The Golden Necklace


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The Golden Necklace

  1. 1. The Golden Necklace. By Vanessa and Lily 7E
  2. 2. The queen has lost her golden necklace, but this isn’t just a normal necklace, this necklace protects her whole kingdom. She has sent her goblins to find it. They think that the evil giant has stolen it but before they find the giant they need the map so that they can find their way to the giant. But the witch has it.
  3. 3. • The goblins can either get the map from the evil witch or drive for one day but be there by snapping their fingers.
  4. 4. They have now been driving for a day and are nearly where they have to be to get the map so that they can click there fingers to get to the giants castle.
  5. 5. • They are finally here. They have found the map and have just snapped their fingers
  6. 6. • The golden necklace has been found at the giants kingdom and now they have to get back to the queen.
  7. 7. • They get to the giant’s castle at last! And have found the necklace. Now all they have to do is get it back to the queen.
  8. 8. • They drive and drive and drive and finally get back to the queen. She is so relived that she has her necklace back! She gives the goblins presents and has thanked them very much.
  9. 9. THE
  10. 10. The goblins get to the evil witch they have to find out what the magic number is first. Its bigger than 3 but smaller than 6. they can either choose 4 or 5
  11. 11. Go back
  12. 12. •WRONG ANSWER! go back The goblins chose the wrong number. They now know that 5 is the answer to get the map.
  13. 13. RIGHT ANSWER! • They can now get through the door to the giant wardrobe to get the map or they can climb the stairs. BUT they have to choose the right way to go other wise the witch could catch them.
  14. 14. • Through the wardrobe the witch is sleeping they have to be carful otherwise the witch could wake up.
  15. 15. • They goblins have chosen to take the stairs. But they have found that there is a dragon up there. They run back down and change there mind and go through the wardrobe
  16. 16. • They creep around trying to find the map. But everywhere they look there is no map! They keep looking and looking. Until they find it under the chair in which the witch is sleeping.
  17. 17. The evil witch