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Assignment3 final


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Assignment#3 from Tina Seelig's online Stanford class on "A crash course on creativity"

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Assignment3 final

  1. 1. Prof. Tina Seelig, Stanford University A Crash Course on Creativity Nov. 2012 Assignment: FRAMING & REFRAMINGLook at BREAD in a new way. Create as much “value” as possible starting with one loaf of bread. TEAM #: 25437 Christine Kohl-Zaugg; Daniel Michalski; Zuzanna Ruszaj; Stephen Thomas
  2. 2. #1 – Bread for the ultimate Outdoor Picnic Experience! CHALLENGE: Food containers and plates/bowls/cups… take space & are heavy to carry along. After picnic, plates must be rinsed or if using paper or plastic plates they become a burden for the environment. SOLUTION: New, ecologically-responsible one-time cups by taking off all insides of a baguette (or other type of bread) and fill it with drink/food. After sipping/eating, you can eat the bread container.
  3. 3. #2 – Bread on the Runway CHALLENGE: Designers and entertainers alike (think Lady Gaga!) are always on the lookout for the next fashion statement! Since fashion’s lifespan is short anyway, its costs are often high and an ecological approach is more and more desired, how might this be combined to create beautiful pieces that turn heads and are accessible to the masses? SOLUTION: Meet the bread dress! (Can be accessorized with bread handbag and bread slippers/shoes, as well as bread jewelry – even storm off the lingerie rayon with bras/brassieres made out of hollowed out breads like coconuts (good option for people allergic to certain synthetic fibers for example)…and the list goes on and on!)
  4. 4. #3 – Bread used in the Dark Underworld (1/2) CHALLENGE: Easy, cheap & safe way to escape from prison? NB - Variations on the same theme: Easy, cheap & safe way to cheat at exams? Easy, cheap & safe way to smuggle in/out something illegal (e.g. drugs, classified information, etc.) Easy, cheap & safe way to kill someone (e.g. add poison inside) SOLUTION: Bake in a file for grand getaway done in grand Arsene Lupin style! OK we stop here. Don’t want to give too many crazy ideas around this dark topic to run into trouble with the Feds! ;) NB - Alternative for big romantics: hide love letters, etc. (maybe the Romeo & Julia tragedy could have been avoided after all…) OR (as shown in picture on the left) for electronic geeks: encased electronic devices in bread. These are workable clocks; flashlights; etc.!
  5. 5. #3 – Bread used in the Dark Underworld (2/2) CHALLENGE: Easy, cheap, elegant & safe way to get rid of an opponent (with a somewhat clean conscience)? SOLUTION: Moisten bread and let sit for a while…Et voila! Mouldy bread! Huum… Yummy! Enjoy!... NB – Might try to use as “natural” penicillin booster… though we do NOT recommend! Seriously, while some mould might be beneficial, it’s far too risky to try this! SO PLEASE DO NOT ATTEMPT! Alternative: hardened french baguette to use as a club to fend off mugger (also good as a night stick for police trying to manage e.g. hooligans and large crowds gone wild)
  6. 6. #4 – Bread for Play (1/2) CHALLENGE: Lots of toys are made out of plastic, which is bad for the environment and often doesn’t foster creativity in young kids. SOLUTION: Toys made out of bread! For example, fun shooting gun with ammunitions/pellets made out of the soft part of the bread. Another possibility is to hollow out a loaf so that you get a cavern-like structure that kids can then transform into their own little house or barn to play with their own bready creations (e.g. figurines/animals made out of bread)
  7. 7. #4 – Bread for Play (2/2) CHALLENGE: Lots of receptions for e.g. birthdays offer an array of rather boring food. How can you bring back the fun to the eating experience? SOLUTION: Make little animal out of the bread. For events for kids or adults;) alike. Value created by smiles and positive atmosphere around. Also a great conversation starter, thus fostering connections and relationships.
  8. 8. #5 – Bread for safe Community CHALLENGE: How to engage at-risk youth on fun, community-building and -benefiting projects with a minimal budget? SOLUTION: Wait until e.g. baguette dries out. Use tip of the bread to dip into can of paint and use as alternative paint brush(economical!) to create a mural in your community. Value created by fighting blight and embellishing the community, while giving a sense of purpose and steering adolescents away from delinquency by enlisting them to paint.
  9. 9. #6 – Bread as the universal McGyver Tool CHALLENGE: Swiss knives are good but expensive (and can get bulky!). And, even with all their smart tools you end up often stuck with not having the right tool handy…Let me save the world!Just give me some breadto plug the lethal gas leak!That will do! SOLUTION: Very easy! Just moisten and stuff into cracks to prevent leakage of air or water! Here, in our example, toxic gas but value depends on what you are preventing (e.g. energy savings – good to combat climate change, etc.)
  10. 10. #7 – Bread as Branding Tool CHALLENGE: It’s all about leaving a strong, first impression. Customers are tired of the same good, old generic business cards. How can you stick out? SOLUTION: Use bread to promote a strong brand identity. Especially great for bakers and people in the food/restaurant industry. Alternative: can be used to prompt emotional response to hunger-related causes like e.g. awareness for Food Bank by sticking a couple of googly eyes on it and watch the money pour in!
  11. 11. #8 – Bread as alternative Fuel CHALLENGE: Increasingly sparse fossil fuels; dependence on foreign oil; climate change…. SOLUTION: alternative fuel source for vehicles...replace oil/gas industry and helps in fighting global warming!
  12. 12. #9 – Bread to advance the Sciences CHALLENGE: There is always more lessons to be learned from science. Also, we need more hands-on, practical experiments that could also be used in the classroom to give students a real taste of what it means to be working as a researcher/scientist. Hint: it’s not just about the theory! SOLUTION: leave the bread in different environments (moist, damp, vacuum) and study the degradation of it (nature matter-cycle studies). This will be fun, involving and stimulate students and scientists alike to come up with their own hypothesis and conclusions, pushing knowledge further up.
  13. 13. #10 – Bread for GPS-Technology averse People CHALLENGE: How to find your way back home if you do not have GPS technology or simply are technology averse? SOLUTION: Simple!... Remember what Haensel and Gretel did? Take out your loaf of bread and start leaving traces thanks to the breadcrumbs… (well, we wish you more success than they had!;)
  14. 14. #11 – Bread as Bait CHALLENGE: How to keep birds and other small animals like e.g. squirrels at bay when you are eating your sandwich and don’t want to be disturbed by them trying to steal your food? SOLUTION: use small pieces of the bread as a bait to capture them so that you can enjoy the rest of your lunch without being disturbed by them anymore!
  15. 15. #12 – Bread as trial Pet CHALLENGE: So you think you might want to own a pet but you are not sure? Too much work? Too much involvement? Is a cat (or a dog, or a parrot or,…) the right pet for me? SOLUTION: Fear no more! Try this easy, simple, cost- effective and non long-term commitment solution: raise some mould on the bread and get started to have our new own pet! Added bonus? Doesn’t require much care…
  16. 16. #13 – Last but not least…Bread as… Bread! CHALLENGE: Undernourished and malnourished people. Homeless, war or natural catastrophe victims, etc. SOLUTION: Fresh bread. Nutritious, easy to make and store, easy to distribute, cheap.
  17. 17. Thanks for watching 