Collaborative Writing1001 Flat Tales Mysteries of Harris Burdick
  40. 40. Bringing Experts into the Classroom
  41. 41. Bringing Experts into the Classroom
  42. 42. Bringing Experts into the Classroom
  43. 43. Bringing Experts into the Classroom
  44. 44. Bringing Experts into the Classroom Johnathan Johnathan Rand RandSarah L. Thomson http://skypeanauthor.wetpaint.c om/
  45. 45. Bringing Experts into the Classroom Egg Farmer IditarodVeterinarian
  46. 46. Sharing theCurriculum
  47. 47. ResourcesFlattening Classrooms, Engaging Minds
  48. 48. Resources Sylvia Tolisano
  49. 49. Resources Kevin Honeycutt Wesley FryerSpeed of Creativity
  50. 50. Questions? ?
  51. 51. Contact me:
  52. 52. Cheryl Lykowski mwww.techconferences.wikispaces.c om