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Broadband Map 2012


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This info-graphic ranks OECD countries based on advertised cost and speed of broadband.

As broadband speed and price are a nation's digital currency in the global technology economy, they are good indicators of a country's health in that regard.

  • From what I can tell, this looks at maximum download speed and costs based on quoted price from a telco? In Canada, caps are low and the price you pay per month is usually more than the quoted due to overage fees. This infographic should consider upload speeds too which are unusually low in Canada. Even Roger's top plan only has 2 Mbps upload speed. In Asia, broadband is often 100 mbps each way, up and down. IMO, this paints an unusually rosy picture of Internet speed and costs in Canada.
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Broadband Map 2012

  1. 1. INTERNET SPEEDS AND COSTS SOURCE: OECD BROADBAND PORTAL DATA AS OF SEPTEMBER 2011AROUND THE WORLD NORWAY 70mbps $2.05 GERMANY DENMARK 19mbps 36mbps $3.82 $1.67 19 ICELAND 21mbps ESTONIA $3.56 SWEDEN 38mbps NETHERLANDS 49mbps 100mbps $3.82 $2.69 2 CANADA $1.84 FINLAND POLAND 45mbps UNITED KINGDOM 34mbps 43mbps 23mbps $3.29 $5.42 $3.21 $1.38 1 IRELAND CZECH REPUBLIC 26mbps 23.63mbps $4.08 KOREA $3.88 BELGIUM SLOVAK REPUBLIC 75mbps 3 27mbps $2.51 30mbps $4.33 $0.33 UNITED STATES LUXEMBOURG 29mbps 21mbps HUNGARY JAPAN $5.42 $4.85 26mbps $3.73 153mbps $1. 41 PORTUGAL MEXICO TURKEY AUSTRIA 81mbps 5mbps $1.69 35mbps 18mbps AUSTRALIA $21.13 $1.60 $3.24 SLOVENIA 35mbps 78mbps $2.92 FRANCE $4.39 52mbps $1.45 SPAIN NEW ZEALAND CHILE 26mbps ISRAEL 23mbps 19mbps $1.58 16mbps $2.77 $9.73 ITALY $4.62 22mbps SWITZERLAND $3.27 GREECE Rank 22mbps 10mbps $5.46 Nation $18.72 1 KOREA Avg. Connection 75mbps Avg. price per month PRICE / MONTH FOR 1mbps Speed $0.33 for 1mbps in USD $0 - $2.00 $2.01 - $4.00 $4.01 - $6.00 $6.00 +