Neil Perkin CIM Social Media Boot Camp


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Mobile, Social, Location: CIM Essex, Social Media Marketing Boot Camp, 12th May 2011

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Neil Perkin CIM Social Media Boot Camp

  1. 1. @neilperkin
  2. 2. What We’ll Cover Today10.30-10.45 Introduction10.45-11.45 The Power of Blogging (How to supercharge Facebook & LinkedIn) Graham Jones, Internet Psychologist11.45-12.45 Maximising Your Sales And Building Your Reputation Through Social Media Jeremy Spiller, MD, White Hat Media12.45-13.45 Networking Lunch13.45-14.45 Social Media Optimistion Mark Cook, Search Marketing Director, Further14.45-15.45 Mobile, Social & Location Based Marketing Me15.45-16.00 Closing remarks
  3. 3. Why Is Social Media Important?
  4. 4. The New Content Ecosystem EARNED MEDIA radio First-person commentary and mags content about the brand posted newspapers product and shared across a variety of venues „advertising‟ site(s) corporate “Social Media” outlets also online ads support both Bought Media outdoor website (e.g., ad banners, sem/ppc, television etc.) and Owned Media (e.g., widgets, apps, etc.) natural OWNED MEDIA search All media directly owned by the brand. These campaigns destinations provide a platform to drive marketing messages and tools to create Earned Media affiliates campaign video sharing site(s) social networksPAID MEDIA blogsTypical corporate media spend community socialDrives people to Owned Media media email forums personal pages Digital spans the content ecosystem
  5. 5. It’s Where Your Customers Are
  6. 6. It’s Where Your Customers Are
  7. 7. It’s Where Your Customers AreFacebook + You Tube = largest share gain of global online usage in recent years
  8. 8. It’s Where Your Customers Are ¼ of time spent on social mediaSource: UKOM December 2010
  9. 9. Word of mouth from friends & family is consistently one of the most powerful forms of influence
  10. 10. It’s Where Your Competitors Are Twitter is the most popular website used by UK organisations as part of their social media marketing activity.[Source: Econsultancy/bigmouthmedia Social Media and Online PR Report 2010, September 2010]
  11. 11. It’s Where Your Competitors Are Social media display up dramatically year on year c. 200%
  12. 12. It’s Where Your Competitors Are 73% of organisations increased their spend on social media marketing in 2010.[Source: Econsultancy/bigmouthmedia Social Media and Online PR Report 2010, September 2010]
  13. 13. Social Media – A Different RulebookCOMMUNICATIONS MEDIA SOCIAL MEDIASpace defined by Media Owner Space defined by Consumer Brand in control Consumer in controlOne way / Delivering a message Two way / Being a part of a conversation Repeating the message Adapting the message/ beta Focused on the brand Focused on the consumer / Adding value Entertaining Influencing, involving Company created content User created content / Co-creation
  14. 14. Mobile and social• There are more than 200 million active users currently accessing Facebook through their mobile devices.• These are twice as active on Facebook than non-mobile users.• There are more than 200 mobile operators in 60 countries working to deploy and promote Facebookmobile products
  15. 15. Social + Search = increasing synergy Weight of Google ranks on page 1Consumer writes review/post comments and links Reach: 1% Reach: 5% Reach: 70% Google has now introduced ‘Social Search’. And the ‘+1’ button
  16. 16. Brand Reputation is a lot more transparent Consumers have a much more active role in the public perception of your brand
  17. 17. Realtime Content (& Conversation About Content) Spread More Quickly Than Ever
  18. 18. Realtime Content (& Conversation About Content) Spread More Quickly Than Ever
  19. 19. Realtime• News and content can spread in a very short space of time• The Royal Wedding saw 687,000 status updates over 4 hours, about 47 per second
  20. 20. What We’ll Cover Today10.30-10.45 Introduction10.45-11.45 The Power of Blogging (How to supercharge Facebook & LinkedIn) Graham Jones, Internet Psychologist11.45-12.45 Maximising Your Sales And Building Your Reputation Through Social Media Jeremy Spiller, MD, White Hat Media12.45-13.45 Networking Lunch13.45-14.45 Social Media Optimistion Mark Cook, Search Marketing Director, Further14.45-15.45 Mobile, Social & Location Based Marketing Me15.45-16.00 Closing remarks
  22. 22. • Why Is Mobile Important?• Location Based Services – What They Are, Commercial Opps• Mobile and utility, mobile and gaming• The Future – Augmented Reality, Multi-screening, Realtime
  23. 23. Why is mobile important?“As I think about Googles strategic initiatives in 2011, I realize theyre all about mobile.” Eric Schmidt
  24. 24. Exercise: Everyone stand up Take your mobile phone out of your pocket/bag Hand it to the person on your right How does that make you feel?
