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When it comes to Nonprofit IT trends, 2013 was a year filled with exciting opportunities for organizations to move their IT infrastructure to the cloud. There was a shift away from hosting email in-house to hosting it in Google Apps and Office 365. For file sharing, many nonprofits started using Dropbox for Business, Box and Egnyte.

Johan Hammerstrom, COO, and Matthew Eshleman, CTO, talked about IT opportunities and challenges nonprofits faced in 2013. Here are some of the questions they addressed during the webinar.

- Who were the tech winners and losers from 2013?
- How did the evolving world of devices—desktops, laptops, tablets and mobiles—affect nonprofits?
- How were organizations able to save money in terms of their IT infrastructure?
- What were some of the challenges they faced in terms of IT security and backups?
- What do these trends portend for 2014?

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Community IT Innovators - Nonprofit IT Trends Webinar 111413

  1. 1. Community IT Innovators Webinar Series Nonprofit IT Trends Johan Hammerstrom Chief Operating Officer Matthew Eshleman Chief Technology Officer November 14, 2013
  2. 2. Webinar Tips • Ask questions Post questions via chat • Interact Respond to polls during webinar • Focus Avoid multitasking. You may just miss the best part of the presentation • Webinar Powerpoint & Recording Powerpoint and recording links will be shared after the webinar
  3. 3. About Community IT Community IT Innovators partners with nonprofits to help them solve their strategic & day-to-day IT challenges. Strategic Proactive approach so you can make IT decisions that support your mission and grow with you Collaborative Team of over 40 staff who empower you to make informed IT choices Invested We are committed to supporting your mission, and take care of your IT network as if it were our own Nonprofit focus Worked with over 900 nonprofits since 1993
  4. 4. Presenters Johan Hammerstrom Chief Operating Officer Matthew Eshleman Chief Technology Officer
  5. 5. Poll How many staff are in your organization? - 1-20 - 20-50 - 50-100 - More than 100
  6. 6. Travelling up the Stack • Other topics • Cloud services • Applications • Devices
  7. 7. Devices
  8. 8. Poll If you use a tablet to do work on a regular basis, what kind of tablet do you use? - iPad - iPad Mini - Surface or Windows Tablet - Android Tablet - Other
  9. 9. Poll If you have recently switched from a Windows computer to a Mac recently, if so why? - Brand / image - Build Quality - Operating System - Spite - Other
  10. 10. Applications
  11. 11. Cloud services • Office 365 • Google Apps • Egnyte • Amazon Web Services
  12. 12. Poll What cloud-based services do you use in your organization? - Office 365 - Google Apps - File Sync Share (FSS): Egnyte, Box, Dropbox for Business, SugarSync… - Amazon Web Services (AWS) - SalesForce
  13. 13. Other topics • Identity Management • Cloud Broker • Social: Facebook, Twitter, WeChat, WhatsApp, LINE, Vine, Snapchat and Kakao
  14. 14. Questions?
  15. 15. Upcoming Webinar January File Sharing for Nonprofits
  16. 16. Next Steps • Connect with us • Provide feedback Short survey after you exit the webinar. Be sure to include any questions that were not answered. • Missed anything? Link to slides & recording will be emailed to you.