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Can I Get A Refill? Slides, 8/11/13


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Published in: Spiritual
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Can I Get A Refill? Slides, 8/11/13

  1. 1. When  they  were  released,  they  went  to  their   friends  and  reported  what  the  chief  priests  and   the  elders  had  said  to  them.  And  when  they   heard  it,  they  li7ed  their  voices  together  to  God   and  said,  “Sovereign  Lord,  who  made  the   heaven  and  the  earth  and  the  sea  and   everything  in  them,  who  through  the  mouth  of   our  father  David,  your  servant,  said  by  the  Holy   Spirit,  
  2. 2. “‘Why  did  the  GenCles  rage,          and  the  peoples  plot  in  vain?          The  kings  of  the  earth  set  themselves,          and  the  rulers  were  gathered  together,          against  the  Lord  and  against  his  Anointed’—   for  truly  in  this  city  there  were  gathered  together   against  your  holy  servant  Jesus,  whom  you   anointed,  both  Herod  and  PonCus  Pilate,  along  with   the  GenCles  and  the  peoples  of  Israel,  to  do   whatever  your  hand  and  your  plan  had  predesCned   to  take  place.    
  3. 3. And  now,  Lord,  look  upon  their  threats  and  grant   to  your  servants  to  conCnue  to  speak  your  word   with  all  boldness,  while  you  stretch  out  your   hand  to  heal,  and  signs  and  wonders  are   performed  through  the  name  of  your  holy   servant  Jesus.”  And  when  they  had  prayed,  the   place  in  which  they  were  gathered  together  was   shaken,  and  they  were  all  filled  with  the  Holy   Spirit  and  conCnued  to  speak  the  word  of  God   with  boldness.   Acts  4:23-­‐31  (ESV)  
  4. 4. How  to  Pray  When  Trouble  Comes:   •  “Li7ed  their  voices  together  to  God…”   •  “Sovereign  Lord…”   •  Creator  of  “…the  heaven  and  the  earth  and   the  sea  and  EVERYTHING  in  them,”  
  5. 5. 1.  If  we’re  in  trouble,  go  to  GOD   2.  If  you’re  in  need,  call  out  to  God  who   CREATED  all  things  and  RULES  over  all  things.  
  6. 6. BUT:   – Herod,   – Pilate,   – GenCles,   – Jews   Gathered  together  in  anger  but  all  they   accomplished  was  exactly  what  God  purposed!  
  7. 7. Flow  of  their  prayer:   •  David’s  mouth  (Ps.  2:1-­‐2)   •  God’s  hand  &  purpose  in  the  tough  stuff   •  Church’s  mouth:  BOLDNESS   •  God’s  hand  to  heal   •  Name  of  Jesus  performs  signs  &  wonders  
  8. 8. 2  Words  That  Go  Together:   •  Salt  &  Pepper   •  Red  &  Neck   •  Rock  &  Roll,  AND   •  SHAKEN  &  FILLED!  
  9. 9. Book  of  Acts:   •  He  SHAKES  the  place  they’re  meeCng,   •  And,  He  FILLS  the  people  who  are  SHAKEN!