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Social summer 14 quality vs quantity 13 september


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Social summer 14 quality vs quantity 13 september

  1. 1. CIPR SOCIAL SUMMER In the race for more followers and fans, have brands forgotten about the importance of engagement?Dominic Burch, Head of Corp Comms & Social Media at Asda CIPRsm @dom_AsdaPR
  2. 2. FIVE SIMPLE THOUGHTSThe oldrules don’tapply anymoreCIPRsm
  3. 3. FIVE SIMPLE THOUGHTSWe’re a mediaowner andwe’llincreasinglyact like one CIPRsm
  4. 4. FIVE SIMPLE THOUGHTSWe’re aconnector nota collectorCIPRsm
  5. 5. FIVE SIMPLE THOUGHTS We will only succeed if we win the trust of shoppers“One of the main reasons customers defect is thatthey do not trust us – if there’s no trust there’s norelationship”Shaun Smith, Managing the Customer ExperienceCIPRsm
  6. 6. FIVE SIMPLE THOUGHTSListen first Listen Engage TrustEngage second InfluenceInfluence thirdCIPRsm
  7. 7. BUT WHY DID WE GET INVOLVED?• Take issues offline and deal with them• Turn detractors into advocates• Because we had to - Asda fan pages sprung up• Opportunity to start a dialogue with customers CIPRsm
  11. 11. HARNESSING OPPORTUNITIES“#asda pizzas – garlic base = best pizza ever” “Asda smartprice chocolate > any other chocolate”“Asda’s create your own pizza ARE the best” “Asda smartprice chocolate has gotta be the best chocolate around”“Asda’s create your own pizza beats Dominosevery day” “Asda smartprice chocolate is the nicest chocolate ever” CIPRsm
  12. 12. WHY ENGAGEMENT MATTERSLike Share CommentCIPRsm
  13. 13. WE GET BEHIND CORE MARKETING CAMPAIGNS IN A WAY THAT DRIVES ENGAGEMENT AND ATTRACTS NEW FANS Our Facebook audience responds to posts that build on the messages around new ad campaigns – and we use themed competitions to generate 17,334 likes, shares and comments excitement, attract new fans and get - promoted post added 5,433 fans. people talking15,797 likes, shares and comments- promoted post added 7,829 fans. Rose Marsh i love asda they are the best and their prices are brilliant and the cheapest around thank u asda xxxx Dawn Thomas i love asda fab offers and brill clothes specially wi a big family xx 9,321 likes, shares and comments 4,833 likes, shares and comments- promoted post added 4,101 fans. - promoted post added 3,870 fans. CIPRsm
  14. 14. GETTING OUR FANS INVOLVED IN MAKING DECISIONS AND HELPING WITH FEEDBACK Kitchen roll design: Travel flasks Halloween RC Cola: Fish counter POS: Shower gel flavours: New feeding range: 5,843 comments 2,849 comments 585 comments 1,816 comments 3,088 comments 483 commentsFree From range ideas: Character Event advent Firework name: Fruit Surprise fillings: Christmas penguins: 369 comments calendars: 1,966 votes 723 comments 310 comments 1,063 comments CIPRsm
  15. 15. ENGAGED FANS ARE GREAT AMBASSADORS FOR OUR PRODUCTS Josephine Harbinson these are amazing i love these ribs and fab value at 2 for £6 yum yum all the way Kim Rogerson barbecue spare ribs are fantastic from asda, we had them with a barbecue sauce, very nice! Stacey Noble I think asdas clothes are fab great prices and great quality I have 3 kids and get most of they clothes from asda. Claire Tee My husband loves your Scorching Hot Vindaloo. And yes its just as hot as one from a proper Indian Takeaway!! Well done ASDA!!! Julie Campbell Chicken tikkaTracey Threlfall How masala, bhuna, jalfrezi with any meat. Asda cool is that I would currys are lovely, my partner and I often have love one!! them the kids love the pizzas lol CIPRsm
  16. 16. EXAMPLES OF CLICKTHROUGHS TO TRANSACTIONAL SITESGeorge clearance Disney APG: Sodastream £10 Lion King APG: Big Clean event:sale: 2,053 clicks 1,655 clicks off:1,489 clicks 1,184 clicks 645 clicks Fruit Loops: 25% off Kitchen roll: Fancy Dress: Vice Versas: 1,085 clicks babywear:1,082 913 clicks 829 clicks 612 clicks clicks CIPRsm
  17. 17. EXAMPLES OF CLICKTHROUGHS TO TRANSACTIONAL SITES: CARTE NORIE 636,418 people reached through 10,417 clicks to Your AsdaAsda Facebook post competition page from Facebook post 1,838 clicks through to Asda Groceries site from Your Asda page CIPRsm
  18. 18. GET COOKING! A NEW WAY TO TALK ABOUT FOOD ON FACEBOOK AND INSPIRE FANS WITH MEAL IDEAS • Our new recipe app featuring content from the Asda Mag gives us new ways to talk to our fans about food on Facebook and highlight key products • We’ve already seen 19,000 likes and shares on posts talking about the new recipe app and the app itself has attracted more than 4,000 unique users since launch • Posts about the recipe app and the app itself have attracted nearly 1,000 comments • The average user spends more than four minutes on the app – and 75 fans have uploaded their own recipes to us • Plans for lots more cross-promotion and interaction with Asda MagCIPRsm
  19. 19. QuestionsCIPRsm
  20. 20. Thank you The next two Social Summer sessions are:•Social TV – A fertile ground for engagement and a nightmare for crisis – 20 September •Social media and its involvement with the Olympics/Paralympics – 27 September CIPRsm