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Building a Better Nonprofit Software Selection Process - Ask the Experts


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In this “Ask the Experts” webinar co-presented with Build Consulting, we answer your questions on ways to create a sound process for software selection, before you consider the specific technologies available to meet your organizational needs.

Join Build Consulting co-founders Kyle Haines, David Deal, and Peter Mirus as they leverage their combined 70+ years in nonprofit technology projects to answer your questions about what makes a software selection successful.

As with all our webinars, this presentation is appropriate for an audience of varied IT experience. And Build is scrupulously vendor-agnostic.

To be successful with selecting new software at your organization, you need to start by identifying and planning for the organizational change that will occur within the future implementation. This is true no matter what type of software you want to choose: CRM, ERP, HRIS, digital engagement, program management…you name it.

We know our nonprofit colleagues will be called on over the next few years to provide more support to our communities than ever before. Put your best foot forward now with technology decisions that allow you to focus on your mission.

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Building a Better Nonprofit Software Selection Process - Ask the Experts

  1. 1. BuildingaBetterNonprofitSoftwareSelectionProcess An “Ask the Experts” Series Webinar
  2. 2. Invested Work exclusively with nonprofit organizations; have served over 500. Strategic Help our clients make IT and IS decisions that support mission. Collaborative Empower you to make informed choices.
  3. 3. HowBuildleadsinthesocialgoodsector: Interim or Part-Time CIOs Outsourced CRM Management Assessments and Roadmaps Software Selections Implementation Support
  4. 4. Tomorrow’s best nonprofits will use technology to transform themselves... and the world.
  5. 5. More than 50% of nonprofit technology projects fail.
  6. 6. The technology moves forward... but the organization does not.
  7. 7. Transformation is critical to your success.
  8. 8. David Deal Partner Build Consulting Kyle Haines Partner Build Consulting
  9. 9. AndNow…YourQuestions!
  10. 10. Question1 Thelasttimeweimplemented aCRMitfailed miserably.Howcanwepreventthatinthe future?
  11. 11. Question2 Weareabouttoselectasoftwaresystem.What arethetoptwoorthreethingswecandoto maketheselection successful?
  12. 12. Question3 Anychangeinvolvesacosttotheinstitution. Howdoyouweighthebenefitsvscost? (E.g.,retrainingallusers.)
  13. 13. Question4 Someone inmyorgwantstogowith[Shiny SolutionX],butI'mnotsureitisrightforus.How canIhelpensurewemakeagooddecision?
  14. 14. Question5 Whoneedstobeinvolved intheselection process?
  15. 15. Question6 What'sthemosteffectivewaytotrialand evaluate multiple platforms?
  16. 16. Question7 Whatstepsshouldwegothroughtodefinethe requirementsforthesoftwareweneed?
  17. 17. Question8 Whenwearelookingatourbusinessprocesses, shouldwedesignforhowourorgworksnow, orhowithopestoworkinthefuture? Andhowwillweknowthewayswewillworkinthe future,withoutexperiencingthenewsoftware?
  18. 18. Question9 WhenisanRFP(RequestforProposal) orRFI (RequestforInformation) appropriateina softwareselection?
  19. 19. Question10 Systemdemos: (1)Whenshouldweletthevendorsdemo? (2)Howdoweensurevendorsshowuswhatwe needtosee—notwhattheywanttoshowus?
  20. 20. Question11 Howcanwemakesureavendorisgivingusa realistic projectestimate?
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