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Cipr social summer russell goldsmith


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Cipr social summer russell goldsmith

  1. 1. #CIPRSM#CIPRSM Broadcasting live events through social media Russell Goldsmith @markettiers4dc,@russgoldsmith 12th September 2013 SOCIAL SUMMER
  2. 2. #CIPRSM#CIPRSM • Explore opportunities for brands to stream interactive content in their social channels • How to keep your audience engaged with your brand beyond a few minutes of video content ShareThisToo – Chapter 11
  3. 3. #CIPRSM#CIPRSM 1990 (according toWikipedia)
  4. 4. #CIPRSM#CIPRSM “I’m not paying for theTV License. All people do is sit around a box in the corner of a room not talking to each other. It’s anti-social” – Housemate I’d met for the first time on moving in Manchester 1990 – IsTV social? Christmas 1990
  5. 5. #CIPRSM#CIPRSM 1990 (according toWikipedia) fall of 1990 Tim Berners-Lee created the first web server and the foundation for the World Wide Web
  6. 6. #CIPRSM#CIPRSM • I didn’t even any email The Internet 1990 None of the following
  7. 7. #CIPRSM#CIPRSM • ‘socialTV’ now a huge challenge for brands involved in content marketing 2014 - IsTV social?
  8. 8. #CIPRSM#CIPRSM UsingTwitter to DriveVideoViews
  10. 10. #CIPRSM#CIPRSM So can brands use Social to drive views to their own video content? Headstream’sTop Social Brands report certainly suggests video helps engage and build a community
  11. 11. #CIPRSM#CIPRSM All Facebook posts
  12. 12. #CIPRSM#CIPRSM Likes by type
  13. 13. #CIPRSM#CIPRSM Comments by type
  14. 14. #CIPRSM#CIPRSM Shares by type
  15. 15. #CIPRSM#CIPRSM • By Q4 2014 ¾ of viral reach was made up of video content • Yet only 23% of posts contained video • Twitter is 3x more likely to refer to a video than other content And according to Adobe’s (US) DigitalVideo Benchmark Report … Via @ThePaulSutton & @dirktherabbit
  16. 16. #CIPRSM#CIPRSM ‘The Social Games’ Sir Tim Berners-Lee tweets from Olympics Opening Ceremony • Possibly no better example of how people are usingTwitter whilst watching liveTV
  17. 17. #CIPRSM#CIPRSM • During opening ceremony, @dannyboylefilm grew to 100’s of 1000’s of followers in a couple of hours … only for it to be just a fan’s feed! • Twitter counted 9.66m mentions of the opening ceremony between 8pm GMT to end of the delayed broadcast on NBC in US ‘The Social Games’
  18. 18. #CIPRSM#CIPRSM #spoileralert • Twitter can also be a nightmare for some programmes and the death of Sky+! • How many of us intend to watch something after it was broadcast, only to check our social media feed to find someone who has revealed whodunit! • Even stars of the shows have ruined the viewing experience for viewers Jessie J fans were furious after she revealed on twitter who she had picked for the semi-final of the first series of ‘The Voice’ 2hrs before the show aired.
  19. 19. #CIPRSM#CIPRSM • More videos are being watched online than ever before • Social media can drive engagement, particularly in a live environment • More important than ever for PR to get involved
  20. 20. #CIPRSM#CIPRSM • Felix Baumgartner’s jump for Red Bull watched live by over 8m people globally (myself and son included) • However, not all of us have the millions of dollars required to enable a man to jump from 128,100 feet! • So how can we engage our communities for a slightly smaller budget … Learn toWalk before you Jump
  21. 21. #CIPRSM#CIPRSM • Google+ Hangouts • Live Event ‘Firsts’ • Engaging with Bloggers • Ensuring you reach your community Some ‘cheaper’ opportunities
  22. 22. #CIPRSM#CIPRSM • Google+ Hangouts On-Air feature means that, with the live feed being broadcast throughYouTube, the stream can be embedded into other social networks too • Google+ engagement is growing and there are some great examples of how brands are using hangouts to their advantage – Cadbury’s Social Media & Community Manager Jerry Daykin “give it a try and think about a new way of connecting with your consumers and having a chat with them” YouTube Live, Google+ & Pinterest k& kbWs&feature=player_embedded
  23. 23. #CIPRSM#CIPRSM • Some considerations as still not the perfect tool for broadcast … – Invest time in pre-production – Test every participants connection, lighting before going live – Use a running order and ensure you have a producer to avoid people speaking over each other • Otherwise the viewing could be painful! • Enables spokespeople to join remotely • Could become extention of blogger engagement • Allow competitions winners or fans to be involved • B2B – embed a panel discussion between industry leaders from their desks into a discussion thread on LinkedIn YouTube Live, Google+
  24. 24. #CIPRSM#CIPRSM • 75% executives watch work-related videos on business-related websites at least weekly & more than 52% watch work-related videos onYouTube at least weekly • 54% senior executives share work-related videos with colleagues at least weekly • 47% post links to work-related videos to networking sites weekly (69% of under 40year olds) LinkedIn Source: Forbes ‘Video in the C-Suite’ report from 2010
  25. 25. #CIPRSM#CIPRSM Some live streaming examples Creating a first …
