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Cuba's Emerging Business Opportunities


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Cuba's Emerging Business Opportunities
CJWB - Columbia Journal of World Business
30th Anniversary Issue

Cuba Focus Editor: Lazaro Fuentes

Lazaro Fuentes is a former Investment Banker and Private Equity advisor. His extensive experience with cross border M&A and corporate finance has been primarily within the technology, media and telecommunications sectors, with a geographic focus in Latin America. Mr. Fuentes has travelled to Cuba extensively and was the editor of the Columbia Journal of World Business's 30th Anniversary Issue, "Cuba's Emerging Business Opportunities", bringing together some of the top minds on doing business in Cuba and travelling there for it's research. He also served as Executive Director of Fundacion Amistad, a Foundation lead by Luly Duke, of the Duke family, where he coordinated and facilitated trips related to humanitarian and economic development, with the last being a trip with 10+ architects with AIA (American Institute of Architects) to explore architectural restorations in Havana's Plaza de Cardenas, to benefit over 3000 living in the area, while restoring the last of five grand plazas in Havana left to be restored. Separately, Mr. Fuentes has spent a considerable amount of his career in digital media and technology sectors and is currently a media consultant at Warner Bros. in New York.

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