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Computational Lexicology &
Terminology Lab
Diachronous Conceptual Lexicons as Linked Open Data
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Diachronous conceptuallexicons Marieke van Erp / Piek Vossen


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poster at the CLARIAH-2016 day

Published in: Science
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Diachronous conceptuallexicons Marieke van Erp / Piek Vossen

  1. 1. Computational Lexicology & Terminology Lab Diachronous Conceptual Lexicons as Linked Open Data Isa Maks, Marieke van Erp & Piek Vossen We are conver*ng and publishing Dutch historic and contemporary lexicons and ontologies to Linked Open Data. We use and extend exis*ng standards such as the Lemon model. Exposing these lexicons as Linked Open Data allows us to easily create mappings between different ontologies and data models, thus connec*ng them to sources such as DBpedia (a structured version of Wikipedia), Europeana or any other available RDF dataset. Datasets: ⁃ Brouwers thesaurus ⁃ Embodied Emo*ons Lexicon ⁃ Pland (A database of Dutch dialect names for plants) ⁃ Open Dutch WordNet (ODWN) xsd:string ontolex: LexicalEntry rdfs:label penn:Tag ontolex:LexicalSense ontolex:Form olia:hasTag ontolex:sense ontolex:canonicalForm ontolex:Formontolex:otherForm lemon-cltl:Usage xsd:date xsd:date lemon:Sense Definition ontolex:Lexical Concept ontolex:definition ontolex:isSenseOf lemon-cltl:periodEnd ontolex:usage xsd:string skos:prefLabel skos:Concept skos:related lemon-cltl:periodStart dbo:Place lemon-cltl:geographicArea dbo:Thing dct:subject skos:concept is a ontolex:reference lemon-cltl: SpatioTemporalScope lemon-cltl:scope lexinfo:Register lexinfo:register Prefixes: ontolex: lexinfo: penn: olia: xsd: skos: dct: dbo: lemon:cltl: additional modeling (in progress) brouwers:entry146141 a ontolex:LexicalEntry . brouwers:entry146141 ontolex:canonicalForm "boos" . brouwers:entry146141 rdf:label "boos-1"@nl" . brouwers:entry146141 lexinfo:partOfSpeech lexinfo:adjective . brouwers:entry146141 ontolex:sense ex:sense-entry146141 . brouwers:sense-entry146141 a ontolex:LexicalSense . ex-sense-entry146141 ontolex:usage ex:usage-entry146141 . brouwers:usage-entry146141 a ontolex:LexicalUsage . brouwers:usage-entry146141 lemon-cltl:geographicalArea "NED" . brouwers:usage-entry146141 lemon-cltl:geographicalArea "BEL" . brouwers:concept226 a skos:Concept . brouwers:concept226 ontolex:reference ex-sense-entry146141 .  brouwers:concept226 skos:related ex:concept891_Gramschap  brouwers:concept891_Gramschap a skos:Concept . brouwers:concept891_Gramschap skos:prefLabel "gramschap@nl; .  brouwers:concept891_Gramschap skos:related ex:concept_Gevoelens  Example entry Brouwers: Example entry Embodied Emotions: 1580 1590 1600 1610 1620 emotions:entry602 a ontolex:LexicalEntry . emotions:entry602 ontolex:canonicalForm "grimmig" . emotions:entry602 rdf:label "grimmig-1"@nl" . emotions:entry602 ontolex:sense ex:sense-entry602 . emotions:sense-entry602 a ontolex:LexicalSense . emotions:sense-entry602 ontolex:usage ex:usage-entry602 . emotions:usage-entry602 a ontolex:LexicalUsage . emotions:usage-entry602 lemon-cltl:periodStart "1600" . emotions:usage-entry602 lemon-cltl:geographicalArea "NED" . heem:Woede a skos:Concept . heem:Woede skos:prefLabel ex:woede . heem:Woede ontolex:reference ex-sense-entry602 . heem:Woede skos:broader heem:Emotie . Mappings brouwers:sense-entry146141 dct:subject <> heem:Woede foaf:depiction louvre:artwork-28328.BIS . heem:Woede owl:sameAs brouwers:concept226 .