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Remote Staff, Office Staff - Tech Tips for Nonprofits


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Johan Hammerstrom and experts Johanny Torrico and Steve Longenecker discuss tech tips to support nonprofits going back to the office or continuing to work remotely. We address two main aspects of remote staff, office staff reintegration.

Is your nonprofit working all remote, all back to a physical office, or a hybrid blend?

We touch on technology tips and best practices for several “back to the office” scenarios – we know the nonprofit community is never one-size-fits-all.
Community IT knows our sector already has considerable experience in many remote working/hybrid scenarios. This conversation covers existing and new best practices.

Does your nonprofit have in place the policies and security you need to support your new reality?

Update your written technology policies to incorporate new practices
Budget and plan to support new processes and platforms
Review your cybersecurity stance and (re)train your users on security best practices. Hackers have a lot of time on their hands at the moment, and are adjusting rapidly to new vulnerabilities. We don’t want a preventable security issue to be your next headache.

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Remote Staff, Office Staff - Tech Tips for Nonprofits

  1. 1. Remote Staff, Office Staff Tech Tips For Nonprofits Webinar Series June 2020
  2. 2. Johan Hammerstrom CEO Presenter
  3. 3. Presenter Johanny Torrico COO
  4. 4. Presenter Steve Longenecker Dir IT Consulting
  5. 5. About Community IT Advancing mission through the effective use of technology. 100% Employee Owned
  6. 6. Agenda Remote Work Best Practices Cybersecurity Landscape Good Cybersecurity Practices Reintegrating work
  7. 7. Remote Work Challenges Management / reporting harder Remote work opens up security holes Difficult to access specialized applications Proactive planning pays off
  8. 8. Remote Work Best Practices Leverage the cloud De-centralized equipment Centralized management Video and chat to stay in touch
  9. 9. Ecosystems
  10. 10. Video & Chat Orgs already have secure tools available to them Microsoft Teams Google Meet Orgs with significant Privacy and Security concerns Wire Signal Jitsi Using Zoom? Update your client Follow good meeting security practices
  11. 11. Includes Video Conferencing • Google Meet • /9282720?hl=en • Microsoft Teams • for-nonprofits/
  12. 12. Zoom Video Conferencing • Easy to use • Great for peer to peer collaboration • Follow best practices for keeping meeting secure • cybersecurity-tips-zoom/ • Mixed record on privacy and security
  13. 13. CYBERSECURITY LANDSCAPE Persistent and ongoing brute force attacks on identities Sophisticated spear phishing Organizations targeted because of the work they do Attacks targeting vendors
  14. 14. CYBERSECURITY LANDSCAPE New security tools available to combat new threat types. Organizations more proactive about asking where to start improving their cybersecurity. 60% of Nonprofits don’t know how their org handles cybersecurity risk. Breach response for a small to medium business is $149,000
  15. 15. Security Risks – Remote Work • Opens up more remote access with single factor authentication • Remote Desktop Server • VPN • Work devices being used by family • Personal devices used for work • Increase in targeting phishing • New apps needed to stay connected
  16. 16. Important Security Practices • Update your computers (reboot weekly) • Make sure your data is backed up • Enable Multi Factor Authentication • Use a password manager • Enroll in Security Awareness Training • Use organization provided systems
  17. 17. Reintegrating Remote Work - Data • Communicate systems of record • Rein in data sprawl • Move data from personal to organizational systems • Incorporate new systems • Train the trainer • Ensure systems meet org policies
  18. 18. Reintegrating Remote Work - Devices • Make sure systems up to date with patches • Make sure systems are clean • Update / remove controls associated with shared use • Update / rotate local admin credentials
  19. 19. Reintegrating Remote Work - Policy • Revisit Business Continuity Plans • What worked • What needs revised • Revisit IT Policy • Incorporate new scenarios • Revise to address changing business landscape • Update IT Planning • Accelerate cloud centric computing • Plan for more mobile workforce • Invest in tools to manage distributed computers
  20. 20. Upcoming Webinar Nonprofit Cybersecurity Risk Assessment Basics Wednesday July 15 3:00 – 4:00 PM EST
  21. 21. Questions?