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Collaborative classroom


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Collaborative classroom

  1. 1. Connect ing t o t he WorldBuilding a Collaborat ive Classroom Cheryl Lykowski Discovery Educat or Net work GuruMichigan’s DEN Leadership Council – Chair Discovery STAR Educat or April 2012
  2. 2. The illit erat e of t he 21stcent ury will not be t hose who can’t read and writ e, but t hose whocan’t learn, unlearn, and relearn. ~ Alvin Tof f ler, “ Ret hinking t he Fut ure”
  3. 3. Are t oday’s st udent s t ech savvyor digit ally lit erat e?
  4. 4. Why f ocus on a digit al and collaborat ive classroom?
  5. 5. Technology has shif t ed f rom a personal experience t o acommunit y experience.
  6. 6. Build a collaborat ive communit y in t he classroom.
  7. 7. A 21st cent ury classroom:How does it look?
  8. 8. Investigative ContributiveCollaborativeCooperative ? Connected Community Creative
  9. 9. Learning is act ive.Learning is social.
  10. 10. Learning needs rich cont ext s.Learning needs t o be aut hent ic.
  11. 11. Learners are diverse.
  12. 12. Today’s learners are: Creat ive Leaders Communicat ors Creat ors Risk t akers Connect ed
  13. 13. Essent ialQuest ions
  14. 14. *How might this work? *How might t hisbenef it my st udent s?*How might t his add t o my inst ruct ion?
  15. 15. Global Awareness, according t oThe Part nership f or 21st Cent ury Skills, includes: Using 21st cent ury skills t o underst and and address global issues. Learning f rom and working collaborat ively wit h individuals represent ing diverse cult ures, religions and lif est yles in a spirit of mut ual respect and open dialogue in personal, work and communit y cont ext s. Underst anding  ot her nat ions and cult ures, including t he use of non- English languages.
  16. 16. Global awareness isnecessary because:St udent s can no longer live isolat ed f romt he world.St udent s need t o be global cit iz ens.St udent s must learn about diversit y,languages, cult ures, t radit ions and point sof view f rom ot hers.
  17. 17. Connect ionsMake connect ions wit h ot hereducat ors, near and f ar
  18. 18. Connect ions
  19. 19. Connect ions
  20. 20. Collaborat ive Digit al Tools:Mult i- userSynchronous/ AsynchronousCollaborat iveCommunicat ive
  21. 21. Prepare your st udent s Ambassadors Engagement Movement Conf idence Silliness Taking Turns Loud & Clear Unexpected Slang Questions
  22. 22. Collaborat ive Tools:
  23. 23. Role of t hecollaborat ive learner:Greet erQuest ion askerPhot ographerVideographerScheduler *adapted from Silvia Tolisano
  24. 24. Role of t he collaborat ive learner: Backchannel writ ers I nf o St at ion Live Bloggers Timer Google Eart h Data writer Mapper *adapted from Silvia Tolisano
  25. 25. Roles Live GoogleBlogging Eart h & Google Maps Back Channel I nt erviewers
  26. 26. RolesI nf ormat ion St at ion Scheduler Quest ion Asker Greet er
  27. 27. Roles• Greet er ~ Greet s t he part ner school. Makes init ial int roduct ion.• Quest ion asker ~ Asks specif ic quest ions f or dat a collect ion.• Phot ographer ~ Responsible f or document ing connect ion wit h st ill images.• Videographer ~ Responsible f or document ing connect ion wit h video.• Scheduler ~ Responsible f or adding Dat e & Time of planned Skype connect ion t o embedded Google Calendar. *adapted from Silvia Tolisano
  28. 28. Roles• Backchannel writ ers ~ Documenting conversation, questions, answers and classroom happenings during the connection on a backchannel chat.• Live Bloggers ~ Blogs Skype call live to classroom blog.• Google Eart h ~ Finds location of Skype partner and measures distance in miles & kilometers.• Mapper ~ Responsible for adding placemark of Skype partner’s location to embedded Google Map on classroom blog.• I nf o St at ion ~Responsible to search for any data question on the spot. Verifies any questionable information as well.• Timer ~ Responsible for noting time Skype call started and ended as well as calculating elapsed time. *adapted from Silvia Tolisano
  29. 29. Roles• Dat a Ent ry ~ Responsible for adding data collected into embedded Google form on classroom blog. Ex. distance miles/km, temperature in F/C.• Word Problem Creat or ~ Creates a math word problem from data, questions and answers collected during Skype call.• Backchannel Cleanup ~ Responsible to save backchannel chat as a word document and cleaning up duplicate comments and mark questionable statements to be verified. *adapted from Silvia Tolisano
  30. 30. Collaborat ive Proj ect s t o Get You St art ed
  31. 31. On t he Same Day in March
  32. 32. Around t he World wit h 80 Schools
  33. 33. Teddy Bears Around t he World
  34. 34. Skype in t he Classroom
  35. 35. Proj ect s By J en
  36. 36. World Mat h and Spelling Day
  37. 37. Collaborat ive Writ ing1001 Flat Tales Myst eries of Harris Burdick
  38. 38. Flat Classroom Proj ect
  39. 39. Collaborat ive Proj ect s wit h Mult imediaLif e ‘Round Here Rock Our World
  40. 40. Rock Our World
  41. 41. Bringing Expert s int o t he Classroom
  42. 42. Bringing Expert s int o t he Classroom Johnathan Johnathan Rand RandSarah L. Thomson m/
  43. 43. Bringing Expert s int o t he Classroom Egg Farmer IditarodVeterinarian
  44. 44. Sharing t he Curriculum
  45. 45. ResourcesFlat t ening Classrooms, Engaging Minds
  46. 46. Resources Sylvia Tolisanohttp://www.langwitches.or
  47. 47. Resources Kevin Honeycutt Wesley FryerSpeed of Creativity
  48. 48. Quest ions? ?
  49. 49. Contact me:• Cheryl Lykowski••