  25. 25. Why is mobile important?• Mobile devices are highly personal – they serve as part of our identity• We are perpetually connected, constant companion• Ever more important tool for information, entertainment, music, photos• Mobile is ubiquitous – there are more mobile phones in the UK than there are people• 38% of under 25s say mobile is more important than wallet
  26. 26. Why is mobile important?“The Mobile web is growing 8x faster than the desktop web at its same moment in time” Eric Schmidt Currently 90% of mobile traffic is voice. By 2015 that will be 15% Morgan Stanley Internet Trends Report 2010
  27. 27. Rapid Adoption
  28. 28. The Growth of the App Economy
  29. 29. Growth in Android Platform
  30. 30. Growth in Android Platform
  31. 31. Mobile and Social7.9m UK mobile users accessed social networks from their phones at least daily, while 14.7m people did so at least once during March 2011.
  32. 32. Mobile and Social Social platforms areincreasingly interconnected Sharing is increasingly seamless
  33. 33. Smartphones Are Transformational Average time spent on mobile c60% is new activity
  34. 34. Smartphones Are Transformational
  35. 35. Mobile Video TrafficAlthough still a small percentage of the TV subscription market (1%), mobile TV is forecast to grow by 17% CAGR through 2014 (PWC)
  36. 36. Mobile and commerce All users Smartphone users Smartphone80% 75%70% users are 62% 58%60%50%40% 43% 37% 35% 53% 63%30% 27% more likely to20%10% engage in M- 0% Commerce Research Purchase Experience Purchase via direct to bill enhancers card/bank detailsSource: IAB Consumer M-Commerce Study October 2010 Base All UK Mobile Users (1039)
  37. 37. Convenience wins Why did you use your mobile for researching/buying? average across all four commerce areas (where the same question was asked) out and about 47% the easiest way of doing it 42% it provides me with useful info* 33% spontaneous / impulsive decision 32% means I dont have to carry so much stuff* 29% no other online access 26% experimentation 25% its the only way of doing it 11% knows where you are - more relevant info* 11% felt like the most secure way 7%Source: IAB Consumer M-Commerce Study October 2010Base: All respondents who are involved in each area of M Commerce* Indicates this options was only asked of one area of M-Commerce
  38. 38. And soon it will be even more convenient… “Eric Schmidt, Google’s chief executive, showed off the company’s next Android-powered phone, which will contain a chip that will allow people to make payments via their handsets.”
  39. 39. Near Field Communication O2 and Orange both intend for their Near Field Communication (NFC)-enabled handsets to become cashless wallets’. As well as location data, brands will be able to target consumers based on their demographic and other information held by the operators. NFC technology enables a secure connection between the phone and another NFC enabled device – make purchases, get more information in-store
  40. 40. Location, Location, Location
  41. 41. Foursquare• Location-based mobile platform• Users “check in” via a smartphone app or SMS, users share their location with friends whilecollecting points and virtual badges.• Guides real-world experiences by allowing users to bookmark information about venuesthat they want to visit and surfacing relevant suggestions about nearby venues
  42. 42. Foursquare• Users: Over 8 million worldwide, adding around 35,000 new users each day• Check-ins per day: Over 2.5 million, with over half a billion check-ins in the last year• Businesses: Over 250,000 using the Merchant Platform
  43. 43. Checking In
  44. 44. Checking In
  45. 45. Badges
  46. 46. FriendsActivity
  47. 47. Leaderboards
  48. 48. Tips
  49. 49. Foursquare Merchant Platform • For venue owners, big and small • Attract new customers or reward your most loyal ones by offering foursquare Specials – mobile coupons, prizes or discounts
  50. 50. Attracting New Customers Friends special Swarm special Flash special
  51. 51. Attracting New Customers Newbie special Check-In special
  52. 52. Encouraging Loyalty Mayor special Loyalty special
  53. 53. How Users Find SpecialsWhen users are looking at When a user checks in to your From the Places tab, usersthe nearby “Places” tab, business, they’ll see that you can click through to the list venues that have active are offering a Special. of Specials NearbySpecials are highlighted.
  54. 54. Promoting Specials
  55. 55. Venue Stats Dashboard• Total daily check-ins over time• Your most recent visitors• Your most frequent visitors• Gender breakdown of yourcustomers• What time of day people check in• Portion of your venue’sfoursquare check-ins that arebroadcast to Twitter and Facebook
  56. 56. Foursquare Pages• Your custom homepage on foursquare• Your fans can “follow” your Page• It allows them to see Tips you’ve left arounddifferent places.• Can be customized to include brand imagery,links to other websites, and located at acustom URL(“”).• Currently a manual request
  57. 57. Partner Badges• Allow brands to offer badges directly totheir followers on foursquare• Currently in pilot• Needs to be an earned reward,encouraging loyalty etc
  58. 58. The History Channel on Foursquare HISTORY is made every day and everywhere. Check in on foursquare and unlock history in your city. Impress your friends by collecting our historical tips, some of which youll find in the most unlikely of places. The more you uncover, the closer you get to unlocking the HISTORY ♥ London badge
  59. 59. Facebook Places
  60. 60. • Check-ins create a story in your friends NewsFeeds and show up in the Recent Activity sectionon the page for that place.• When you check in, you can also tag friends whoare with you, just as you can tag a friend in a statusupdate or photo.• You can post an update along with your check-into tell people more about what you are doing• In the "People Here Now" section, you can seeothers who are checked in with you at that place.
