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MMEA Platform

The amount of environmental data is increasing, and the data would be valuable to the society if they are delivered to the right processes at the right time. In the seminar, we show examples of available data, how they are produced and processed, and how the data can be used in new innovative applications.

This presentation is part of the Environmental Data for Applications Seminar held on the 23rd of September 2015. The seminar was organised by the MMEA (Measurement, Measuring and Environmental Assessment) research programme under the Cleen Ltd (SHOK). The presentations are based on the research results related to environmental data interoperability. The participants included key players and partners in the field of environmental monitoring in Finland.

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MMEA Platform

  1. 1. MMEA Platform Harri Hytönen (Vaisala) September 23, 2015
  2. 2. Satellite Radar In-situ Modelling Citizen science Research
  3. 3. Overview MMEA Platform = scalable real-time data processing with embedded notification, storage, routing, filtering and processing services.
  4. 4. Contributors
  5. 5. OSS Components • WSO2 Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) – Integration solution • Service virtualization = proxy services • Message transformations • Transport (HTTP(S)/JMS/SMTP/FTP etc.) switching – Authentication (WSO2 Identity Server) – Authorization – Monitoring and diagnostics
  6. 6. OSS Components • Apache ActiveMQ – messaging backbone – quality of service • PostgreSQL RDBMS • Apache Tomcat • Esper – CEP engine • Wavellite – framework for situation awareness • Octave – High level language for computations • Puppet & Artifactory – Deployment tools • CentOS
  7. 7. Commercial Components • Amazon AWS – EC2 (for hosting) – RDS • Profium Sense – RDF storage – Inference engine • Confluence & JIRA – Documentation and issue tracking
  8. 8. MMEA Platform Deployment Amazon EC2 binaries config builds source code
  9. 9. Pilot - Indoor Air Quality (VTT, HiQ)deployment MMEA Testbed Indoor Pilot MMEA platform GetObservation PutMeasurement Components and interfaces 2::Indoor observation data source GetObservation PutMeasurement «device» Measurement devices (from Components and interfaces 2) GetObservation Components and interfaces 2:: Measurement Components and interfaces 2:: IndoorObservation MMEA Framework:: SensorML UI GetObservation Components and interfaces 2::Indoor end-user system UI GetObservation Components and interfaces 2:: IndoorData MMEAIndoorDataService PutMeasurement MMEA Framework:: MMEAObservationService GetObservation MMEA Framework:: MMEADataQualityService
  10. 10. Other Use Cases • Helsinki area outdoor air quality • Weather stations data ingestion • Weather radar product generation • Hydrological data ingestion • Situational awareness applications – Farmer’s situational awareness – Storm path detection – Semantic end user service
  11. 11. Complex Event Processing • Esper – High speed event processing – Identifies meaningful events • Targeted to real-time Event Driven Architectures • Designed for high-volume event correlation where millions of events coming in would make it impossible to store them all to later query them using classical database architecture • Some examples of applications in MMEA: – Detect patterns among events – Filter events and event aggregation – Generating notifications and alerts based on event patterns
  12. 12. Computations in the MMEA platform Mediator Mediator
  13. 13. Computation service Computation service Computation task 1. Run preprocessor 2. Run Octave script 3. Run postprocessor Workspace Input data and parameters
  14. 14. Thank You – Questions?