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Share this sophie brendel

  1. 1. London 2012The first truly digital Olympics
  2. 2. 24 high definition live streams of content 2500 hours of live coverage
  3. 3. Record breaking audiences to BBC Online 57m global browsers to 24.2m people press the Red Button1.9m downloads of our Olympics smartphone app 12m requests for video from mobile devices 111m video requests across all platforms
  4. 4. London 2012 - the first truly social Olympics
  5. 5. 150m tweets on the Olympics
  6. 6. Top three most-requested live streams955,841 requests 820,220 requests 729,440 requests
  7. 7. Top three most-requested clips850,940 requests 553,220 requests 437,760 requests
  8. 8. #BBC2012#BBCThree2012 #BBCmoment
  9. 9. Our ambition was that just as the Coronation in 1953 did for TV, the Olympics would do for digital.