24 may 2012 cipr social summer the future of broadcast


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Social Summer 6 - The Future of Broadcast with Russell Goldsmith

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24 may 2012 cipr social summer the future of broadcast

  1. 1. CIPR Social Summer The Future of BroadcastRussell Goldsmith & Julian Fisher, markettiers4dc 24 May 2012 #ciprsm / @russgoldsmith / @julesfisher
  2. 2. Where is broadcast today?• The broadcast landscape has changed, and will continue to do so• Where is successful playout? – Interview on the Today Programme on Radio 4 ... or a Podcast reaching the top of the charts on iTunes? – Coverage on BBC Breakfast or a video on YouTube, shared on Facebook and trending on twitter?• How does broadcast manifest itself?
  3. 3. Define a broadcaster Traditional and Print?©2011 howard@markettiers4dc.com / 0207 253 8888
  4. 4. Huge opportunity for coverage• Same targeting principles apply – Who is my target audience? – Where can I find them? – What format / tactic does programming / media owner require? ….Interviews / Outside Broadcasts / Podcasts / interactive WebTV / Video news features….
  5. 5. Traditional broadcastmedia still has a powerful and important role but new social media platforms provide a direct route to audience
  6. 6. How to control a news agenda and own the Broadcast coverage across all platforms Case study example McDonalds Menu Board Labelling
  7. 7. McDonalds• Along with other fast food chains aimed to comply with Governments ‘Public Health Responsibility Deal’ by putting calorific value of each product they offer onto their menu boards• Wanted to own the debate• Offered filming opportunity to http://www.linkto.tv/iframe/show/uuid/Ift broadcasters and G9HeQC4Y B-roll
  8. 8. Online News – McDonald’s http://www.y outube.com/ watch?v=2T ADOfnHR7c©2011 howard@markettiers4dc.com / 0207 253 8888
  9. 9. Online News – McDonald’s©2011 howard@markettiers4dc.com / 0207 253 8888
  10. 10. Becoming the media and content owner• Challenge – Generate positive conversation online and within social media outside of current news agenda• What works? – Topics that often ‘trend’ in the UK on Twitter are regularly based around broadcast content, think #xfactor or #BGT
  11. 11. Becoming the media and content owner• Opportunity – Provide your messages to your target audiences through content that they want to engage with – Imagine creating your own version of Question Time and produce live content that online viewers can share and comment on with friends? Or a live event to view exclusively the Facebook? – Or producing video where viewers can purchase featured products whilst watching from any connected device – If produced and distributed in the right targeted environments, then you don’t necessarily need to be on national TV to get trending in social media
  12. 12. Case Study: Vodafone McLaren Mercedes• Launch of new car livery ahead of 2011 F1 season.• By providing F1 fans & bloggers exclusive access to live stream on its website and Facebook page, excitement of the team’s drivers Jenson Button & Lewis Hamilton unveiling new car live online generated so much discussion on Twitter that it started to trend
  13. 13. Importance of video• One of biggest growth areas online• 26m people watched 2.3bn videos in UK in June 2011*• Key is to find most effective use appropriate to target audience to deliver messages that ROI will be judged on• Live or on-demand interactive video can deliver positive results *UKOM/Nielsen Video Census
  14. 14. Live & Interactive webTV Case Study: Saga General Election
  15. 15. Saga• Saga Manifesto released in Jan 2010 sought to identify issues most important to older people• In March edition of Saga magazine the leaders of the three main political parties responded to demands of the Saga generation• Next phase asked them to flesh out promises in a series of live webchats discussing main concerns of Saga audience and outline plans & policies to serve this very influential section of society
