Cleveland Plus Healthcare


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Cleveland Plus Healthcare

  1. 1. Leading the Nation in Healthcare and Biomedical Access to One of the Nation’s Strongest Healthcare Networks + 62 Regional Hospitals + Nationally ranked institutions such as the Cleveland Clinic, University Hospitals, and Summa Health + Healthcare accounts for $14.6 billion of GRP + More than 230,000 healthcare professionals are employed throughout Cleveland Plus ® + Strong educational institutions are driving the Cleveland Plus region, and ensuring a skilled and adequate labor supply for the future Source:, Dun and Bradstreet Cleveland Plus Workforce Cleveland Plus offers a large and competitive workforce of skilled registered nurses (RN), licensed practical nurses (LPN), and nursing assistants. Registered Nurses + Existing Cleveland Plus Employment : 36,840 Licensed Practical Nurses + Existing Cleveland Plus Employment : 10,270 Nursing Assistants + Existing Cleveland Plus Employment: 18,460 The strength of our healthcare sector will drive future growth. With projected growth in the healthcare industry of 2 - 3% over the next 10 years, healthcare will continue to be an important competitive advantage for the Cleveland Plus region. Additionally, demand for nursing labor is expected to increase by 2 - 3%, ensuring that Cleveland Plus will continue to attract and develop nursing talent for the foreseeable future. Source: Ohio Workforce Informer, LAUS and Occupational Employment Statistics (OES), 2009
  2. 2. Strong Existing Call Center Industry for Compatibility and Crossover An optimal blend of healthcare and call center expertise Position Employment Median Hourly Wage Range Call Center Supervisors 15,680 $14.96-$22.04 Customer Service Reps 31,350 $11.38-$14.34 Customer Support Specialist 5,230 $14.77-$22.52 Source : Bureau of Labor Statistics Cleveland Plus Universities and Colleges Offer a Reliable Pipeline of Talent + Cleveland Plus is home to nearly 300 Colleges and Universities within 150 miles + A strong cluster of nationally recognized universities, including Case Western Reserve, Baldwin-Wallace, Cleveland State, and the University of Akron + 29 colleges and universities with RN, LPN, and nursing assistance degree programs + In 2007-2008, Cleveland Plus produced 843 new LPNs and 1,810 new RNs Source: Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System; + In total, the Cleveland Plus region produces nearly 3,000 Dun and Bradstreet nursing related graduates annually Healthcare is Driving the Bio-Related GRP Growth: 2003-2008 Strength of the Biomedical 6000.00 Sector in Cleveland Plus 5000.00 4000.00 (Millions 2008 $) 3000.00 + With a strong presence of healthcare and manufacturing, 2000.00 the biomedical sector is gaining in strength and reputation in Cleveland Plus 1000.00 0.00 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 + The sector has grown 37% in the past five years Medical Device Manufacturing Pharmaceuticals & Therapeutics R&D and Labs + In 2008, Gross Regional Product in the biomedical sector was nearly $5 billion Source: + Cleveland Plus and the state of Ohio ranked 2nd in the amount of bio-related venture capital given to mid-western states in 2008 + Ohio ranks fourth in biotechnology strength according to Business Facilities magazine’s annual state standings