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CLICKNL DRIVE 2018 | 25 OCT | Learning to Live in an Energy Efficient Home

Learning to Live in an Energy Efficient Home

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CLICKNL DRIVE 2018 | 25 OCT | Learning to Live in an Energy Efficient Home

  1. 1. LEARNING TO LIVE IN AN ENERGY EFFICIENT HOME Moderator: Sacha Silvester | Delft University of Technology
  2. 2. pilot
  3. 3. March 2017 Feb 2018 pilot
  4. 4. pilot - insulation - solar panels - geothermal heat pump - electric boiler - heat recovery ventilation - insulation - solar panels
  5. 5. pilot Elles de Wal BIK bouw Sacha Silvester Stella Boess IO TU Delft Today’s workshop organisers:
  6. 6. INTRODUCTION: THE 2ND SKIN PROJECT Elles de Wal | BIK bouw (video)
  7. 7. Elles de Wal, BIK bouw: “I was in charge of the communication with the residents. The residents all approved the refurbishment before it could take place, and they are happy with the result. “It is important to be a trustworthy partner for the residents and to support them in what they need. I worked with Sacha and Stella to prepare the residents for the change in their daily lives that the renovation will bring."
  8. 8. Rianne, resident: “The home I live in used to be a G for energy label … the collaboration before the renovation and during the process was very good. (…) I’ve been living in the renovated home for about a month … already the changes are very significant. The home is more comfortable, the temperature is much more stable.”
  10. 10. March 2017 Oct 2017 Feb 2018 pilot Focus today: the process until start of construction
  11. 11. “We come across crazy things (that residents do): shutting down systems, pulling out power plugs (of their ventilation system) to decrease energy usage, etc etc” Construction & Installation perspective Technology
  12. 12. (six months after renovation, aug 2018) “I don’t know what this thing (the interface) does – I haven’t used it.” but also “I’m starting to adapt my habits and use the cooling.” Residents’ perspective Technology
  13. 13. March 2017 Oct 2017 Information evening Start Construction Information for & from Residents Approval of Construction Tools to help residents learn to live in their energy-efficient home
  14. 14. HANDS ON
  15. 15. 3 teams 10.20 Each team receives two or three of the tools to evaluate, based on the gains and challenges we identified. 10.45 Teams are invited to present their thoughts, as well as ideas and issues for upscaling. 10.55 closing.
  17. 17. Most of the participants were knowledgeable on the topic or on similar methods, and the discussion was focused and insightful. Key insights were: - techniques are valuable that allow listening to what residents are not saying, because the practice of daily life seems so normal it can often not be verbalised or shown - there is a need for a new kind of professional who can bridge between the technical and the social, so that this becomes more systemic rather than depending on individual stakeholder skills and commitment - the potential of feedback mechanisms was highlighted, in which experiences could be carried forward between projects, including that residents can become ambassadors.
  18. 18. pilot Elles de Wal BIK bouw Sacha Silvester Stella Boess IO TU Delft Today’s workshop organisers: Thank you to the workshop participants and the Click NL organisers. Contact