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Social media the sas way sdl19 oct11


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Presentasjonen jeg holdt på konferansen Sundsvall42 i Sundsvall i oktober 2011 om hvordan SAS jobber med sosiale medier

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Social media the sas way sdl19 oct11

  1. 1. ”SAS – you rock” Social Media the SAS way Christian Kamhaug @ckamhaug Head of Social Media SAS Corporate Communications | |
  3. 3. “In the old days, someone might have a bad customer experience and tell 10 people. But now, with the rise of blogs,MySpace and Facebook, that person might be able to tell 10,000 people. This totally changes the dynamic, and importance, of customer experience.” Bruce Temkin, vp/principal analyst at Forrester Research Source: Forrester “The Customer Experience Index 2007”,,7211,43877,00.html, Brandweek,
  4. 4. What is social media?• Social Media is the use of technology – on online or mobile platforms – that allows end users to engage in multi- directional conversations in or around the content on the website
  5. 5. Nye medievaner• I Norge bruker vi media 90 min mer pr dag• 30% av den tiden brukes på sosiale medier• ALT er knyttet til sosiale medier
  6. 6. The BIG kahuna• Mer enn 750 millioner brukere globalt• Hver 12. person på kloden!• Verdens tredje største“land”• Mer enn 9 millioner aktive brukere i Skandinavia – Norway: 2,5 million monthy users – Norway: 1,5 million daily users• Mer enn 200 millioner bruker Facebook på mobil
  7. 7. SAS Social Media objectivesAll communication within the social media arena shall support SAS business strategy & brand promise. 1. Decrease negative mentions in online conversations. 2. Make excellent branded content that tells our story and make it visible and sharable. 3. Establish SAS as an active and trustworthy company in online conversations. 4. Increase the traffic to our commercial web sites with the objective to convert traffic to customers. 5. ….and provide excellent customer service
  9. 9. US Airways
  10. 10. United Breaks Guitars• United broke his guitar• Did not take responsibility• David wrote a song• Did a video & posted on YouTube• 500.000 views in three days• Now more than 10 million!
  12. 12. Channels - StatementOne Channel per social media platformGlobal & Local messagesThe Head of Social Media coordinates channels.
  13. 13. SAS Social Media Channels•••••• etc….
  14. 14.
  15. 15.
  16. 16.
  19. 19. Vulcano Ash Cloud: Crisis Situation• 16 april – all flights in Northern Europé cancelled• Disruption response organsiation, ”DRO” established• Chairman: Chief Commercial Officer & represantatives from all parts of SAS e.g. Operations, Customer Relations & Communication.• DRO meetings several times a day regarding the traffical and commercial situation.• Daily reports & prognoses from Eurocontrol, Metoffice & other authorities.• Flight information & status regarding the ash cloud changes by the hour.
  20. 20. Ashcloud• More than 17.000 new fans in one week• More than 5.000 questions posted• 99% answered within 5 minutes• SAS message displayed more than 1 million times• Used off-line channels as well as online to contact pax• 20 editors online 05:00 – 02:00 every day!
  21. 21. The team• Establoished ad-hoc in onw day• 15-20 colleagues from fra – Communications – eCommerce – Marketing – EuroBonus – Human Resources – Customer Relations• Focus: Help our customers• Channels: – FB, Twitter,, SMS
  22. 22. “SAS – you rock!”• Miriam was returning to the USA – Flight operated from Oslo – bus from Stockholm. – Miriam wrote on FB that she wouldn’t reach the bus on time – SAS FB team called the bus and held it back for her – On FB she wrote: “SAS – you rock”• Two pregnant women stuck in Spain were contacted via FB by SAS sales in Spain and were put on the fist flight home
  23. 23. Feedback
  24. 24. How we communicate• Consistent messages through all channels• Folksy & charming• Try some humor!• Drop no hooks – bite no hooks• Answer everything – positive as well as negative• Write only what you know – “I don’t know” is ok!• Be personal and care!
