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  1. 1. A Crash Course on Creativity Professor Tina Seelig, Stanford UniversityAssignment #2: Are YOU paying Attention? Submitted by: Christine Kohl-Zaugg
  2. 2. Once…only! Get the first time right! Silence can sell Blur the lines V.I.P. If… Organization OBSERVATIONS Exhilarate Trends Nature Attention Raw Senses (all) ob·ser·va·tion/ˌ äbzərˌ vāSHən/ NOUN: 1) The action or process of observing something or someone carefully or in order to gain information. 2) The ability to notice significant details.
  3. 3. TOP 7 INSIGHTS Involve all 5 SENSES (and more if you can;) Blur the lines… this is NOT about a store, this is an EXPERIENCE (and it begins well before the customer even sets foot into the door!) It’s all about ATTENTION. Layout, colors, textures, flow, image, surroundings, DETAILS… Play to customers deep and innate connection to NATURE. It is very powerful! Use current (and upcoming) TECHNOLOGY, show your know the TRENDS On another hand… in our over-connected and over-stimulated world, RAW andsimple speak to authenticity and is less confusing. The customer knows what he/she gets. Last but not least – you ONLY get 1 chance! CUSTOMER for LIFE vs. DAYFLY… a verydifferent outcome, your choice!IN
  4. 4. HIDDEN OPPORTUNITIES There is more to a store than meets the eye… TOTAL IMMERSION IS KEY!Experiment with sounds/silencePlay with setting/layout/formTry out colors/textures/patternsTest & tap into primal emotionsDare to be different…CREATE THE ULTIMATE EXPERIENCE!