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Innovation Management and Organization


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This short document sets out CIsquared's beliefs on Innovation management and organization based on our long experience from top tier international companies.

CI squared™ is an innovative company that combines the practicioners’ expertise and knowledge with a drive for simplicity and function to bring you the best possible support for your business processes. Go to for more information about our systems; they are easy to use - that's why they work!

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Innovation Management and Organization

  1. 1. Innovation managementand
  2. 2. Companies typically have a too short term focused innovation strategy and “risk making an ever faster sailing ship” Levels of innovation management Transform  Long term sustainability Develop of the business  Market and product expansion  Innovation to support Defend from current base strategic pillars  Keep relative competitive position  New products and new applications  Meet regulatory requirementsImpact  Continuous operational improvements Mitigate risk Breakthrough growth Typical 85-95% 5-10% 0-5% company balance Desired 70% 20% 10% balance* * Depends on type of company, industry, market maturity, etc. Numbers are idealized across the typical Fortune 1000 company
  3. 3. Companies typically define innovation within current business frameworks, constraining them unnecessarily Typical innovation focus Break-through innovation New Offering 15% 0%  New offering in new markets, but can beCompany’s based on existingproduct zone products, services and technologies Existing Existing products and 60% 25%  What builds your Offering services company for the long Current term future solutions Existing New Well known Markets Markets value proposition Company’s customer zone  Current customer relationships  Existing channel partners  Well known segments, and geographies
  4. 4. We believe Innovation should be conducted in away that brings a consistent value logic throughthe chain, in line with the company’s strategy • An innovation theme builds on the long term strategy of the company with relevance across the value chain • It has a fit with the company’s strategy • It has a higher value potential in total than the sum of its projects • Responds to a megatrend and focuses the company’s efforts where most effective • Avoid working on a range of unrelated initiatives, which, although possibly creating value one by one, do not build on each other and achieve synergies
  5. 5. We believe the best innovation managementapplies the right archetype for the jobEmploy all archetypes of innovation management– but know what to use when!The usual suspects The innovation team The Crowd
  6. 6. We believe innovation and co-creation happensand must be captured “in the moment”, requiringa mobility enabled innovation management system Bright ideas appear in the moment and are gone just as quick
  7. 7. We believe the innovation process must be alignedwith the corporate investment process, yetincorporate other issues such as IP Decision gate Decision gate Decision gate Discover Develop Deploy  Business case  Updated  Commercial-scale  IP analysis business case trials  Feasibility study  Customer  Value in use analysis  Idea collection analysis  Marketing plan  Performance  Idea screening requirements  Prototype/trial  Sales enrolment  Idea mapping  IP protection  Feed back
  8. 8. The CI squared™ innovation system is designed tofacilitate the best possible Ideation, Innovationand Co-creation all in one CI squared™ is an innovative company that combines the practitioners’ expertise and knowledge with a drive for simplicity and function to bring you the best possible support for your business processes. The CI squared™ system includes our One Click Idea™ solution. It has the most intuitive user interface on the market. Its easy to use, thats why it works.