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  1. 1. David and the Fairy! By Ellie Gogis, Jessica Edwards and Amy Davis. 7E
  2. 2. David lives on his own. David is widowed. He has no money to live on and he is unfortunately struggling to survive!
  3. 3. This is David!
  4. 4. Before he went to bed the doorbell rang. David answered the door and saw that it was fairy Patrick. In order for David to get some money, he had to go on a quest. Does he go on the quest? Does he think about it? Does he say No?
  5. 5. David doesn't accept Fairy Patrick’s offer and went back to bed.
  6. 6. David has a dream. He couldn’t remember what it was about. He thought if he should change his mind.
  7. 7. David chooses not to change his mind. Patrick was sitting next to David in bed and told him he was disappointing him.
  8. 8. David wakes up to a shiny warm morning. After breakfast the sky changed to a dark scary afternoon.
  9. 9. David went for a walk to the forest, so he could think about his decision.
  10. 10. This is the forest.
  11. 11. David decided to go and find Bella. He found her and rescued her.
  12. 12. David and Bella lived happily ever after, while Fairy Patrick lived in disappointment.
  13. 13. David accepts. He gets to work straight away. Patrick gives David a map where to go. It’s a castle. He needs to find Princess Bella.
  14. 14. David goes off to find Bella. He slays a dragon, climbs lots of mountains to get to the other side and gets past the guards.
  15. 15. David finds Bella. She’s beautiful and David immediately falls in love with her. They have to travel back and find Patrick.
  16. 16. Bella and David have to part ways but David wants to be with Bella and so does she. They get together.
  17. 17. Bella is at home cooking and David decides to go for a walk in the forest so he can think about his decision.
  18. 18. David has thought about his decisions and he is sticking with it. He goes back home to Bella.
  19. 19. David shuts the door and goes back to sleep. “This must have been a dream.” David thought to himself.
  20. 20. David wakes up to find himself in a sparkling, diamond covered room. David tries to figure out how his room changed so dramatically into a glamorous bedroom. David peers through the window and sees a beautiful girl.
  21. 21. Suddenly, he woke up from that dream and he was back into his old bedroom.
  22. 22. David goes for a walk to find Patrick.
  23. 23. He find a little house that Patrick lives in which was inside of a tree.
  24. 24. Surprised, he wakes up and realises it was all a big dream.
  25. 25. David asked the beautiful girl where his money is and realises he is rich, and she was his wife.
  26. 26. David decides to give half of his money away to the poor people. A few days later he found out that the Patrick in his dream was his servant. “You acted very strange last night, master,” exclaimed the servant.
  27. 27. Bibliography • Rowville Secondary College Website! The End!