  61. 61. Facebook Deals
  62. 62. Facebook Deals Similar to Foursquare promotions But Facebook already has the network – 200m+ Reward / privacy trade off
  63. 63. McCafe Advent Calendar • Offers access to exclusive digital content but only when users can prove their whereabouts via a location- based service like Facebook Places or Foursquare • As soon as they check in at a McCafé, they will be given the option to download their gift - be it an animation, offer, short film or piece of music.
  64. 64. Google Latitude• Built out of Google maps• See where your friends are• Check-in• Control you privacy settings
  65. 65. Mobile and utility BA Mobile Boarding Card Nike Training Club • Train like an athlete - access to training videos and a personalized training programme • Visit, create a mini avatar, customize a workout and invite friends for some competition
  66. 66. Mobile and utilityEach Kindle Single presents a compelling idea--well researched, well argued, and well illustrated-- expressed at its natural lengthNew format for non-fiction works between 10,000 and 30,000 words, that authors can self- publish and sell for $1-$5
  67. 67. Mobile and utility• Amazon price comparison app• Allows users to quickly compare in-storeprices with the prices of by snapping aphoto, scanning a barcode, or speaking ortyping in the name of a product.• If said product is cheaper, users can thenpurchase the item for delivery in a singleclick.
  68. 68. Mobile and utility A QR code (Quick Response) is a specific matrix barcode (or two-dimensional code), readable by dedicated QR barcode readers and camera phones Scan barcodes on all the stuff you love, seecomments/reviews people have left, share your own, get promotions and offers, win stuff
  69. 69. Mobile and utility Tourism Canada / Metro use of QR codes Use a QR code for a URL, text, phone number or SMS:
  70. 70. Visual Search - Google Goggles
  71. 71. Mobile and gaming • Downloaded more than 30 million times across different mobile platforms, with 12 million of those being paid downloads • Earnings of over $1 million per month with the ad-supported version • 80% retention rate
  72. 72. Gaming with Branded Apps – Barclaycard Waterslide
  73. 73. The FutureAugmented Reality, Multi-screening, Realtime
  74. 74. Augmented Reality Over-hyped in the short-term, disruptive in the longterm Overlaying the real world with virtual information – utility and gaming will make the difference
  75. 75. Layar Augmented Reality App • An augmented reality browser that shows you the things you can’t see • Information laid over live onto your camera’s view • Syncs with location and social apps
  76. 76. Mobile Augmented Reality Apps
  77. 77. Commercial Applications of Augmented Reality iButterfly Augmented Reality Location Based Couponing The app tasks its users with catching virtual butterflies , each representing one or more coupons. You can even share "butterflies" with your friends via Bluetooth.
  78. 78. Branded Content On App Services • Instagram has quickly become popular in Brazil • Levis Brazil created its own profile: levisbrasil • Used to display products that will be released in the forthcoming collection, as well as images that represent the brands personality. • Connecting in a non-intrusive, visual way
  79. 79. Red Bull StreetArtView “a collaborative collection of sites from Google StreetView showcasing streetart from all over the globe”
  80. 80. Multi-Sceening 86% of mobile phone owners use the internet on their handset while watching TV * source: Yahoo/Nielsen 2010
  81. 81. Social Media Backchannels • Offline media a key driver of online conversation • The ‘watercooler’ is moving to realtime social channels • TV producers capitalising through integrations of Twitter on TV including hashtags on-air, handles on-air, live-tweeting and curated Tweets. Eight out of 10 respondents to the poll said they used Twitter, Facebook or other mobile applications to actively comment on shows and chat with their friends as they watch. Digital Clarity survey of 1,300 British mobile internet users below the age of 25
  82. 82. Social Media Backchannels
  83. 83. Social TV Apps - Peel Peel turns your phone into a remote and provides a free guide that learns TV shows you like and suggests top picks to watch on TV
  84. 84. • A social network for entertainment• Check-in and rate things, see what’s good, what your friends are into, get rewards• More than 900,000 users and 12M new unique ratings and check-ins for TV shows,movies, music and books every month
  85. 85. Honda – This Unpredictable LifeHonda – This Unpredictable Life • A TV spot supported with a phone app, turning a regular TV ad into an interactive viewing experience • Viewers can interact with the TV spot on their handset, catching the animated characters as they appear on screen • This works through sound-syncing technology, which uses audio recognition to sync the app on the viewers handset with the adverts soundtrack, allowing a user to interact with whats happening in the ad in real time. • The free app lets viewers collect up to seven characters from the ad, who can hop from TV to computer screen and even another iPhone before jumping onto their own handset. • Each of the characters is interactive and you can play using some of the phones functionality; a toy space monkey can be made to dance by singing into the phone, and a playful puppy chases its tail when you tickle it on screen.
  86. 86. Honda – This Unpredictable Life
  87. 87. Branded Realtime AppsBranded realtime apps - an iPhone app designed to let fans interact in real time with the action in the UEFA Champions League A game that syncs automatically with the TV, and allows you to predict what will happen in the game
  88. 88. Heineken Star Player
  89. 89. @neilperkin