  26. 26. #CIPRSM#CIPRSM The Carphone Warehouse First Live Gig • Facebook’s first ever UK live concert produced for The Carphone Warehouse with Eliza Doolittle from Ronnie Scotts to launch the INQ Cloud Touch smartphone • Increase likes on the page by over 10% from 50,000 to over 56,000 in half hour • But reaching an audience directly through their newsfeed via your timeline is crucial
  27. 27. #CIPRSM#CIPRSM Challenge of the Facebook timeline • Updates only reach 17% of ‘likes’ on average (EdgeRank Jan 2012) unless more engaged through comments, likes, and shares • How honest are we in PR to give the real stats? To compete with Ad and other agencies we need to be confident in the effectiveness of our content • Broadcasting live into the timeline and into the newsfeeds of those who have liked your page improves engagement, enabling them to watch the content without leaving their Facebook page, sharing it with their friends and helping the viral spread. • Worth considering support with targeted advertising and promoted tweets It works.. And we can prove it with real metrics and tangible results
  28. 28. #CIPRSM#CIPRSM The Dictator Premiere Timeline
  29. 29. #CIPRSM#CIPRSM The Dictator live ads
  30. 30. #CIPRSM#CIPRSM Why through ads? Streaming from page with just a status update- 20% of 39,171= reach of approx 7,834 9,718,266impressions Reach of 3.5 million unique users within a 2 hour period 14,068 video plays from the ad unit Further 4,621 views organically generated 3,701new fans generated
  31. 31. #CIPRSM#CIPRSM Royal Albert Hall First Live Science Lesson • Positioned as the first ever schools science lesson to be streamed live into Facebook • Partnered with The Times Educational Supplement • Included a Live Audience of school kids O33a6w
  32. 32. #CIPRSM#CIPRSM National Grid First Live Magic Show • Reaching students to discuss the serious issue of carbon monoxide poisoning in their rented accommodation. • Using magic, as CO is invisible, ran a competition for a student to have their year’s rent ‘disappear’. • As part of the campaign, produced the first ever magic show to be streamed live in Facebook featuring Damien O’Brien • Included a trick with a guest over Skype dded&v=s9b8eknnCCQ
  33. 33. #CIPRSM#CIPRSM Streaming on Mobile • 11.2m mobile video users in UK (262% year on year increase).1 • End of 2012, mobiles and tablets made up more than a ¼ of BBC iPlayer requests (177% year-on- year increase).2 • 64% of the 49.5m UK mobile owners now use a smartphone, a statistic set to increase given that in December 2012, 82% of phones acquired were smartphones. 1 • Yet 31% of communications professionals still don't expect to view live content via a mobile device. 3 Source: comScore 1. comScore's latest report, UK Digital Future in Focus 2013 2. BBC 3. markettiers4dc 2013 survey
  34. 34. #CIPRSM#CIPRSM Bright Grey Engaging with Bloggers • Live financial advice clinic with an Independent Financial Advisor and Bright Grey, Managing Director • Viewers invited to submit questions surrounding parenting and finances – the show was streamed into private Facebook page • Bloggers asked to write about their experiences and if they feel more confident about their ability to control their financial situation. • Five mummy bloggers then offered a private chef to cook dinner at their home • Idea is to give them time to talk about money and finance - using the advice given during the previous show • Bloggers to document their experiences of the night on video and blog about it to share with their followers
  35. 35. #CIPRSM#CIPRSM • Who is your audience – internal, external, B2B, consumer • Where will they view the content – home, office, on the move • What platform – desktop, tablet, mobile • What style do you want – raw, professional • Keeping attention – camera angles, video inserts, slides, graphics • Engagement- questions, comments, polling • Focus on talent or use a presenter to pose questions? Some production tips
  36. 36. #CIPRSM#CIPRSM • Pre-production is vital – Basic scripts – Running order – Call Sheet – who needs to be where and when • Sourcing locations if outside broadcasts – recce! – Access – Lighting – External noises – Broadband connectivity (4-6mb), mobile encoder or Sat truck? Some production tips
  37. 37. #CIPRSM#CIPRSM • Talent – Brief them – how long, what to wear, what to say, what questions to avoid, will they wear an ear piece, do they need an autocue • Legal – Release Forms – Health & Safety risk assessments – Rights – live & ondemand Some production tips
  38. 38. #CIPRSM#CIPRSM • Social media is a digital advocacy platform used to share information. • Broadcast has an ability to bring a story to life, as well as excite, enthuse and engage an audience. • Combine both tools and remind yourself that you no longer are as reliant on the ‘professional’ journalist but instead can communicate directly with your audience through a brand’s own community or with bloggers who are advocates of your products and services • The result for PR teams is very powerful and exciting So in summary
  39. 39. #CIPRSM#CIPRSM Thank you for attending Find out more at SOCIAL SUMMER 020 7253 8888 @russgoldsmith