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M&s plan a rowland hill


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Presentation from Rowland Hill, Marks and Spencer at the CIM Good Marketing Conference, ARU Chelmsford on 30 November 2012

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M&s plan a rowland hill

  1. 1. Plan A ( & good marketing) Rowland Hill
  2. 2. About Plan A (part I)Launched in January 2007 for completion by 2012100 commitments across: Climate change Waste Natural Resources Fair Partner and Health & WellbeingDesigned to: provide longer-term transformation framework Improve efficiency/ save costs mitigate risks develop new business, differentiate M&S and engage customers, employees and suppliers.
  3. 3. About Plan A (part 2)Launched in March 2010 for completion by 2015-202080 additional commitments including new sectionson: Customers How We Do Business (i.e. Integrated systems)Designed to: Involve all parts of the company Stretch existing targets Transition towards world most sustainable major retailer
  4. 4. Plan A progress to date•Achieved 105 (out of 180) commitments.•Includes 13% absolute reduction in CO2 emissions,25% improved in carbon efficiency and 34% reductionin waste.•Calculated financial benefit of over £70m in 2010/11.•28 sustainability awards in 2010/11 (17 so far thisyear).
  5. 5. We want everything ‘green’ We think ‘green’ should (as an added bonus). be cheaper (it’s more efficient, isn’t it?). We want to be made We want ‘green’ to to feel good about be easy; no making good choices-complicated labels or not guilty about the ‘look on website’. bad ones.
  6. 6. Importance of the environment to UK consumers (source: Ipsos Mori)20 Equal to all-time high1510 Equal to all-time low50 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011
  7. 7. Shared: ‘ish’: La difference:Local/ home produced Fairtrade NGO opinion formersEnergy efficiency Community/ charity OrganicConservation (fish, wood etc) Energy security Free rangeClimate (but much reduced) ‘Green’ labels Animal welfareWaste
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