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CIRA Board of Directors Election Fact Sheet


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Are you interested in helping shape the future of the Internet in Canada? Apply to become a member of CIRA’s Board of Directors. For more information, please check out this fact sheet.

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CIRA Board of Directors Election Fact Sheet

  1. 1. Help shape our Internetand our future.Apply to become a member of CIRA’s Board of DirectorsApplications accepted between May 12 and June 10What is the role of CIRA’s Board? Who should apply?CIRA’s Board of Directors has a unique role to Professional Canadians with Board experienceplay in setting policy and strategy to help CIRA and/or an interest in technology and thecontinue to be a leading-edge organization that Internet. Expertise in one of the following areasstrives for excellence as a registry and supports would be an asset: accounting, law, marketingCanadians in building their presence in the and communications or digital economy. How do I apply?Why should this interest me Interested individuals can submit an applicationor someone I nominate? between May 12 and June 10. CIRA’s nominationBecoming a CIRA Board Member is a unique committee will review applications and selectopportunity to work with Canada’s Internet the Final Nomination Committee Slate, whichleaders as they develop strategy and policy that will then be voted on by CIRA Members duringpositions .CA for operational excellence. You the September election. There are threewill gain valuable insight and experience around nomination committee seats available; each willtechnical innovation, Canadian and international hold a three-year term. To learn more, pleaseInternet policy, and organizational governance. visit: of CIRA’s Board of Directors areremunerated for their time and reimbursed forexpenses. For detailed information, please For more information andThe yearly commitment from Directors includes to apply, visit: ciraelections.cafive in-person meetings in various cities across Please forward this opportunity to otherCanada and committee work. individuals who may be interested.
  2. 2. About CIRAThe Canadian Internet Registration Authority is the member-driven organization that managesCanada’s .CA domain name registry, develops and implements policies that support Canada’sInternet community, and represents the .CA registry internationally..CA’s growth since CIRA’s founding just over 10 years ago has been dramatic. More than1.6-million .CA domain names have been registered and we continue to experience a healthyannual growth rate of 18 per cent.As stewards of the .CA domain space, CIRA plays a mission-critical role in ensuring that keyparts of the Internet’s infrastructure in Canada are continuously and securely available. We dothis for the benefit of all Canadians.CIRA continues to grow and mature as it moves forward from its early goal of establishingCanada’s key Internet infrastructure, to a longer-term vision of being the preferred domainchoice of Canadians. This vision is underpinned by our commitment to a world-class .CAproduct, best-of-breed customer service and internal processes and policies that characterizea mature and professional organization.CIRA’s Board of Directors plays a key role in this.To learn more, visit you have any questions, please contactJulie Lepine at