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  1. 1. SHARE THIS: CIPR SOCIAL MEDIA CONFERENCE 1st November 2012 @richardbagnall
  2. 2. 110 YEARS OF CONTENT EVOLUTION! @richardbagnall
  3. 3. @richardbagnall
  4. 4. Outputs, Out-takes and Outcomes Output Out-take Outcomes @richardbagnall
  5. 5. @richardbagnall
  6. 6. @richardbagnall
  7. 7. Consistency
  8. 8. The Good Old Days @richardbagnall
  9. 9. The new metrics @richardbagnall
  10. 10. @richardbagnall
  11. 11. Business Goals, Business Objectives & Business KPIs PR Goals, Objectives & PR KPIs
  12. 12. Business Goals Business Objectives Social Media GoalsSocial Media ObjectivesSocial Media StrategySocial Media Tactics The right tools & services
  13. 13. • Content Sourcing & Methods• Reach / Impressions• Engagement• Influence & Relevance• Opinion & Advocacy• Impact & Value @richardbagnall
  14. 14. Glossary of terms:
  15. 15. Exposure Awareness KnowledgeEngagement ConsiderationInfluence PreferenceAction Action
  16. 16. Exposure EngagementOTS / impressions Comments/posts ratioBrand mentions No of linksShare of conversation @ mentions / RTs / RT %Messages Bookmarks / likes / votesTone PinsSearch rank Shares & LikesClick-throughs Subscribers URL visitsAction AwarenessFootfall Resolution ratePurchase / donations InfluenceWebsite visits & downloads RatingsCoupon redemption, ReviewsEndorsement Likelihood to recommend Net promoter score
  17. 17. @richardbagnall
  18. 18. 5 social media tips to take away• Insist on the right language• Be wary of automation• Monitor and measure appropriately• Focus on metrics that matter• Social media measurement needs more than just
  19. 19. And 3 for PR Measurement• Tie measurement back to objectives. Otherwise youre not measuring, youre just monitoring• An objective that is not measurable and has no time-frame is just a wish• Use PR metrics to inspire - not (just) to justify
  20. 20. Please keep in touch… @richardbagnall applies to this document –some rights reserved. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons. Attribution-non commercial-share alike 3.0 license.