  16. 16. Live Shows• David Cameron http://www.studiotalk.tv/show/saga_speaks_to_david_cameron – Streamed live in front of audience, which included Saga Populus panel members• Gordon Brown http://www.studiotalk.tv/show/saga_speaks_to_gordon_brown – Pre-recorded from 10 Downing Street with questions gathered in advance• Nick Clegg http://www.studiotalk.tv/show/saga_speaks_to_nick_clegg – Produced live from markettiers4dc studio directly after Nick Clegg’s appearance on Andrew Marr Show
  17. 17. Example Media Coverage©2011 howard@markettiers4dc.com / 0207 253 8888
  18. 18. Facebook Fan Pages• Brands shifting focus onto their Facebook Fan pages to engage with their own community.• Challenge is to maximise Facebook’s limited page structure to make page more engaging to encourage fans to ‘like it’ and share the content• Updates only reach 17% of ‘likes’ on average* unless more engaged• Broadcasting live into the timeline and therefore your ‘likers’ newsfeeds improves engagement, enabling them to watch the content without leaving their Facebook page, sharing it with their friends and helping the viral spread. *EdgeRank Jan 2012
  19. 19. Case Study: Pampers live in Facebook Wall (now Timeline) Event Dedicated Tab http://www.facebook.com/Pam persUKIre/app_36343601700 8563©2011 howard@markettiers4dc.com / 0207 253 8888
  20. 20. Facebook Video ad and ‘snowbox’ “Thanks all, very excited about this UK first!! :-D” “Fabulous. Excited to see this launch later – I know it’s sheer coincidence this is going out at the same time as our inaugural Facebook marketing conference in New York, but I like to think we’re having our own inaugural UK launch here!” - Facebook Marketing Solutions©2011 howard@markettiers4dc.com / 0207 253 8888
  21. 21. Prudential email promotion HTML emails sent to your database to create an appointment to view the live shows in particular and to encourage questions to the guests, and then to follow up letting them know the videos are available on demand. This works well as proven by our award winning case study from Prudential (left) who worked their database of over 40,000 customers generating over 100 questions for the show which has been viewed by over 30,000 people on demand BEFORE AFTER http://www.studiotalk.tv/show/great_retirements_dont_happen_by_accident©2011 howard@markettiers4dc.com / 0207 253 8888
  22. 22. B2B Case Study: Orange National Business Awards Call for entries using research with previous finalists and winners into their insights into the shape of British business in last ten yearshttp://www.studiotalk.tv/show/uk-business-past-present-and-future©2011 howard@markettiers4dc.com / 0207 253 8888
  23. 23. Internal Comms Case Study: e2v• Dressed set – balance between branded professional environment and not spending too much money – but more cost effective than the hundreds of thousands spent on previous conferences• Communicate with staff in number of territories including UK, Switzerland, US, Hong Kong, Munich, Paris and Taiwan• Subtitles for French speaking employees• Profit warning issued to investors• Video used as a ‘presidential address’ to the organisation designed to answer questions about the finances, future of the company and end of year results
  24. 24. Crisis Comms: Kennel Clubhttp://www.studiotalk.tv/show/wwwthekennelcluborguk
  25. 25. Interactive Broadcast Video within Social Media
  26. 26. Jaeger using interactive catwalks• To maximise viewing Jaeger embed LinkTo™ technology on their catwalk videos to enable the audience to engage with the video to gain more information on featured products and add them into their shopping basket.• Promoted on home page – ‘Shop the Catwalk’
  27. 27. Jaeger using LinkToTM Highlight product by rolling mouse over video Clicking on product pauses video and brings up info page Click on link to add product directly to shopping baskethttp://www.linkto.tv/casestudies/casestudy/client/jaeger
  28. 28. Jaeger Results• 27% Engagement• 13% click through• Average shopping basket increased by 300%
  29. 29. Proving ROI in Social Media
  30. 30. LinkTo integrated with Couponstar for Febreze©2011 howard@markettiers4dc.com / 0207 253 8888
  31. 31. And for Fairy http://www.facebook.com/fairyd ish?sk=app_309459835747420©2011 howard@markettiers4dc.com / 0207 253 8888
  32. 32. Improving SEO“You are 53 times more likely to appear on the front page of a Google search if your site contains video that is supported with keyword tagged copy.” – Forrester Research
  33. 33. Improving SEO• Video Content• Well tagged with supporting editorial copy• Aggregated to highly indexed media owner sites, personal blogs and through social media
  34. 34. Belmont Thornton: ‘How to Make a PPI Claim’ http://www.linkto.tv/casestudies/casestudy/client/belmont_thornton
  35. 35. Google ‘how To make a ppi claim’©2011 howard@markettiers4dc.com / 0207 253 8888
  36. 36. Times Online – Top 20 Finance Blog©2011 howard@markettiers4dc.com / 0207 253 8888
  37. 37. Not just about videoPodcasts/Branded Radio Stations
  38. 38. Case Study: HP Cloud computing Michael Wilson interviews Microsoft’s Head of SMB Marketing about business benefits of cloud computing as part of a series of podcasts for HPhttp://www.broadcastexchange.tv/live/uk-smbs-reach-for-the-clouds©2011 howard@markettiers4dc.com / 0207 253 8888
  39. 39. Creating a radio station for brand/organisation• Epilepsy Action (15-21 May)• Created own radio station• Streamed through website• Interaction through Facebook• Broadcast from 8am to 8pm – Music, chat and an cause related theme
  40. 40. Case Study
  41. 41. Background & Objectives• Existing video content on website & YouTube with incredible SEO – #1 out of 29.5m on Google ‘how to fit children’s shoes’• Wanted to make content work harder by creating e-commerce opportunities• Drive brand awareness amongst parents and build community to engage directly with them• Create new vehicle for regular dialogue with parents – mum’s in particular – to build loyalty
  42. 42. Mummy blogger Content outreach AggregationMedia Partnership Broadcast PR with Netmums campaign
  43. 43. Phase 1Making existing content work harder
  44. 44. + Custom Channel http://www.youtube.com/startriteshoesViewers can click on hotspots invideos and gain moreinformation, clicking through toStart-rite site to add to basket
  45. 45. Phase 2Recruit our Mums Half Hour panel
  46. 46. Applicants invited viaforums, blogs and ourcelebrity talent (53,000+followers)100s of applications, short-list interviewed over Skypeand face to faceSeries trailer produced In the future, may need to include #ad
  47. 47. Phase 3Mum’s Half Hour – Live!
  48. 48. 6 episodes in the series running until November 2011 Issues from competitive parenting, back to school, summer holidays, breastfeeding, fashion... All topics chosen by our mummy panel based on feedback from viewers©2011 howard@markettiers4dc.com / 0207 253 8888
  49. 49. Aggregation to 25+ sites/blogs©2011 howard@markettiers4dc.com / 0207 253 8888
  50. 50. Aggregation©2011 howard@markettiers4dc.com / 0207 253 8888
  51. 51. Feedback from the first show “In true mum style I had to cancel to care for my 8 month old! I thought it “I thought it was great - went well and is a great format for a really interesting and I think show, it gives mums the chance to share mums will have found it ideas and help re-affirm we are all really reassuring to hear the normal and everyone does things in discussions. They were very their own way” inspirational” “I enjoyed Mums Half Hour very much - thought there was enough discussion for it to be twice as long!”
  52. 52. Now launched in Facebook©2011 howard@markettiers4dc.com / 0207 253 8888
  53. 53. Summary• Broadcast is growing in outreach• Video increases search results online• More channels than ever before, and direct dialogue with audience/community• Don’t be daunted by the challenge, instead embrace the opportunities
  54. 54. Summary• Social media is a digital advocacy platform used to share information.• Broadcast has an ability to bring a story to life, as well as excite, enthuse and engage an audience.• Combine both tools and remind yourself that you no longer are as reliant on the ‘professional’ journalist but instead can communicate directly with your audience through a brand’s own community or with bloggers who are advocates of your products and services• The result for PR teams is very powerful and exciting ...
  55. 55. Any questions? Thanks! E: russ@markettiers4dc.com M: 07775702076 T: 0207253888 Twitter: @russgoldsmithFacebook: www.facebook.com/russellgoldsmith Linkedin: uk.linkedin.com/in/russellgoldsmith Skype: russell.goldsmith