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Announcements, 2/13/11


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Published in: Spiritual
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Announcements, 2/13/11

  1. 1. WEDNESDAY FEB. 9 – MARCH 16
  2. 2. $45.00Money to Stacy Watrous by Feb. 13th
  3. 3. MY UTMOSTFOR HIS HIGHEST On the LifeNow home page or
  4. 4. Annual Business Meeting Sunday February 27 th Potluck after service. Business meeting following.• Bring a main dish and side dish or dessert (enough to feed your family).• Table service and drinks provided.• Sign up in Atrium or contact Melody.
  5. 5. Christian Life Assembly
  6. 6. Welcome!Prayer RequestLocated in the seat back Assembly
  7. 7. Sunday, Feb 20th…..…..M&M Orientation Coffee (Abigail Ladies)Monday, Feb 21st.…..…..Prayer Day (Prayer Ladies Only)Monday, Feb 28th……...Kick-Off NightMonday, May 16th……...Mentor Refresher NightThursday, Aug 23rd…...Potluck Celebration NightInformation: Women’s Resource Table or
  8. 8. UPKeepWith What’s Going ON CLA weekly e-mail blast