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Becky Wanta, CEO & President at RSW1C Consulting - Next Generation CIO


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Becky Wanta, CEO & President at RSW1C Consulting spoke at the CIO North America Event June 2013

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Becky Wanta, CEO & President at RSW1C Consulting - Next Generation CIO

  1. 1. NAME: Becky Wanta TITLE: CEO & President COMPANY: RSW1C Consulting Next Generation CIO
  2. 2. •Professional Background •Why Change •IT Industry Is Changing •3 Types of CIOs – Which One Are You? •Next Generation CIO •How to Transition to Next Generation CIO •Questions •References Agenda RSW1C Consulting RS W
  3. 3. Professional Background • Ranked 12th of Top 200 CIO Executives by Exec Rank in 2012* • SVP/Chief Information & Innovation Officer – MGM Resorts International • SVP & CIO – State Compensation Insurance Fund – California • SVP & CIO – Best Buy • EVP & Global Chief Technology Officer – Wells Fargo • SVP & Global CTO – Southwest Airlines • SVP & Global CTO - Wellpoint Health • CIO & CTO – The MoneyStore * RSW1C Consulting RS W
  4. 4. RSW1C Consulting RS W Why Change?… • Competitive Business Pressures • Relentless Pace of Change – “Biggest invention 100 years ago” • What “Got us Here, Won’t Get us There*” • Architectures are Flattening and Borders are Graying • Consumerism of IT Movement - “Always On/Always Connected/Always Available • Formal Hierarchies – “Road to Bottom**” • IT Dis-intermediated or Deemed Irrelevant! • IT Industry is Changing … *“What Got Us Here Won’t Get Us There,” by Marshall Goldsmith **Gary Hamel, IGate Bonfire Keynote Address - September 2012
  5. 5. RSW1C Consulting RS W IT Industry is Changing … • In a recent survey, CIOs state that in 3-5 years they plan to spend 29% more time driving business innovation, and 33% less time on operations and system performance - Source: CIO Magazine • ...$8 out of every $10 spent on IT is “dead money” – not contributing directly to business change and growth - Source: Gartner
  6. 6. RSW1C Consulting RS W 3 Kinds of CIO – Which One Are You?… 1 - Valued Business Partner 2 - CIO Cronyism - Waiting-out Retirement – Leave it to Successor… 3 - Not-qualified
  7. 7. RSW1C Consulting RS W Next Generation CIO • Valued Business Partner • Leader in Smart Innovation & Adoption • Leverages Technology To Massively Increase Market Position, Productivity, Innovation and Top Line Revenue • Strikes the Balance Between “Control” and “Freedom” • Aggressively Transitions To a “Transient” Product Portfolio • Transitions From Back-Office Expense Function to “Front-Office” Competitive Advantage • Examines Monetization of “Core” for Next Generation Products
  8. 8. RSW1C Consulting RS W • Limit Pioneering - Collaborate & Leverage Key Learnings From Other Industries & Markets • Partner With Milennial Forums such as Venture Firms, Academia, Start- ups, TEDx to Stay Current and Incorporate Talent, New Capabilities Real Time • Create Environment for Safe Experimentation • Partner With Business In Experimentation to Strengthen Partnership and Embrace/Adoption of New Capabilities, Innovation, Change • Examine What Really Requires “Control” & Enable “Freedom” • Determine What is “Core” • Revamp Your Fixed and Variable Spend Budget How to Transition to Next Generation CIO
  9. 9. RSW1C Consulting RS W Questions?
  10. 10. RSW1C Consulting RS W References •YouTube Video: Gary Hamel – Next Generation IT Leadership: •Article: Lawrence Lerner – “Goodbye, CIO. Say Hello to Chief Customer Officer: Innovation Insights/ •Book: Disrupt by Luke Williams – Founder of “Frog Think” •Article: Marla Tabarka - Leadership 2.0 - What it takes to become a “Thought Leader,” INC Magazine: •Book: The Two-Second Advantage by Vivek Ranadive, Founder of TIBCO •Book: What Matters Now by Gary Hamel: •Book: What Got Us Here Won’t Get us There by Marshall Goldsmith: There/dp/1610660137 •Forum: Management Innovation Exchange – Time To Reinvent Management: