Launching a Mobile App for Sports Lovers with Explainers (Case Study


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This is a hands-on case study on how we helped our client launch their web platform and mobile app which helps us all find sports events and partners ... and everything around that!

It includes tips and tricks on how we tacked 3 challenges: global appeal, identifying essential features without ignoring the many others, and how to address a target group which doesn't perceive itself a "sporty" - that's pretty challenging for a sports app, right?

I'm sure the case makes great material for marketers, students, graphic designers and of course entrepreneurs.

If you have any comments or just wanna drop us a line to tell us what you think about the job, don't hesitate!

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Launching a Mobile App for Sports Lovers with Explainers (Case Study

  1. 1. //case study Launching a Web Platform and Mobile App for Sports Lovers - We make explainer videos includes: - Challenges - Tips and Tricks - Behind the Scenes
  2. 2. Client Facts is a young company from Germany, launching its own app for sports lovers. The Challenges came to us right after they had a prototype, and were getting ready to launch. Here are the main challenges we identified: The app is rich in features, so we had to make sure the key benefits are clearly p r e s e n t e d a n d remembered. The project has global p o t e n t i a l , s o w e needed an explainer with universal appeal, something all sport lovers can identify with. The app (also) targets p e o p l e w h o d o n ’ t perceive themselves as sporty -as they lack the information, motivation and partners. 1) 2) 3)
  3. 3. The explainer story The good news is many sports lovers are and curious about new apps which make sports more “social”. Here’s how we tackled the challenges: 1) Universal appeal We used some tricks in the script and visual layer, which work very nicely with global projects. We recommend using these cognitive shortcuts: Visual tricks - Globe effect - Start from the big picture - Screenshots of the app - Show various sports icons Scripting tricks - Direct referral to the viewer’s location: “Your city … ” - Social connections: “even your neighbour”
  4. 4. 2) Focus on essential features It’s in the purpose of the explainer to communicate key features of a product/service/offering (we really enjoy this part of the process :) Where to start: We put down 12 features of the app on sticky notes and chose these 5 key features: 1. find/ organise events 2. find players 3. fill in for cancellations 4. join/ create teams 5. review players and teams Features which were not included in the script were implicitly shown int he visual layer! You can easily find them: personal account features, works with all sports, challenge people and team, manage your reviews …*
  5. 5. 3) Targeting non-sporty people Sports apps are for people who practice sports? How about the people who don’t? What are their reasons not to? Our tricks for them: Use a familiar setting (like cafe) for larger audiences, rather than a basketball pitch! REASON “I’ve never been the sporty type” REASON “I have no experience” OK, so not everybody has a sport they’re good at, but how about sports “Interests”? You see the difference? REASON “My peers always cancel” This is something we all go through so we included “filling in for cancellations” in the script AND visual layer.
  6. 6. watch the explainer video: On YouTube or click:
  7. 7. #behindthescenes #ClipatizeOnBoard - you can see 3 members of our team in the cafe - do you recognise them? #DontMessWithTheRain - Nobody can predict the weather .. We had to move indoor a day before the shooting #WhatReallyMatters - We didn't mention “app” - the video focuses on WHAT TeamIn does while giving the founders space to develop the platform and mobile app
  8. 8. Mara Puacz Copywriter and Content Curator clipatize Questions? Comments? Want to work together? ! contact us! 14.05.2014