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  1. 1. 1 CJ Le Page linkedin/cjlepage 661-210-7116 EMPLOYMENT May 2015-Present / Walt Disney Studios, Post VFX Coordinator Pete’s Dragon Created VFX post production data Structures and workflows for internal departments and external VFX vendors. Manage equipment rentals and purchases, as well as software evaluations and deployments. Handle P.O.’s with accounting, manage films assets and I/O with multiple 2D/3D VFX vendors. Distribute and ensure that technical specifications are being maintained in vendor submissions. Prepare all VFX, schedule and run daily reviews with the film Director, Studio Executives and VFX vendors. Take detailed notes during reviews, maintain FileMaker database, and distribute notes to all internal departments, vendors, and executives. In constant communication with film Director, Producers, Studio Executives, and VFX Vendors to provide tracking and status reports of VFX work. Strategize server and hardware maintenance with Disney Studio networking and various technology teams within the company to ensure that our work environment stays up and runs as smooth as possible. 2013-2015 / Reliance Mediaworks, Digital Supervisor/Production Manager Hemlock Grove S2 Episodes 207/208/209/210, Chappie Responsible for creative and technical supervision of Reliance Mumbai team of paint, roto, and compositors, as well as additional local boutique artist teams. Create show specific streamlined workflows for Burbank and Mumbai studios. Recruit and hire local talent for in-house and outsource work. Negotiated artist contracts within corporate budget allowances. Communicate with clients regarding scope of work, delivery schedules, and feedback. Monitor production for adherence to client technical specs. 2013-2015 / Reliance Mediaworks, VFX Data I/O Department Manger Maleficent, Gone Girl, Black Sails S1/S2, Chappie, Hemlock Grove S2, FF7, XMEN D.O.F.P., Angry Little Gods, Hercules, Paranoia, Dangerous Children, The After Creation and management of VFX production data structures and data transfer accounts. Plate ingests, format conversions, and global distribution of all conformed assets. Processed and coordinated data deliveries to client and vendors via web and external drives. 2012-2013 / Pixomondo, VFX Data I/O and Render Department Manger Game of Thrones S3, Star Trek: Into Darkness, Oblivion, Beautiful Creatures, Da Vinci's Demons, Sleepy Hollow, Mindy Project Created and maintained VFX data structures. Coordinated global data transfers, plate ingests, format conversions, and asset I/O. Orchestrated remote rendering at other Pixomondo data centers. Render Farm creation and management.
  2. 2. 2 CJ Le Page linkedin/cjlepage 661-210-7116 EMPLOYMENT 2011-2012 / Stereo-D by Deluxe, Stereo Compositor / Paint Artist The Avengers, Titanic 3D, Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters Paint repair and restoration of footage from depth process. Cleaned imperfections by creating clean plates and using other proprietary means. Responsible for finalling shots - Specialized in Beauty and Hair. 2011 / Legend 3D, Stereo Paint Artist / Technical Administrator / Data I/O Green Lantern, The Smurfs Assembled Depth and VFX elements for final stereo output. Repaired stereo process imperfections by creating clean plates and using proprietary compositing tools. Data Management and I/O of assets from Legend San Diego studio. Created, configured, deployed, and maintained new facility render farm. Maintained software versions, and deployed workstations. 2010-2011 / Prime Focus, Stereo Artist / Data I/O and Render Manager Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace, Chronicles of Narnia: Dawn Treader Generated 3D Depth for stereo conversions as directed by Stereographer. Created Clean Plates for seamless integration of missing visual information in images. Managed render farms for Hollywood and Vancouver studios. Ingested plates, conformed assets, managed data transfers for Prime Focus globally. 2008-2009 / Café FX, Data I/O and Render Department Manager Halo3 ODST, G.I. Joe Rise of Cobra, G-Force, Halo3 ODST, 7lbs, Wolverine Origins, Whiteout, Final Destination V, Wizarding World of Harry Potter 3D (Universal Studios) Managed software versioning and deployment. Resolved hardware, software, and pipeline issues. Developed protocols for viewing and checking completed renders. Managed scheduling of subordinates for evening and weekend shifts. Render Farm creation, deployment, job prioritization, statistics, and troubleshooting. Ingested assets for internal use and conformed for final deliveries. Data transfers, deliveries and priority management. 2006-2008 / Walt Disney Feature Animation, Assistant Technical Director 3D Animation Bolt, Meet the Robinson's, Chicken Little Provided animation and desk support for team of 64 Animators. Created blocking animation and layout scene setups for Animators. Troubleshot Maya files for the animation and layout departments and monitored element version control. Prepared artists committed files and extracted IV files for compositing team. Contributed to development of proprietary animation tools. Managed incoming layout asset versioning for animation scene files. 2001-2006 / Walt Disney Feature Animation, Render Administrator 2D/3D Chicken Little, Atlantis, Treasure Planet, Home on the Range, Kangaroo Jack, Reign of Fire, Bubble Boy, Snow Dogs, IMAX Extreme Sports, and Theme Park attractions. Strategized render priorities across multiple productions. Monitored facility server I/O, managed render farm and troubleshot 3D renders. Provided 2D animation support for all hand drawn footage to digital conversion preparation. Created dailies of all hand drawn animation using down shooting cameras and lighting rigs.
  3. 3. 3 CJ Le Page linkedin/cjlepage 661-210-7116 Client/Vendor relations, Customer Service, Data and Render Management, RecruitmentSKILLS: and Team Building, Creative Problem Solving, Management. SOFTWARE: Maya, Renderman, 3DStudioMax, XSI, Houdini, Lightwave, Real Flow, Nuke, Fusion, Shake, MochaPro, Silhouette, CS6, Deadline, Qube!, Tweak/RV, IRIDAS Framecycler, TightVNC, Shotgun, Filemaker Pro, Excel, Image Wrangler, VNC, TightVNC, XnView, RDP, Team Viewer, Polycom, Aspera, Aspera P2P, Aspera Cargo, Filezilla, FTP, GovernLan, Beyond Compare, Robocopy, jZip, TreeSize, Explorer++, Notepad++, Revision, Xytech Scanner/Barcode, LSF, Remedy, NAGIOS. OS: UNIX/LINUX/Windows/Mac AWARDS: 2015 Emmy Award: Black Sails Season One