College magazine audience research


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College magazine audience research

  1. 1. College Magazine Audience Research.
  2. 2. Why do we conduct audience research?Audience research is necessary to find out the likes anddislikes of our target audience; Theiremotions, beliefs, attitudes and knowledge, so that wecan decide the best way to fulfil what they want in amagazine.For my college magazine, I haveconducted audience research witha questionnaire, using 6 questionsasked to 7 males and 7 femalesbetween the ages of 16-19 in mycollege, to find out what theywould like to see in a collegemagazine.
  3. 3. My audience research.The questions I asked focussed on finding out the type of magazines people enjoy reading, and why. I did this so that Icould find out what my audience would wish to see in the college magazine. By looking at other magazines that myaudience are interested in, I can get a good idea of what will encourage them to buy.I also asked how much each participant is willing to pay for a magazine. This would help me price my magazine in orderto reach the largest portion of my target audience as possible.The final question, ‘What would you like to see in a college magazine?’, is very important to my audience research as it isclear and concise. This means I can obtain a simple answer from my participants.These questionnaires were handed out to 7 males and 7 females, in order to get a fair and unbiased view on what bothgenders want from a magazine. They used both Open and Closed questions in order to obtain both simple, analysableanswers, and more complex, individual ones.1. How many times a month do you purchase a magazine? (Closed)2. What genre/s of magazine do you tend to purchase most? (Closed)3. Name a magazine/magazines that you enjoy reading.4. What features do you like most about this/these magazines? (Open)5. How much are you willing to pay for a magazine? (Closed)6. What would you like to see in a college magazine? (Open)
  4. 4. My questionnaires after completion.
  5. 5. My audience research. Gender Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Q5 Q6 Interviews with band £2.01-P1 Male 1 Music Kerrang! members £3.00 News, ImagesP2 Male <1 Entertainment OXM Freebies, articles >$4.00 College activities, News Empire, Kerrang!, Rolling £2.01- College bands, CollegeP3 Male <1 Music, Entertainment Stone Interviews, articles £3.00 activities £2.01-P4 Male 2 Entertainment, Science New Scientist Articles £3.00 College activities, News £1.01-P5 Male <1 Entertainment OXM News £2.00 College activities, Images £2.01-P6 Male 2 Music Kerrang! Interviews, freebies £3.00 College bands, News £2.01-P7 Male 1 Music, Entertainment Empire, PSM, Kerrang! Interviews, articles £3.00 News, Images £1.01-P8 Female <1 Entertainment MYM Originality £2.00 Anything £2.01-P9 Female 4 Music, Entertainment Empire, Kerrang! Information about events. £3.00 News Reviews, FashionP10 Female 3 Music, Gossip, Fashion Q, Look, Company information. >£4.00 Anything £2.01-P11 Female 2 Music, Gossip, Fashion Look, More, Reveal, OK! Fashion information. £3.00 Quizzes, Images £1.01- College bands, News,P12 Female 1 Music NME Interviews, articles £2.00 Images Music, Lifestyle, Gossip, Fashion information,P13 Female <1 Fashion Vogue, Heat, Elle, Grazia Images >£4.00 College bands, Fashion Entertainment, Lifestyle, £2.01- News, College activities,P14 Female 3 Fashion Look, OK!, Empire Interviews, Reviews, News £3.00 Images
  6. 6. Target Audience Interest.From my findings I can see that most of my targetaudience are interested in music. This can be seenby the genres chosen. Both males and females oftenchose music as one of the genre’s they tend topurchase most, with 9 of 14 participants. Malesseemed more interested in Entertainment (Film andGaming) magazines than females, though femalesseemed more interested in Fashion or Gossipmagazines than males.
  7. 7. How much are they willing to pay?My findings show that most people are willing to pay£2.01-£3.00 for a magazine, though some werewilling to pay over this. This suggests that my targetaudience is in the ABC1 social grade. £1.01 to £2.00 More than $4.00 3 3 8 £2.01 to £3.00
  8. 8. Favourite Features.My research shows that most of my target audienceare interested in articles and interviews. Females areshown to be interested in fashion advice. Somepeople were attracted to a magazine by the freebiesavailable, such as posters, cinema tickets, or freeStarbucks. This shows that my college magazinecould include offers for discount food in town orcinema deals.
  9. 9. College Magazine Features.As can be seen from my audience research, manypeople are interested in college activities that maybe available. My magazine could containinformation on different types of enrichmentcourses, such as music courses or clubs that peoplecould join.Many of the participants were interested in collegenews. The magazine could contain articles writtenby students on various things that are happeningaround college, such as the introduction of a newsubject building.
  10. 10. ConclusionUsing the findings from my audience research questionnaire, I candecide on which features would be most welcome in a magazine aimedtowards this target audience.My magazine will be priced at £2.50 as most of my participantsspecified £2.01-£3.00 as what they are willing to pay for a magazine.From my research I can also see that the interests between male andfemale students are varied: Males seemed more interested inentertainment, whereas females were often interested in fashion. Thismeans I can have many different articles to appeal to both genders. Ican use cover lines with more feminine/masculine fonts to advertisethese articles for their respective gender. My magazine will be basedmostly around college life, detailing college fashion, bands, enrichmentcourses and stories of other news around college.Overall, I believe this task has helped me define my targetaudience, and what they want or expect from a college magazine. Thiswill be beneficial in creating the cover and contents page for mymagazine.