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Did You Receive? Slides, 2/16/14


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Did You Receive? Slides, 2/16/14

  1. 1. And  it  happened  that  while  Apollos  was  at   Corinth,  Paul  passed  through  the  inland   country  and  came  to  Ephesus.  There  he   found  some  disciples.  And  he  said  to  them,   “Did  you  receive  the  Holy  Spirit  when  you   believed?”  And  they  said,  “No,  we  have  not   even  heard  that  there  is  a  Holy  Spirit.”  And   he  said,  “Into  what  then  were  you   bapFzed?”  They  said,  “Into  John's   bapFsm.”  
  2. 2. And  Paul  said,  “John  bapFzed  with  the   bapFsm  of  repentance,  telling  the  people   to  believe  in  the  one  who  was  to  come   aJer  him,  that  is,  Jesus.”  On  hearing  this,   they  were  bapFzed  in  the  name  of  the  Lord   Jesus.  And  when  Paul  had  laid  his  hands  on   them,  the  Holy  Spirit  came  on  them,  and   they  began  speaking  in  tongues  and   prophesying.  There  were  about  twelve   men  in  all.   Acts  19:1-­‐7  (ESV)  
  3. 3. Paul’s  Ques*on:   “Did  you  receive  the  Holy  Spirit   when  you  believed?”  
  4. 4. Which  is  it?   “…when  you  believed”  or   “…since  you  believed”  
  5. 5. God’s  Word:   Our  authority  for  –   •  What  we  BELIEVE   •  How  we  should  LIVE    
  6. 6. “Did  you  receive  the  Holy  Spirit   when  you  believed?”  
  7. 7. “But  you  will  receive  power  when   the  Holy  Spirit  has  come  upon  you,   and  you  will  be  my  witnesses  in   Jerusalem  and  in  all  Judea  and   Samaria,  and  to  the  end  of  the   earth.”   Acts  1:8  (ESV)  
  8. 8. Jesus  said  to  them  again,  “Peace  be  with   you.  As  the  Father  has  sent  me,  even  so  I   am  sending  you.”  And  when  he  had  said   this,  he  breathed  on  them  and  said  to   them,  “Receive  the  Holy  Spirit.  If  you   forgive  the  sins  of  any,  they  are  forgiven   them;  if  you  withhold  forgiveness  from  any,   it  is  withheld.”   John  20:21-­‐23  (ESV)  
  9. 9. And  while  staying  with  them  he  ordered   them  not  to  depart  from  Jerusalem,  but  to   wait  for  the  promise  of  the  Father,  which,   he  said,  “you  heard  from  me;  for  John   bapFzed  with  water,  but  you  will  be   bapFzed  with  the  Holy  Spirit  not  many   days  from  now.”     Acts  1:4-­‐5  (ESV)  
  10. 10. THREE  Bap*sms   1.  Holy  Spirit  bapFzes  us  into  the  Body  of  Christ   (salvaFon)   2.  Church  bapFzes  us  in  water  (sacrament  of   water  bapFsm)   3.  Jesus  bapFzes  believers  in  Holy  Spirit  (power   for  witnessing)  
  11. 11. HAVE  YOU  RECEIVED?   •  Have  you  trusted  Jesus  for  salvaFon?   •  Have  you  obeyed  the  commands  of  Scripture   and  been  bapFzed  in  water?   •  Have  you  been  bapFzed  in  the  Holy  spirit  and   received  POWER  ?