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CIPR Social Summer - 'Talk to Gatwick'


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Dirk Singer's, Head Rabbit at Rabbit Agency, CIPR Social Summer presentation of the Rabbit Agency's 2011 CIPR Excellence Award 'Best Use of Social Media' winning campaign for Gatwick Airport.

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CIPR Social Summer - 'Talk to Gatwick'

  1. 1. Talk to Gatwick - CIPRAwards, best use of social media
  2. 2. Text This is a campaign that A - Had social media built in at the start, rather than using it to amplify existing activity B - Made a real difference to the client organisation and its audiencesC - Went beyond the marketing departmentD - Included a number of ‘firsts’ as an airportE - Tied together both the physical space of the airport and social media The headline
  3. 3. A bit of background• Gatwick has 32 million passengers passing through each year• Eighth biggest airport in Europe, 2nd biggest in the UK• The world’s busiest single runway airport• Previously owned by BAA - owner of Heathrow, Stansted, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Aberdeen. LGW was sold when BAA changed hands at the end of December 2009 (and it may now have to sell Stansted, Glasgow and / or Edinburgh)• LGW was very much in the shadow of LHR for most of the decade. Most transatlantic flights moved to Heathrow
  4. 4. BackgroundOct - Dec 2009 - Gatwick sold fromBAA to GIPJune 2010 - Rebrand and £1 billioninvestment announced to transformthe passenger experience
  5. 5. Gatwick relaunch
  6. 6. Our brief• Bring the £1 billion investment to life• Communicate the ‘new’ Gatwick• Find ways to elicit passenger feedback, improve customer services• Make a difference on the ground• Support airline and commercial partners• Put distance between Heathrow / Gatwick
  7. 7. 2 - Give passengers a 1 - Bring the way to feed back any changes happening comments or to life concerns in real timeThe communications team andRabbit developed a programme touse online social tools to:
  8. 8. “What is the one thing that noother airport is doing, that we can do, that will make a difference?” The first question we were asked
  9. 9. Solution - Round the clock Twitter• Like most airports, Gatwick is not a 9-5 operation. The busiest time is in fact 6-9am every morning. A lot of passengers do not tweet out comments while the marketing department is at work• Some passengers will stay as little as 60-90 minutes in the airport environment - the window to reply to them is fairly small• Our answer - introduce Twitter as a (near enough) round the clock customer services tool and help passengers in real time when they are in the airport environment• Train operations staff. Actively encourage people to call Gatwick out while at the airport
  10. 10. Using Twitter as a proactive customer services tool
  11. 11. Our round the clock Twitter support really kicked induring the pre Xmas snow disruptions 21 November - 4082 followers 14 December - 9498 followers 20 December - 15,440 followers (Currently - 21k followers) At one point we were called out 300x an hour
  12. 12. Selection of tweets from 18-22 December
  13. 13. Selection of tweets from 18-22 December
  14. 14. Our efforts were recognised - comparison ofTwitter key words Dec 2010 Source - Scoutlabs: The word ‘thanks’ mentioned in 16% of Gatwick and 1% of Heathrow tweets. The word ‘chaos’ mentioned in 35% of Heathrow but 9% of Gatwick tweets
  15. 15. Moving Twitter outside marketing - to do thisyou need....• Training sessions on background, etiquette (in particular the idea of right first time)• The tools to allow them to access it: 1 - A team management system (either hootsuite or cotweet), 2 - the right IT (e.g a lot of corporates still use IE6, block social media)• A commitment to make it work, as you can easily fall down after announcing it• Some idea of what you do with the output you get....• A response flow chart and a guide on what different team members should and shouldn’t answer
  16. 16. A £1 billion investment invariably has a certain amount of disruption - how can we use social media to communicate what is going onNext challenge
  17. 17. Our solution - work with the physicalenvironment of the airport• Use the construction hoardings as information points (they are not only unsightly - it is dead space)• Bring in an interactive element• Use barcodes....• ....but not QR codes• Our solution was to work with Stickybits - 2D codes that look like the ones you see in supermarkets. Any kind of content can be attached to them
  18. 18. Giant barcodes - Currently there are around half a dozen landside.Airside codes coming soon
  19. 19. “We need a way to allow passengers to feed back on airportfacilities using mobile / social media” Final stage of the brief
  20. 20. Solution - work with Qype• There are two ways we could have approached this. Build our own ratings system - problem of impartiality and also retailer relations• Or alternatively - like most large public retail spaces there were reviews already in existence, especially through Yelp and Qype. Both have an API that can be pulled in• We chose Qype, more European based. 20 million visitors per month through local listings / SEO and mobile applications
  21. 21. Integration of Qype. Leave reviews (good and bad) and they appear directly on the Gatwickwebsite
  22. 22. And there is more....• We are working with Internal comms to see how online social tools can be integrated• We set up the first European feed on Instagram• We have built a Tumblr site, which will act as a visual showcase• Use of Gowalla / Foursquare• We support retailers and airlines on an ad-hoc basis. For example, when Air Berlin came to Gatwick, a Bavarian oompah band played versions of 20 popular classics and recorded personalised versions for travel influencers, bloggers
  23. 23. How is all this used?• Every week we share: Twitter topics, sentiment, key tweets• Every month we produce a comparison vs other airports• We also share all Qype reviews• A summary is passed up to senior management level and actioned. Social media provides the senior management team with a radar of passenger sentiment
  24. 24. Why is this campaign different?
  25. 25. It treated social media as a platform, and not a channel
  26. 26. It joined up the dots - andmade / makes a difference Text
  27. 27. It is given time to work - it is consistent and long-term
  28. 28. It is social in the real sense, it is two way
  29. 29. Thanks for your time!• Am on Instagram, Twitter, Skype as dirktherabbit• Blog very occasionally at liesdamnedliesstatistics• Rabbit -, Twitter @therabbitagency