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Team Northeast Ohio 2008 Impact Report


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TeamNortheast Ohio's results for 2008, including 2008 attraction win companies.

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Team Northeast Ohio 2008 Impact Report

  1. 1. Team NorTheasT ohio 20 08 impacT reporT increasing business opportunities for Northeast ohio actions business attraction opportunities results Business Attraction Opportunities are coming from throughout the country and world : + Hosted 24 site selection + 10 new companies consultants at 3 Familiarization (FAM) Tours at weekend-long Australia Europe US West Coast events, providing the experience Midwest US East Coast Canada + 700 jobs Asia South America that Northeast Ohio adds up for business + Built relationships with + $30 m new 3% 103 top site selection 3% annual payroll consultants at 9 industry conferences 2008 Business Attraction Opportunities by Industry 6% 27 call ceNTer/bpo gcic/cardiovascular + Led a regional sales team in meetings with 80 prospects advaNced eNergy oTher 7% during 50 meetings on 6 market visits, including maNufacTuriNg food processiNg 7% % biomedical polymers 2 international missions 7% 15 aerospace disTribuTioN/logisTics + Submitted detailed responses % 13% for 83 major Request For Information inquiries 12% 83 2 % 1% + Hosted 24 direct prospects in 2% Northeast Ohio for site visits 6% 27 + Published four quarterly economic reviews, read by 11 qualified 30,0 0 0 professionals % business % attraction + With Global Cardiovascular 2008 Sources of opportunities* Innovation Center, conducted 14 % Business Attraction Opportunities 20 10 0 meetings with two 10700 international missions siTe coNsulTaNTs Neo frieNds and hosted 25 site visits % Neo parTNers Neo goverNaNce and participated in 5 17 cardiovascular conferences sTaTe of ohio Neo fouNdaTioNs new % compaNy direcT oTher companies 30M real esTaTe brokers jobs * A company in transition, interested in Northeast Ohio, that will bring more than 20 jobs and $1 million investment to the region $ new annual payroll
  2. 2. Team NorTheasT ohio 20 08 impacT reporT 2008 attraction Wins SHRED. SCREEN. GRIND. California-based global pharmaceutical, Privately-held Oregon-based medical A German recycling equipment manu- GTP Travel Group, an online resource Global medical imaging company moved diagnostic, and biotechnical firm acquired device firm opened a Cleveland office to facturer opened a sales and repair facili- for group and meeting travel, located its its HQ from New Jersey to Cleveland USB, then opened their Research and collaborate with the Cleveland Clinic ty in Avon in December 2008, bringing headquarters in Twinsburg, bringing 25 because of the region’s strong imaging Development center, bringing 61 new jobs and access Ohio biomedical resources. $250,000 in new annual payroll to IT jobs and $1.75 million in new annual cluster. The company expects to employ 30 and $3 million in new, annual payroll to Company received GCIC grant, afforded Northeast Ohio. The company plans a payroll to Northeast Ohio. people and bring $2 million in new annual Northeast Ohio. by Ohio’s Third Frontier Program and future manufacturing facility expansion. payroll to Northeast Ohio. has intent to employ 15 people with $900,000 total new annual payroll. PrOject GlendA* Medical device firm specializing in cardio- Galway, Ireland innovator of surgical Canadian Injection Molding manufac- California-based Business Process Out- Medical device manufacturer of real-time vascular treatment chose Cleveland to products set up its US Headquarters in turer serving industrial and retail markets sourcer with intent to open call center in image guided ratiation therapy systems bring 25 new jobs and more than $1.5 Cleveland to enjoy collaborations with opened its US manufacturing and Richfield that will employ 400 individuals moved its HQ from Florida to Cleveland, million in new annual payroll after devel- leading institutions, including Case distribution facilit y in Austinville to to serve Fortune 500 clients. and will bring 90 new jobs and more than oping a relationship with BioEnterprise, Western Reserve, the Cleveland Clinic bring 19 new jobs and $450,000 annual $6 million in incremental annual payroll GCIC and Team NEO. and the GCIC. Company is expected payroll to Northeast Ohio. to the region. *Client has requested that we keep company name to bring 26 new jobs and $1.8 million confidential at this time. in new annual payroll. Team NEO is supported by the Fund for Our Economic Future, FirstEnergy, Timken Foundation, Charter One Foundation, 737 bolivar road, suite 2000, cleveland, ohio 44115 the Cleveland Plus Marketing Alliance, Council of Smaller Enterprises (COSE), the Sherwin-Williams Company, Dominion, Greater Cleveland Partnership, Greater Akron Chamber, Stark Development Board, Team Lorain County, 888.NEO.1411 • Youngstown-Warren Regional Chamber, and Medina Economic Development Corporation. For more information Contact our marketing department at