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Herbst Oil Distribution Management Software


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Herbst Oil Distribution Management Software

  1. 1. Customised IT Solutions Ltd Providors of: Herbst Insight Oil Distributor Software 37 The Moorings, Malahide, Co. Dublin Contact us: 01 8762555
  2. 2. Herbst Insight Oil Distributor ModuleOVERVIEW:• This module was specifically designed for the Oil Distribution Business.• Reports and Views are automatically produced, to allow you the owner, control your business and grow it profitably in cash, and not in debtors.• By focusing on critical reports you can, in a few minutes, see how the business is running and take corrective action if necessary.
  3. 3. Herbst Insight Oil Distributor ModuleDAILY CHECKS:• Margin exception report, Stock report for sales and stock levels, Cash collected report, Outstanding orders report, Bank balance.• Check “Contact Schedules” to ensure those customer’s who promised to pay yesterday, have in fact paid.WEEKLY CHECKS:• Volumes, margins and Gross Profit report, Driver profitability report. Check volumes against budget. Check cash collected report.
  4. 4. Herbst Insight Oil Distributor ModuleMONTHLY CHECKS:• Profit and loss account which automatically shows you where your gross profit came from by grade of fuel. Check the value of stock lost or gained. Check the level of settlement discounts. Review driver profitability report and compare drivers. Check bank balance.
  5. 5. Herbst Insight Oil Distributor Module• Control your business, from home or indeed anywhere, without assistance from staff, by being able to dial in to your company.• By utilising the most up to date technology, you can greatly reduce your admin cost and allow staff instead to concentrate on collecting cash and growing the business.• You are now fully in control of your business.• Let us show you the system working in one of our many happy customers.• Let us shock you with a quote thereafter, which will be a fraction of what you would expect to pay for such a simple specialist programme.
  6. 6. Herbst Insight Oil Distributor ModuleSpecimen Control Report 1:Margin exception report – view only those sales that did notachieve minimum gross profit per drop: - = Gross Loss on Drop + = Gross Profit on Drop Example Shows Cut off @ €40.00 per frop
  7. 7. Herbst Insight Oil Distributor ModuleSpecimen Control Report 2:Stock Control report – all litres must be accounted for by bulkstorage tank and by individual truck. Any losses are quantified invalue terms and shown separately in your profit and loss accountfor the period.
  8. 8. Herbst Insight Oil Distributor ModuleSpecimen Control Report 3:Driver profitability report – Drivers and trucks combinedrepresent over 50% of operating costs. Our report gives you thegross profit earned by each truck with detailed analysis of costof operating that truck including fuel usage on a kilometre basis.
  9. 9. Herbst Insight Oil Distributor ModuleSpecimen Control Report 4:Credit control – View only those customer sales that are outsideagreed terms. Block further sales until account is brought up todate. Use our “contact scheduling prompting” to follow up onpromises to pay.
  10. 10. Herbst Insight Oil Distributor ModuleSpecimen Control Report 5:Monthly accounts – Our system gives you a completebreakdown of where gross profit came from by grade with verydetailed analysis of overheads. You have the ability to drill downto original source document. We can prepare monthly accountson your behalf and review with you to highlight opportunities orproblem areas.
  11. 11. Herbst Insight Oil Distributor ModuleIncrease your business profitabilityIncrease your volumes:Minimise losses by writing to customers who have bought last season,thanking them for their business and offering quality and service forthe coming year. Our mail merge facility makes this a simple task.View those customers who have not bought for say the last 6-9months and communicate with them by text, email or letter.Select customers by market type and email promotions to them – egSchools in September.Install new data base to generate new business.
  12. 12. Herbst Insight Oil Distributor ModuleIncrease your business profitabilityMaximise Volumes Delivered by Truck per day:Our hand held computer will keep driver informed of all orders in hisarea as they are confirmed.By having data base available, driver can find a home for any unsoldproduct in his truck
  13. 13. Herbst Insight Oil Distributor ModuleIncrease your business profitabilityControl Your Administration Costs:Have your drivers do 95% of admin work automatically by utilisingour hand held computer. Use the spare admin time to develop newbusiness.
  14. 14. Herbst Insight Oil Distributor Module Human Resource Management:Herbst HRM is the “One-stop” system for all your HR needs includingelectronic payment, annual returns, payment of PAYE through ROS etc.
  15. 15. Herbst Insight Oil Distributor ModuleGetting up and running:• Installation You don’t need an in house computer expert to install the system or manage it thereafter. CITS will provide a turn-key package which will be installed over a weekend to minimise down time, and will stay with you until your are totally familiar with the system. You get instant results.• Hardware: CITS will evaluate your existing system and if it is necessary to upgrade, CITS will order and install new equipment necessary. Alternatively you can operate over the internet from our host site which has many advantages including dual back up each night
  16. 16. Herbst Insight Oil Distributor ModuleGetting up and running:• Training: The price quoted will include adequate training to make all users fully familiar with the system and confident to maximise its use.• Support/Back up: Our response time to breakdowns is 3 hours maximum. As an Irish based company we are never too far away.• Upgrades: Any improvements to the system will be notified to customers and CITS staff will carry out the upgrade.