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Hub 365 Strategy Presentation Show


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Startegy Against Street Violence In Waltham Forest.

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Hub 365 Strategy Presentation Show

  1. 1. HUB 365 “Together we do more...”A mission for cohesive community action in Waltham Forest Spring 2011
  2. 2. HUB 365 - DefinitionHUB 365 is a definitive expression of the ministryassignment led by Linton C. Beckles - Senior Pastor ofCLC Walthamstow.• The term Hub as an expression describes the need for unified efforts on addressing common issues and concerns in our community 365 days a year.
  4. 4. HUB 365 - Background1. Through Blogging and article writing address and feedback on “issues of impact” in the community on Youth, Young Families, Individuals and Groups who are at-risk, vulnerable and disadvantaged. HUB 365 have identified these as the ‘target group’ of it’s focus.
  5. 5. HUB 365 - Background2. Through first hand feedback with young people, members and leaders in the community and agencies, especially the families experiencing ‘direct impact’ from gang related street violence and fatalities. HUB 365 has identified the need for cohesion of agencies in all sectors of the community to be made more visible to the community for a more unified approach to intervention, prevention and deterrent of young people potentially open to entering into gang lifestyle.
  6. 6. HUB 365 AIM
  7. 7. HUB 365 - Aim1. Collect reports, communicate with key people at leadership and grass roots levels with a view to developing a strategy for mission in Waltham Forest as a primary model for addressing COHESIVE ACTION on “issues of impact” in our community.
  8. 8. HUB 365 - Aim2. Identify the key needs of a strategy: a. Cohesive Strategy for community sectors against impacting issues “SAY NO to Street Violence…” b. Cohesive Action for churches to engage at grass roots level for spiritual and practical solutions on “issues of impact” in our community.
  10. 10. HUB 365 - Preparation1. Develop a local map for visibility to the specific functions, activities and services available through the statutory, public, voluntary and private sectors that are particular to the identified target groups and the community at large.
  11. 11. HUB 365 - Preparation2. Develop a virtual and physical nerve centre for Hub 365’s mission of creating a map for cohesive community action on “issues of impact” on youth and young families.
  12. 12. HUB 365 - Preparation3. Design an online map as a site and App Download Tool on whos doing what, where, when and why for the most critical issues in the community starting with the HIGH PRIORITY gang related violence.
  13. 13. HUB 365 - Preparation4. Develop, package and present STOPlight* programmes to build bridges of hope for the on the fringe target groups; ‘peer groups’ and ‘wannabe gangsters’ Youth (7-19), (including at-risk and vulnerable) and young families. *More details on STOPlight will be unveiled shortly.
  14. 14. HUB 365 - Preparation5. Train and deploy specialist teams of Teachers, Mentors and Counsellors for delivering STOPlight programmes and projects to target groups in the community at large and in schools.
  15. 15. HUB 365 - Preparation6. Source funding for the design, development and delivery of: • Website • App Download Tool • Teaching, Mentoring & Counsellors Teams • Teaching & Training Materials • STOPlight Programmes & Projects • Promotional & Marketing Materials • Project Management Administration Budget £30K
  16. 16. HUB 365ACTION PLAN
  17. 17. Action Plan 1. Prayer Prayer • Preparation Shield Prayer • PositioningOffensive Prayer • OccupationStations
  18. 18. Action Plan 2. House Groups Special Interest Groups Life Studies Life Cells
  19. 19. Action Plan 3. Outreach Distribution Events Street Teams
  20. 20. Action Plan 4. Team Services Care Co- VisitingCounsellors Advisors ordinators Officers
  21. 21. Action Plan 5. ProgrammesYouth Groups Families • STOPlight Sunday • Total Life Academy Academy Programmes delivered by Teachers, Mentors and Coaches
  22. 22. Action Plan 6. Business Management Admin Business Finance
  23. 23. Action Plan 7. Technical Management Social Sites Website Blogs & Networking
  24. 24. Action Plan 8. Marketing Management Public Campaigns Relations
  25. 25. Action Plan 9. Project Management• Project Management Team 1. Organiser 2. Project Manager 3. Administrator 4. Recruitment Coordinator 5. Team Trainer 6. Technical Supervisor 7. Researchers 8. Marketing Consultant 9. Public Relations Liaison Officer 10. Prayer Coordinator Focus sessions will be scheduled to maintain management for the strategy.
  27. 27. Strategy Phase PlanMay – Jul Aug - Oct Nov – Jan 2011 2011 2012Phase 1 Phase 2 Phase 3Design Development Delivery
  28. 28. Strategy Phase PlanPhase 1: Design (May 2011 – July 2011)• Recruit Project Team• Source Funding• Create HUB 365 website & App Download Tool• Source directory information from agencies from all sectors in Waltham Forest for display on HUB site• Deploy Prayer Shield
  29. 29. Strategy Phase PlanPhase 2: Development (Aug 2011- Oct 2011)• Team Training• Publicity/Profile Building• Deploy Street Teams• Deploy Prayer Offensive
  30. 30. Strategy Phase PlanPhase 3: Delivery (Nov 2011– Jan 2012)• Deploy STOPlight Programme in Sunday Academy and schools• Deploy Total Life Academy to families in HOT SPOT zones in the Borough• Deploy Prayer Stations• Official Launch of HUB 365