Forestry Commission Funding Update


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Presentation given at the CLA's Woodfuel Conference at Doddington Hall on Wednesday 30 October by Steve Scott, Forestry Commission - East and East Midlands.

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Forestry Commission Funding Update

  1. 1. Forestry grants update Steve Scott
  2. 2. I plan to cover….. • EWGS grants under the existing programme and transition arrangements • The closure of Woodfuel East and the Wild Venison Project in the East of England • A glimpse at the new RDP
  3. 3. Current Rural Development Programme
  4. 4. RDPE Transition – overall picture v3.1 2013 2014 2015 EWGS – All schemes except WMG New Applications must be Submitted by 31/08/2013 (to maximise likelihood of approval by 31/12/2013, pending EU/Defra confirmation of 2014 applications) EWGS – WMG Biodiversity New Applications Submitted by 31/12/2013 Must be Approved by 15/05/2014 EWGS – WAG – WPG – WIG - WRG New Applications continue Approving up to 31/12/2013 Planning for applications continuing into 2014, to be confirmed by EU/Defra EWGS – Woodfuel WIG New applications continue Approving up to 31/12/2013 Planning for applications continuing into 2014, EWGS – WCG & FWP New applications Submitted by 30/08/2013, must be approved by 31/12/2013 First claim year available: 13/14: WAG, WPG, Woodfuel WIG, Plant Health WIG, Plant Health WRG 14/15: All other grant types, except WMG Access which is CLOSED 4 Must be Claimed by 30/09/2015 To receive FWP must be claimed by 30/09/2015
  5. 5. RDPE Transition – claims and Management Plan requirement 2013 2014 2015 2016 on… WMG Automatic first claim Oct 2014 Mgt Plan req’d: Depends on size and whether certified – see EWGS6 Guide Woodfuel WIG Must be claimed by 30/09/2015. Mgt Plan req’d: YES WIG/WRG/WAG* First claim before 01/04/2015: Mgt Plan req’d: NO WIG/WRG/WAG* Note: if first claim is before 01/04/2015 any further claims up to 31/12/2015 do not need a management plan either WIG/WRG/WAG* First claim after 31/03/2015: Mgt Plan req’d: YES WCG Mgt Plan req’d: NO – the planting plan is taken as a management plan FWP Note: in order to claim FWP claims must be made by 30/09/2015 5 *WAG: Note that if a WAG is in support of a WPG application then it obviously won‟t need an existing management plan WIG/WRG/WAG* Any claim on or after 01/01/2016: Mgt Plan req’d: YES (regardless of when first claim made)
  6. 6. Woodfuel East and the Wild Venison Project
  7. 7. WFE and WVP • • • • 7 Applied only to the East of England EU projects bringing in c £5m funding since 2009 Extremely successful Now closed –all money spent and final paperwork being tidied
  8. 8. Support to the Forestry Sector in the Next Rural Development Programme
  9. 9. Two types of grant 1. Similar suite of in-forest grants to EWGS anticipated (albeit delivered through a joint Environment land Management Scheme) 2. “Forest Productivity” grants available through Defra • 9 Consultation due shortly!
  10. 10. It’s the supply chain… • Series of (locally-) targeted projects on two themes: • Woodland Enterprise and Supply Chain • Deer Management and Venison Supply Chain • Use the positive interaction between • land-based grants (NELMS) • measures to support economic growth, competiveness and skills • to use collaboration and innovation • to make a step-change in the viability and impact of local supply chains • will need a „critical mass‟ of participating businesses/landowners, resources with sufficient focus • aim for there to be greater market (and smaller government) support in the future 10
  11. 11. Woodland enterprise and supply chain • Need to increase area of actively managed woodland • Market failure • Collaboration to work across fragmented resource • Complement the demand from Grown in Britain
  12. 12. Objectives m1 • Promote resource efficiency within the sector • Shorten supply chains • Support economic growth • Improve the resilience of woodlands
  13. 13. Possible support • Preparatory stage: a national framework – establishing and sharing data on the resource and markets • Supply chain clusters – networks to share processes, facilities and resources; collaboration in support of efficiencies; development of new products and markets • Training and skills – developing a customer focus amongst growers and managers; business planning and development skills, mentoring • Capital equipment – for harvesting, extraction and storage
  14. 14. Delivery • Landscape-scale approach • Groups of contractors, forest managers, woodland initiatives and other interested parties bid to put together a package of local activities • Local steering group or board
  15. 15. Forestry Support - activity Forestry support New Environmental Land Management Scheme (part) Forestry Productivity (deer and wood) Business Development Management Planning Training and skills In-wood infrastructure Collaboration Deer Management Capital equipment processing Monitoring Out of wood infrastructure 15
  16. 16. Possible architecture for delivery For simplicity excludes role of growth programme and LEPS. Defra Sector & FC National Framework Productivity (Delivery Body e.g. RDT) New Environmental Land Management Scheme (NELMS) (Delivery Body – NE & FC) Individual wood or landholding 16 Individual wood or enterprise Sector & FC area teams Enabling (Local) Collaborative Partnerships Individual wood or enterprise Individual wood or enterprise Individual wood or enterprise Individual wood or enterprise
  17. 17. How it might work • Periodic call for proposals • Appraised nationally and awards made to successful bids • Up to 6 years‟ funding for a projects • At this (early) stage indicative scale for the lifecycle of a „typical‟ project would be: Project Type Woodland enterprise and supply chain Deer management and venison supply chain Productivity NELMS * £5m £3m £0.5m £ 3m * Not allocated to a given project but through individual land-based applications 17
  18. 18. Questions?