  25. 25. What to look for in your team• Wide knowledgebase• A big network within the company• Can-do attitude• Enthusiasm• Commercial thinking• Common sense
  26. 26. Success?• Enormous increase in number of fans – Nice, steady growth with limited “unlikes”• Positive media attention – primarily in Scandinavia• SAS went from an index 40 to 90 measured for “caring” in online conversations• Internal enthusiasm in an extreme situation• A new understanding among top-management for social media• A framework for how to deal with future crisis – Swedish pilot-strike – Norwegian security controllers strike – Snow chaos in London
  28. 28. Social media as a hub Corporate Communications HR Cust omer Operations Contact Center Customer Social Marketing Relations Media Online Product Sales Development EuroBonus
  29. 29. Facebook monitoring today Internet Support Day-to-day replies Corporate Communications Status updates & news Expert Team Functional experts
  30. 30. SAS on Facebook• Mer enn 110.000 “fans”• Hva snakker folk om? – EuroBonus – Bagasje – Gode opplevelser med SAS – Priser – Nye destinasjoner
  31. 31. What we give back!• Customer service every day 08:00 – 22:00!• News & offers• Job openings• Travel tips• New Scanorama every 1st of the month• Flashback Friday every Friday• Live video streaming and photos from events
  32. 32. Recurring themesScanorama every 1st of every month Flashback Friday – every Friday
  33. 33. Job-openings
  34. 34. Global sales campaigns
  35. 35. New routes
  36. 36. Local messages in local language
  37. 37. SAS Facebook stats - 110 556 “fans” 1. Norway 2. Sweden 70% 4 3. Denmark 3 4. UK 2 1 – Ashcloud I 2 – Snow problems London 5. USA 3 – Ashcloud II 1 4 – SAS Tattoo 6. Poland 7. Japan 8. Germany 9. Finland 10. Spain 11. Italy 12. Greece 13. Thailand 14. France 15. Indonesia 16. Turkey 17. Mexico 18. IrelandSource: Facebook Insights / 06JUN11 63% 19. India
  38. 38. SAS Facebook survey 2011 Are you more or less satisfied with SAS after following SAS on Facebook Much less satisfiedSomewhat less satisfied Much more satisfied Same as before 64% MORE satisfied Somewhat more satisfied 77% are EuroBonus members
  39. 39. 100.000 fans!• Saturday 27AUG 19:19• 9 days later at Lucky 7 Tattoo in Oslo• Got attention in print media & radio in Norway, Sweden & Denmark as well as in social media
  40. 40. Inspirasjon
  41. 41. The results• Launched 01SEP• Over 2 million via Twitter within 65 min• The Love-link was spread by at least 1000 people on Facebook, estimate reach of 200,000 users• Over 100,000 visitors via Facebook• Incorporated into SAS’ own Facebook page, 95% positive/neutral comments• Over 500,000 unique visitors to the SAS Love-site• Over 350,000 votes• Over 300 couples from all over the world• Turned into a blog once compeition closed Anders Lindström/STODP-M
  42. 42. And the winner is… • Over 150 million worldwide heard or read of the campaign via social media, TV, online media, radio, print media, bloggers, etc. • Overwhelming amount of media coverage, 99.9% positive • Coverage includes: BBC, Time, ABC, CNN, AFP, The Sun, The Independent, Politiken, Sunrise, Yahoo!, etc. • $1 million in media coverage in US alone • Significantly raised the awareness of SAS positively in international areas; increase in bookings • No or minimum marketing spend • PR value to date: approx. 50 million SEK! (€5.6M) • Return on investment over x1000 Anders Lindström/STODP-M
  43. 43. SAS RISING
  44. 44. SAS future in Social Realtions• First we listended Listen• Then we engaged the community• Now we plan to involve Engage our 110.000 fans• 110.00 fans can’t be Involve wrong, right?• Use the community to get feedback and ideas to improve the SAS product
  45. 45. Involve!• On October 13 we invited our Facebook-fans to suggest the 22nd new route for Summer 2012• The 10 most popular suggestions will go to a vote on Facebook• The most popular destination will be flown for two months from Oslo in June-July 2012• First ever crowdsourcing of route- network by an airline
  46. 46. Contact me – any time!•• +47 95 71 55 77•••••