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Improving your prospects with lawbore


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A presentation on improving your prostects with Lawbore by: Afsha Ghafoor, Henna Saleemi, Iqra Hussain & Yee Xin Chai.

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Improving your prospects with lawbore

  1. 1. Are you feeling behind?Feeling stressed about reading cases? Do you need help? Lawbore is the answer!
  2. 2. • Established in 2002, Lawbore is a successful legal portal made for City’s Law students to aid them along the academic road to be successful law students.• Lawbore will be your legal bible to help you throughout your studies.
  3. 3. Lawbore has several features that can help Law students throughout their legal academic studies. These are covered in the following slides:
  4. 4. FailureSuccess
  5. 5. ‘A click away to your legal world’ Cases have never been thisTopic guides are a very useful section of the easy to look for as thelawbore website as it helps newcomers to the research tab has all thelegal world with a very basic understanding of legal skills put intowhat law has to offer which makes the practice.experience a less daunting one. In fact this makes it exciting as Lawbore haseverything under one site.Topic guides containclear guides to all therelevant subject areasneeded to complete aLaw degree!
  6. 6. It describes the Provides quick access to cases and Helps with career main duties and materials such as legal sites and links prospects as it outlines roles of a as well as a Legal dictionary for all the main roles and duties solicitor/ the legal terminology which is of a professional barrister as well as helping confusing to many LLB Freshers. solicitor/barrister. enhance further skills by mooting Provides etc. information onClear to careers andunderstand and electives thatis a very useful students maysight for new want to students aseverything isexplained. Separates each topic clearly .Provides basicknowledge of Provides detail User friendlytopics in order to on the chosen Can be accessed and there ishelp us topic for a clear outside of the no way ofunderstand it understanding. university i.e. home. getting lost!better.
  7. 7. This is fantastic as it gives prospective lawyers a chance to view Have all the research mooting in real life as their videos and events are placed on skills needed for a the page as well as helping them break the mould should I say successful law student with the legal world. Careers – this tab is very This research tool has been very useful as it shows what the useful to me as I have everything legal students have waiting for them at the end of the laid out in one place, it has also degree. made law more understandable than it was before so I canEverything in a Click! =) become more confident in whatLaw would certainly be so hard I do and wish to achieve!without it!
  8. 8. ‘A click away to your legal world’• Lawbore has a page dedicated to blogs and this can easily be accessed by City’s law students• Useful as they keep us up-to-date with law and the legal world. This is useful as textbooks can be outdated.• Have to be aware of the most relevant law as the law is always changing.• Some of the biggest figures in the law world, such as Charon QC, and former students offer commentaries on their blogs and websites on a regular basis.• There is also a Future Lawyer blog which offers tips and helpful advice for students to stay motivated and cope with the work.
  9. 9. ‘A click away to your legal world’• Lawbore offers a variety of links to databases for City law students to use.• Includes websites such as Oxford Scholarship Online and HeinOnline which enables students to have access to e-books and issues of well known law journals• These databases can be used to access articles and more in-depth information about certain areas in law which are not covered as thoroughly in textbooks. This can help improve essays and exam answers with more detail.
  10. 10. ‘A click away to your legal world’• There is also an e-library available for students on Lawbore. This features reports, journals and other texts which will be useful for students during their course• The e-library allows students to search for information such as case reports quickly on websites such as Westlaw and Lexis.• This is good as students should not rely on their prescribed casebooks and textbooks but take the initiative to look for the actual case reports either in the library or Lawbore.• This would also come to use when students are unable to visit the library or for finding up-to- date information about the latest changes in the law.
  11. 11. Are you in a maze trying to figure out how to access City’s links? Being a fresher to the LLB course like many of us can be like solving a complicated puzzle. However, since I have been introduced to the Law bore-Links, I can strongly recommend this will allow any law student to efficiently access what you’re looking for within a second of having glanced at the links option asHow has Law bore-links helped us? implemented on the left. (As we are aware, Easily Approachable/Efficient- This resource being law students means time management is easily approachable because all you simply have to is a crucial part to our lives, in order to be do is search the law bore website, once accessed click experts in our course.) onto the City Hub link, scroll down and you are merely at your destination to all the possible links needed to What Law bore-(links) could do better? fulfil your need whilst a city law student. ( Note: Ironic... Options of Links are implicated above.) Improvements?!... Easy to use-Best way put: Regardless of whether Well.. First year LLB law students should you have or havent accessed the City Hub link on the Law bore website before, whatever link you are after certainly be told about Lawbore website in will be straightforward to access as soon as you click general over the summer in August before the City Link on the Law bore website. Fantastic! they commence onto their first year of the LLB Less time consuming- On a whole, rather than in September. This will help us become more having to first get access to and then log onto the City familiar with the subject and teach us the University website, we are glad to say that Law bore basic skills. has been uniquely tailored to save as much crucial time as possible for Law students. Thus, everything is a Click away whenever you need it!
  12. 12. Never having taken law before, I have foundBeing a new student to the LLB myself struggling withcourse was literally very hard at the subject at first.first. However, since I have been However with Lawboreintroduced to Lawbore, I have been to aid along with myable to better understand the legal reading, I find myselftools under one compact website able to gradually catchwhich is very easy to follow and up.access. I will recommend Lawboreto any Law student who was at firstonce lost in the world of law justlike me. Since studying law, it can be really hard at times to catch up with all the reading and also to engage with the social aspect of University life. However, since using lawbore it has been a useful aid to support me with my law studies especially when I do not know how to structure certain things.