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Ce and den_pack_yourbags


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Ce and den_pack_yourbags

  1. 1. Pack Your BagsIntegrating Google Earth and Literaturewith Multimedia to Create an Interactive Story Cheryl Lykowski Connected Educator Series & DEN 2012
  2. 2. w eb 2.0e xplo r er@ g ma m s.c om isp ace .w ik nc es nf ere tec hco tp: //ht
  3. 3. Google Lit Trips Meet the creator! Jerome Burg ~ Google Lit Trips: Reading about Reading (
  4. 4.
  5. 5. Whyshould Ido this?
  6. 6. Literary Maps Multimedia Google Earth
  7. 7. An EngagedClassroom! Image courtesy of C. T. Malot
  8. 8. Google Lit Trips puts students in the backseat of an unfolding journey! ~Jerome Burg Image courtesy of G. Desler
  9. 9. • Media, literature, and the earth itself converge here in one of the most exemplary technology integration• Virtual expeditions• Multidimensional learning experience
  10. 10. Soundsgreat! How can I use this in myclassroom?
  11. 11. • Choose a book or storythat has a strong sense ofplace.• Choose a relevant activitythat involves variousplaces.• A good story for a lit tripdoesnt have to involve along journey.
  12. 12. Placemarks Visualize Information • Text • Images • Web Links • Video • Audio • Icons • Slides • Documents • Navigation
  13. 13. You are only limited by yourimagination!
  14. 14. w eb 2.0e xplo r er@ g ma m s.c om isp ace .w ik nc es nf ere tec hco tp: //ht
  15. 15. Resources for Google Lit Trips **Bookmapping: Lit Trips and Beyond by Jerome Burg & Terence Cavanaugh (Amazon Books) * Google Lit Trips: Reading about Reading (scoop-it) * Google Lit Trips on Vimeo (by Jerome Burg) * Learn Google Earth (by Google Earth) * TechConferences by Cheryl Lykowski